A Guy Younger Than I [End]


Chapter 4: Love Bites….Love Rights…

I feel bad, and my stomach is hurt. I ask permission to go home earlier today.

Since I worry about him getting drunk after he told me he stops drinking, I visit the dojo. He was there washing the uniform out side. I’m a bit relief that he wasn’t drunk again. With a lousy hi, I walk close to him, he’s a bit surprise when he see me, but he doesn’t say a word to reply. He just busy stepping the uniform on a big bucket. And I know that I’ll make a fool out of myself if I just stayed like this.

“Sorry…I came because I’m sorry.” He pretends he didn’t hear me, and busy with what he’s doing. So I leave him be.

Tonight I can’t sleep; I’m just back and fort, rolling on my bed thinking what Su Ho said earlier today that he likes me. But suddenly, there’s a knock on my window. I jump from my bed, open it up and I saw him DRUNK again.

“I’ve got something to tell you, Jo….”

“Geez, you drunk again right?” I look out, and then I jump out side with bare foot. I look at him carefully.

“You said you quit, and this is how you ended?”

We both sit out side, by the time we sat down, his voice become smaller.

“I’m pathetic aren’t I?”

“Who told you that?”

“I guess Min Ki punishment isn’t over.”

He drops his head and held it with both hands. “I cheated on him, behind his back I fall in love with Eun Joo, his girlfriend. He doesn’t want me to be happy. I can’t be happy right, Jo?”

“What happen to you?”

“Years ago, I went to meet her. She was crying and telling me to come back and stay in Korea. But I didn’t feel anything, if I still love her, I’ll run and hug her. But I can’t…I can’t Jo.”

“Yeah, you choose friendship after love. But this isn’t Min Ki’s punishment to you, think it wisely.”

“For a month after he dies, I’m like a dead man for a month. Asking how could I betrays him?”

Who ever Min Ki is, I hope he visit Su Ho in his dream. I bet he miss him a lot…friends, I guess in every part of the world friendship just like this. I put his head on my shoulder, and my shoulder becomes wet from his tears.

“So, you only think of me as this much?”

“Huh?” He caught me un guard.

“The reason why you don’t like me is because my age right? What different is it make, you still in your twenty and me too. 2 years later if you’re 40 and I’ll be 40 too.”

“It isn’t like that.”

“Do you still like that bastard?”

“I don’t know.”

“Say yes and I’ll back down— disappear from your sight, I mean it.”

He standing up and part with me with his gentle smile on his face. I don’t know why my heart hurt when he said goodbye. Maybe I like him too.

Su Ho back to his dojo, like a mad man he’s screaming then attacking the puppet for rehearse his kick and punches. It continues for hours until lying down exhausted. First he really likes Jo because he thinks if she studying enough, she can manage entering a tournament with that rough skill of her. And when he finally sees her true ability, her ability is to turn him as men who fall in love with her ‘bad’ persona.

I don’t know that loves bite, it hurt badly even it’s not bleeding. I still doesn’t know whether I should stop my foot step and act it never happen or slowly continue to be with you in my own way— it’s one sided love after all and I can’t win over her if she still think about that guy.

I’m worry about him, so I call Alex to check him out at the dojo. I make him to buy some food and if Su Ho start to crave of having a sip tastes of beer, I tell Alex to handcuff him—if he had too. In a while, Alex comes with full pack of food and soda’s. He saw him still lying on the floor.

“I never see you practicing that hard, sir.” Alex words make him glance to find where the voices come from.

“What are you doing here?”

“Some guy I know giving me freebies” He pause a bit, “see, I bought chicken, some fries, soda, and also M&M’s. And now— are we talking?”

“What do you want to know?”

‘Well— here’s the start, how are you feeling today?”

“It felt like I’d been in unexpected car accident or even been shot!”

“Wow…” Alex overwhelmed. “I guess you’re human too.”

“Pardon?” He wakes up and sits next to him.

“Well, first it’s normal if younger guys like us liking older women. Second, I never guess that far that actually you like her?”

“Wow that’s great. Did everyone know about it?”

“Don’t worry your reputations as a Taekwondo teacher still lift up your cold-hearted image.” Alex laughs a bit to make him not to think about his problem with Jo.

It’s already been 4 days since the last time I see Su Ho, and now I’m stuck with my agenda, making a draft and miniature design for the beach house. A silly note appear, well it’s a long time since I pulling my craft box out from the dungeon. The sticky note it’s from Eddie. He writes it on my 24 birthday. It says ‘Happy birthday, I know I can’t make it to celebrate it with you. Man, I wish that we still a high schooler, with no premium job on the list so I can stay there with you and you know how much I love you right?’

October 15 it means I’m 28 today. In this past lonely live, was there someone who gave me a love call and said ‘Happy birthday’? A birthday near 30 is rather been awkward to me. And once more my family deserted me, my mom and dad gone for 3 days to my uncle and my beloved little sister stays for slumber party at Rebecca, her best friends.

Su Ho is still at his office, staring at the windows that see through the practicing room so he can watch over his Taekwondo student from where he sits. He flipping around his student data sheet, just to makes sure they pay the tuition exact same day.

He cross over Jovina sheets, he saw her picture, and bitterly smile at it. He saw the birth date of her, its written ’15 October 1981’. His eyes turn to see the calendars on his desk, spotting the date, October 15 is today.

His heart demands him to go and congratulate her, but his mind still shorting out the reason why he should go? It a cruel fight on his conciseness, but the heart win, in a rush he put the sheet on his table, grab his jacket and go out without telling a thing to his student.

‘What’s wrong with him?” Ask one of the students to Alex. “Oh..My..God. I think he’ll do it tonight.”

“Do what?”

Alex glances with a wild smile on his face and ask ridiculous word, “Do you smell something?”

‘What smell?”

“Its spring…”

“But we don’t have spring on our country.”

He poke his mate head, “Well imagine that our country have springs too, butt head!”

Su Ho runs like hell just to arrive quickly at her door. Almost ran out of breath, he knocks on her door.

I’m gluing some part of the miniature when someone knocking at my door. It’s 3 in the after noon, my parents is gone and my sister too, and I don’t expect someone too, not even Panji or Dimas to get my work? So I rushed my ass to get the door. I’m a bit surprised when I saw Su Ho standing there.

“Su Ho?”


‘What are you doing here?”

“I came to wish you a happy birthday.”

“Thank you, but who told you about my birth day?”

“I saw it when I check student sheet, and I saw you— I mean, your picture, I smile, and I’m kind of miss you. My hearts say ‘why don’t you just do something or you’ll regret it later?’— and after I get that six sense out from my head, I drag my self up here, standing in front you, and….and…”

I’m waiting for him to continue his words. But he suddenly grabs my shoulders and kissed me. I’m totally off guarded from this kind of situation, when he stops and look at me with his beautiful eyes.

“And even you can’t look at me as an adult, I don’t mind if you call me with those prank call, brat, kid, kiddo, or else. But I know if I don’t kiss you right now or declare my love to you, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Su Ho…”


“It’s nice to see a younger male, but it’s not good for my heart. But, I think I can handle heart attack over heart break.” And I kiss him back, passionately. Love bite, but it will heal in no time if you find the right medicine. I think rather to avoid cowardly, I better walk it down wisely with my new found love.

After I finish my work and they begin constructing the house, Panji give me the job at his company. Me and Su Ho travel back to Korea to meet someone. He and I went to Busan, we end up at someplace. And I learn that this place is a temple to put ashes of the dead. He say hi to his friend picture on the big shelves contain the ashes of the decease people a long side of Min Ki.

“I want to keep my promise to him.” Su Ho holds my hand tightly, I look at him curiously. “That bastard says if I’m able to get a girlfriend, I should show her to him. That’s why I bring you here, to meet him.”

“I hope he likes me.” I said it sincerely.

“He must, or I steal his ashes and pour it to the sea!”

“He’ll surely haunt you for that!” I remind him for his stupidity.

After that, he shows me how great and beautiful Haeundae beach is for lover. We sit on the sand till sun down. He kisses me on the check and started to serenade me with a beautiful song that he sings just for me.

‘Even if the heart explodes, the lips stay closed
I’ve been sparing the words, I love you
I want to give you everything, but my hands are shabby
Fear continues to grow in my heart

I don’t have very much and lack even more
But I’ve been trying hard to gain
You must’ve been lonely, but without any complaints
You smiled and waited for me
I love you
I promise you eternity
There are no words that could describe you

My tears speak to me
as they sink into my heart
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

There isn’t a reason to always share what I feel
My love is bound to show
Even without a purchased gift, one compliment
Would overjoyed that person and bring them into my arms

I love you
I promise you eternity
There are no words that could describe you

My tears speak to me
as they sink into my heart
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

In a place in my heart, sadness lies
I’m sorry for having memories without you in them
I didn’t want to have any part of me
Not to be filled with you

I was a person born today
I have started to fill my heart again, the first word I said was your name

As if the world is ending tomorrow
with every part of me I love you,
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

You’re my last love …

Letter by Kim Jong Kook ‘

The End.


2 thoughts on “A Guy Younger Than I [End]

  1. Maeve Fighting!!!

    Kpn crita yg soal Marching band itu beres?? Jgn setengah2 ya!! Yg Sweet Punch lu masukin juga dunk? gak apa2 br chapter 17 juga…oke cuy?! Ntar gue baca…trus yg Love Me, jgn diedit terus gara2 si cute bilang endingnya gak banget, klo gitu terus, mana bisa selesai….

    Pokoknya Fighting!!

    • Gak tau nih 😦 yg Marchingband pending kyknya, idenya lepas gitu aja jd gak rame lagi, nunggu si ilham pulang dulu deh kyknya…wkwkw. Sweet Punch entah, don’t ask me that sis, it break my heart. Ntar yak klo dah diedit gw hub lu… 😉

      So, menurut lu gimana cerita gue? lumayan lah, iya gak daripada lu manyun… 😦 hihihi…
      Thank 4 cheering me up! I’ll do my best…wait aja cerita2 lainnya, oke sis?!

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