A Guy Younger Than I [chapter 1]


A Guy Younger than Me

Story written by. Maeve

copyright©2008. Do not copy.

Chapter 1: All Hell Break Loose

I’m depress, I’m mad, and I’m really, really love to throw punches. My sister told me I’m weird, what kind of girl who can’t act normal in front of her ex-boyfriend who runaway with her best friend like nothing ever happen, but at home I kick and punch the sand bag like a crazy bitch. And not to long a go, I join Taekwondo just to insure myself that it’s all got to be for my angry management therapy. Well, I feel bad for my sparing partner who got bruises and nose bleed because of me and not to mention giving my master enough headache. Actually, I don’t want to call him master, well he’s younger than me. He’s still on his early 20 and mine is going up to the sky. But he’s the one who can actually beat me. No matter what how hard we fight on that mat, I always loose to him fair and square, like now he just throw me to the floor like a pizza dough— and ouch! I think I just hurt my back. That crazy Korean is a good fighter anyway. And for I, the retard, try to get back at him by pulling his Taekwondo pants down. The entire student watching that embarrassing scene, I know its stone age gag, but hey…call me pervert but I earn that. He’s a cutie though, his wearing a Japanese action comic character Naruto short. Slowly his eyes become wider and wider as I’m the crazy bitch tries to smile like it was an accident.

“YA! NI BYEONGTAEIYA!!” I don’t know a word he was screaming about. But my anger calms a little. He put his pants back and walks away.

“Big sis, how can you do that to him?” ask one of the student at the dojo.

“He must put his competition spirits down on the bucket. You saw it right; he beat me up like a sand bag. What kind of guy who actually beat women.”

“You beat us like crap too, remember?”

“Well that’s why we call it sparing.”

“Sis, you must work on your anger…really.”

“Yeah right, uh, let me think about it!” I said it cynically.

Because every Saturday all of us always had a small gathering to eat out in some restaurant, first I don’t want to join. But when Alex told us that he just make arrangement at Marco’s Place a cozy restaurant not to far from here, I let my self in—joining the group. That youngster seems still angry at me. He put a straight face and pouts his mouth often. I swear, what the heck his parent eat or do to have that good face, tall body, and that dimple is so sexy when he smile. Oh no, what the heck I’m saying right now? Oh my god, did I turn myself a pedophilia?

At Marco’s place, we sit at a large table for 8 people. I only know Marco from my little sister because Marco is her teacher boyfriend. But I know Tiffany; we’re in the same class in high school. But I don’t get it, why a handsome guy like him turns himself as a woman.

“What can I get for you guys?” Tiffany asks, and the boys start howling like a wild coyote with dripping saliva.

“Tiff, can you wear something that not shown your cleavage? They still— boys! Underage.”

“Yeah right, honey. The one that you should give your crap about is over there at 3.00, see ya.”

And then I look at 3.00 point, there he was sitting with a bunch of his friend, just like me. With the same expression 2 years ago, the cold expression that I can’t even look at barely for 10 minutes—he look at my face, that’s it. My wall has crumbled.

I drink the beer; with the thought I wish I was drunk. If I’m drunk I can do what ever I want, the one I want is gets him back. I drink the whole cold beer in that hot Saturday evening. I think now I already drunk. I walk toward where he sits on, I think Alex try to make me not to walk, but I sweep his hands.

“Retard.” Say my master with a cold tone—watching me doing embarrassing scene from his seat with his disciples.

“Hey, you bloody SOB’s. It’s been a while huh?”

Eddie glare at me, he think I’m going crazy.

“Don’t you dare glare at me— listen to meeee. I really, really like you. But why, why, why!! Why it has to be my best friend. I think I can get over it, but I can’t. You SOB’s I CAN’T!! The images about you both together are like an arrow stabbing my heart deep, so deep that it bleeds.” I think I just cry.

“I’m going.” He said with cold tone to his friend. In this stuffed place. Everybody maybe think I’m funny. I dress like hobo and my hair is in a mess-rag. I bet their eyes look at me curiously.

“Master, do something. Even she’s a witch—she’s our older sister.” Alex begs him to interfere.

“You must be like her a lot?”

“Sure I like her, but not in that kind of ways. She’s a trouble maker, cynics, and don’t have a sincere-bones, but if you get to know her. She’s just a child— a lost child.”

But his master doesn’t want to get involved with the situation. He just looks at them.

“Listen to me, Jovina.”

“I will…”

“You are getting in my nerves right now.” He pissed out. Even he’s angry at me, his look still a charmer to me.

“I really don’t like this…the way you throw your self…no dignity.”

I already swallow my dignity 20 minutes ago—just for your notice.

“I told you I already had girlfriend.”

“I know MY best friend.”

“But still I don’t like you.”

“But I do still like you.”

“I don’t know what else I must say to you. Jo, we’re finished long ago.”

I feel like there’s a heavy rock being push through my throat. And even my head is dizzy; I could hear what his friends say about me. They say that I looked like a car wreck, ugly and fuzzy.

“It’s that training suit? Man, you are right to dump this girl. Look at her, even my dog dress well.”

That cruel guy who dump me and his gang just passed by me without even have a second look, I just stand there. God, I bet my face now all cover with 10 layers of steel. Definitely, definitely cannot go back to this place— I’ve been banned.

“Hey, retard! Apologize to her.” A young and lively voice comes out of no where, it kind of bugs me but when I look to the voice from. That Naruto panty-boy stands off his seat— man, and I know I smell trouble.

“What the—“He and his gang look at him with anger. Su Ho shouts again to them to apologize for bad-mouthing me. He walks and put a smirk on his face toward my ex-boyfriend.

“What’s wrong with you, did your mother teach you to respect a girl? If you said that she’s better than your dog, I would love to see your mom in your dog dress. Are you annoyed? Don’t be.” Okay, that stupid fellow is really, really going to make Eddie’s mad. I don’t want him to be mad, if he mad, he’s crazy. And this Su Ho, is he trying to make a scene here? He’s freaking out the audience with his tone while talking to Eddie.

“Fuck, who the hell are you?”

“This fucker asking my freakin name huh, I’m Su Ho. Lee Su Ho, do you want to know what Su Ho mean you fucker, let me tell you…it mean to protect the river bank. And this old crazy lady is my Taekwondo student, because she’s my student I should stand up to protect her from fucker like you.”

“Well shit-head, just take her away and protect her then. Okay?”

“This SOB is pushing my temper…hey Jo, wake up will’ya! This shit ain’t good for you.”

I’m stuck in the middle, but gladly Marco interferes so there are no brawls at his place. Man, I feel like shit. Su Ho told the other to go home first, and makes them not to worry about me because I’m with him.

Afterward we leave Marco’s place, I bet he’s going to tell his teacher girlfriend and makes my little sister know about today accident. And that silly brat still following me around like a street cat.

“Just go home, I’m okay.”

“Shut up witch, can’t you see that I was trying to help you?”

“I think that’s the end huh, today is the shittiest reunion that I’ve wait for two years. And stupid bastard like you ruin all.”

“Who, me? Get a clue lady, the one who messed up it’s you. Get a mirror and watch yourself. You have issues, from head to toes its all issues. No wonder that they call you a car wreck, you let your self be a car wreck.”

“You don’t know with whom you are talking brat.”

“Yeah who? A 27 years old lady who act like kindergarten kid who want her doll back? Well, define mature.”

Su Ho must be planning to rip my soul out of my body today— is it for revenge that I pull his pant down? Easy boy, if you fight with me you’ll be suffocate to death.

I don’t want him to see that I’m already sheds my tears, so I wipe all the tears from my face—include runny nose too, and pretend to be brave. But he knows already.

“Don’t cry I hate when girls cry. They makes me dumb, I don’t know what to do if they cry.” He walks faster tries to catches up with me, and then he blocks my way. His hands are on my face now— he makes me look like and idiot.

“Let your hands off me or you die!”

“You can’t make me die now or then, the one who should die it’s him. That cold bastard, how could you end up with him anyway?” He spat his angry once more while removing his hands from holding my face. Today, I feel that all hell break loose. The burden on my chest is still there but not longer to heavy after I burst out in front of Eddie, I know everyone will think bad to me, but my heart lighten a bit from this pop-up accident.

to be continue….


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