A Guy Younger Than I [chapter 3]

Chapter 3: Clean and Sober

Su Ho wakes up in the morning with his head hurt like hell. His body ache too because he sleep on the floor mat of his dojo. He goes to the kitchen, open his fridge to drink mineral water. First he didn’t see the sticky note when he open the fridge, but when he half closed it he found the sticky note. He read it and smile.

“She’s here last night?” He checks the fridge and finds the tupperware she mentions on the letter. And then he warms it up, his heart full of the affection from the witches.

Panji give me table on the company, and I begin working at my assignment. I draw, I measure, and I answer the phone. This is the life I’ve been wanted.

Near lunch time, Su Ho visit Marco’s place. He order expensive lunch box, while he waits, Tiffany walks to him.

“Hey lover boy, you look dashing today.”


“Can I ask you something, I know this is out of my territory but I’m hungry of confirmations?”

“About what?”

“It’s about Jo. Is there any slight of chance that you like her?”


Its break hour, I, Panji, and Dimas sit on the sofa drinking tea. Three of us talking about good old days, and then Panji want to know how my relationship with Eddie.

“That relationship just ended couple days ago. He and I just history now, it just that he left me for 2 years and never look back.” I explain to them. They try to console me by saying what I do is the right thing.

Back at Marco’s, Su Ho not continuing his words to Tiffany, but Tiffany show him amusing picture that she already make it to gif on her phone. Su Ho laughs at his own picture.

“She is a pervert!”

“What?” Tiffany act surprised.

“Do you know what she’s done to me? First, when she’s angry with her ex, that witch grabs my collar and asks me to do sparing with her. When she loose— well, she never win against me. When that time happens and she’s burn up with her hidden revenge, she pulls my uniform pants down. She’s a pervert right?”

“She is a pull-pants-maniac. I told you, when we’re on psychical class during high school, she is a pants puller, especially guy pants. I don’t know why she does that, but back then she was a very, very tomboy. I hate her you know…Jo is a person who’s capable of doing everything, with her smile and pep talk, she can tame furious math teacher who’s mad because we didn’t do the paper.”

“She is?”

“Yeah…when she fights, you can tell she’s the winner. Behind her back all of us always make a bet without her notice we buy her favorites cup noodle— the money is from the bet, of course.” Tiffany pauses a bit and then continues. “It is hard for her, she loves him, but he loves her best friend. Her sister said to me that since that happen, she just loose her self, loose her job, she’s totally crush and bench jail. She loves them both, but despise she hold grunge for them, she actually can’t give up loving them in silence. So, she prefers to live pig-like lives. You know what I mean right?”

Su Ho imagination had been cut off by the sound of Marco calling table 8, lunch box. He thanks Tiffany by telling him her story and took the lunch box out from Marco’s. But before he’s really going, he asks Tiffany to share the gif picture to his phone too— as memories. Memories when he’s feel clean and sober.

Fortunately, the lunch box it is on his hand actually for her— the witch. He gives her that to congratulate her for finding a new job, and a new life. He stands in front of her office, for arousing her anger, he send the gif picture to her phone as he smile wickedly.

Because a sudden meeting with the beach house client the three of us late for eating our lunch, but the good thing is, the client like my design and want our company to build it. Life is good anyway, huh?

I don’t know that I had received a MMS from Su Ho because I left my phone on my desk, I never bring phone cell to the meeting room. The message is a simple word but raising my temper ‘PERVERT’ he send the text with the picture that I can guess it’s from that wench. Tiffany. Gif picture that show me caressing his hair, gliding my face upper to meet his mouth, and I kiss him. I’m mad at his actions, so I call him.

“Stupid bastard! I’m drunk okay? If you drunk you never know what you’re doing at that time. You know what, where are you right now?”

This is what Su Ho wants; he wants her to be angry. He tells her that he’s out side waiting for her to get revenge.

I’m so flared up and walk my ass down to meet him out side. When I saw him, I jump at him and start to strangle his neck.

“Who told you to share that picture from that wench? Listen here kiddo; I guess today you seek your own death on my freaking hands. Do you have a death wish or something?” I glare at him.

“L-let…me…go…I’m…ch…ooo…king….” He begs me to let his neck go.

I loosened up my grip when people start to looking us as a weird couple and he quickly hoop down the floor. I’m not satisfied.

“Your master comes to congratulate you, but you try to kill me. What kind of student are you?”

“Stop using the word ‘master’, now everyone will think that I’m your slaves!” I poke his head hard.

“You almost break my neck, witch.”

“If your neck breaks that easily, it isn’t neck you moron!”

“So you like the picture huh?”

“Oh my god, let’s ended here fair and square okay. I’m drunk, when I saw you crying, I thought that you’re lonely as I am. And I’m lonely too, that’s why…maybe…” I’m losing my voice, I can’t yell because this is my fault.

“Maybe that’s why I kiss you.” I continued. He just smiles there looking at my face that turns red.

“I bet that you’re not having your lunch yet, am I right?”


“Here, I brought you lunch. Eat so you have power to fights against me.”

I took the food and eat it out side at a convenient store bench near my work place. He bought two can of soda instead of beers.

“The sun probably sets up from the south this morning, you drink soda?”

“I quit drinking.”

“Hahaha. Should I believe you?”

“If I’m drunk, I will loose to you.”


“You attack my innocent lips. The lips that never kiss a girl before.” He mumbles in dissatisfaction like an old lady. “From now on, I swear to my self that I don’t drink anymore. If I’m sober, the chance that you will attack me is below zero.” He winks at me. “By the way, you look pretty with that dress.”

I’m mad at him, but my mind reacted fast when he say I’m pretty. Don’t know what to do to brush it on my mind I just shove the food to my mouth.

“Jo…” He hesitates to ask me something.

“What is it?”

“Is that true that you are a pants-puller when you still in high school? So that where that bad habit come from.”

My jaw drop, I loose my dignity. I bet Tiffany told him that too.

“Shut up!”

“Next times don’t pull another man pants will ‘ya?”


“Well, because I will be mad at you if you do that again.”

“Why you’ll be mad at me?”

He scratches his head. “Maybe because I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Suddenly I don’t feel like eating. He’s too young to be my boyfriend.

“Is this a joke too? Because if is, I’m not in the mood to laughing at your jokes.”

“I’m not, okay. It’s painful to me to look at you when your down like before. I can’t hold you or giving you ease, that’s why I choose to be your sand bags. I feel your hurt when you beat me; I understand what you’ve been through silently in your anger.”

His sight makes my heart hurt, I feel his pain and fear too. But this is not going to happen. If I like him too, our age gap is something I must mind if stepping in to this relationship.

“So…it’s a no then?” His voice isn’t lively anymore. I can’t say a word to accept him. He’s gets up from his seat.

“Eat well, don’t get sick…this is how Korean guy said good bye too his rejected-future-love.” Then he walks away with out turning his back. This is the second time a guy just turn his back on me. First are Eddie and now Su Ho. And maybe I make him drunk again…I’m a bad person.


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