My Miracle It’s You [chapter 1]

Chapter 1


An exquisite footage of Gobletz – The great Korean e-sport gamer team of our time is on television, and one of them is Park Tae Min. He’s growing as a very tough mature image guy who now is laughing with his other teammates on an interview section with the mc’s. Ki Uk is watching it right now, this 17 years old youngster is Mel fiancée’s little brother, when James, his brother entered the room.

“Ya!…I just cleaning the room after you left to school and now it’s a mess again.” He took a pillow near him and throws at his brother.” If Mel’s come you’ve going to regret that.”

“What? Mel always do that too, she’s the queen of skip intro. Why are you hitting me for that?” He makes excuses.

“Aisssh…” Yeah, right. Mel is doing the same if she stayed at his house too, he can tolerate that.

“Speak to your self. Hey…isn’t you must be in the airport to pick her up?”

James looks at his watch.”Damn…I’m late!”

“Aigooo…looks like she’s going to kill you hyung.” He found his amusement from his brother who’s going crazy; grab his coat and his car keys and then out from his apartment.

“Aisssshhii…he make me missed the show!” Ki Uk irritated.

It’s almost fourteen years never set my foot on this country, since I left in 1993. Too many memories to cherished here, especially about Park Tae Min, my crush, my love, my first kiss. I hope he’s doing fine. I came here because my philander father baron gives me work that I cannot refuse, yeah, after I’m back to Indonesia. Me and my mother must share everything with his first wife, so in that many years I grow up it’s a rough time for me. I always fool around, do bad thing in college but maintained my GPA in the middle at Stanford University, join the socialite just to having fun but most of all, to make my father annoyed.

I love when he mad at me when I mention having a sleepover at Paris Hilton house, it’s the best day of my life. I thought my sorrow life will be at the end, but that merciless baron set me up to marriage a guy from a well-known family. We know each other, but I don’t have a feeling toward him. But, the fact is when I’m with him, my father don’t give a damn about me, that’s why I stick my self with him.

James is waiting for me at the entrance, he’s waiving. I smiled, and walk to him.

“Am I late?” He asks me.

“Don’t worry; I manage to kill a pilot today while waiting for you.” I throw a lame jokes to him. But he doesn’t get it.

“Well, you stay at my house right?” picking my bags.

“Just for couple of days, but don’t get me wrong…I stayed there because I missed Ki Uk.”

“What? You miss Ki Uk, but don’t miss me?”

“Yes. Can you stop talking that you are my fiancée? From the beginning I just used you.”

James just smile. ”I heard you. Let’s go home.”

I know I hurt his feeling, but its better that way for me.

We go to his car that park out side the airport. I feel sorry for him, he tried the best he can to lure me, but I just hope he find someone nice and better than me. He drives the car to go to his house.

“How’s your dad?”

“Alive. Why?”

James suddenly laughs.” You really don’t like your father, ey?”

“I’m mad the fact that I was he’s flash and blood. Mad because HE tricking my mom, there’s no reason why he’s should be happy at this time.”

For ages I’ve been trying my best, but it seems blurry away. I don’t know for whom I live, its nothing, really. My life just is just an empty shell on the beach waiting carried away by the ocean.

“I heard he send you here for work, hope he put you on my division so we can get along.” With hopefully smile.


Park Tae Min is rushing to go to the bathroom. “Aissshhiii…Hyun Wook, I’ll never eat our omelets again!!” The coach is laughing because the incident and the omelets taking more victims now. Sang Jun, Ryu Jin , Henry, and the assistant coach get a belly problem.

“It’s because you put to much vinegar, silly…” Hak Jun poke him on the head and laughs.

“I don’t put vinegar, really…but you guys said it was delicious.” He feels guilty.

Ryu Jin knocks the bathroom door. “Hyung…hurry up! Let me in or I’m going to burst!!!” Ryu Jin panic out side.

“Hold a couple minutes, you brat’s!”

“I hold, but if something happen with me the hospital fee is yours!” He knows Tae Min is a cheapskate. He hates to throw money for something stupid. He surrender, and out from the bathroom.

“Haha…did you hate me because I know so much about you hyung?” Ryu Jin gives him a perky smile and enters the bathroom.

“Yeah right?” Tae min rubbing his belly and drink some oriental medicine. “Hope this will work.”

“Coach…I can’t stand it anymore.” Sang Jun is in pain, he eats the same medicine like Tae Min and Henry did.

“Okay…only for this time I let the four of you slip the practice hour for rest. “Coach Kim gives them permission to skip the practice today. Tae Min rolled over on his bed, because a gamer basically lived together and shares rooms with the other players so their just like a dormitory student, much like seminary studs. Live in celibacy and Starcraft is their god. Nam Il enters his room, in his hand there’s a package from Tae Min mother.

“Hyung, this is for you. It’s read, from your mom.” He said that to him.

“She must be sending food again or vitamins. Hey, Yong Jae!” He pats Yong Jae who’s almost ready to fall asleep, he’s off too because flu.

“Mmmm…What?” Moaning.

“I give it to you. The one who needs vitamin it’s you?” Tae Min gives that package to him and let it slide it self to Yong Jae shoulder.

“Thanks.” He opens it up. ”It’s not vitamins.” He said it clearly with his husky voice from the flu.

“What? “ Asks Tae Min to Yong Jae. He looking to the thing that Yong Jae holds in his hand.

“It’s origami’s star, hyung. And do you think it’s save for me to eat this?”

Tae Min took that topples fills with little stars in it, colorful stars.

“Park Tae Min. Without me you must be bored, right?

Because you cannot fight with the other girl except me, I’m your match.

If I go to Indonesia, I’ll be bored either. I don’t know what to gives you except this star origami; I learn it from Ga In. Pretty isn’t it?

I never imagined that I must leaving Korea just live with that asshole, to who I’m going to express my anger, to who I will shed my tears for a simple thing just like you said. I’m a cry baby, and you were right.

Tae Min a…

There, I will promise not to walk with my head down again. I’m promise you that because I don’t want someone else to take my hand and yell at me and scold me like you do.

And next time we meet. Be nice too me okay?

Your friend,

Mel.” Yong Jae read the letter with his heart. ”Hyung…there’s a letter in it.”

Tae Min reading the one that his mom wrote it. It says when picking up old thing from the basement, her mother finds it. And hope he remember about Mel.

“Yeah, I’m reading it…”

“Not that one, but this one.” He holds it up to his nose. ”The very touchy letters. First love.”

Tae Min took the letters, and reads it. He must be forgetting about this origami’s from Mel, because he doesn’t remember a thing about it. He read carefully, not even a single word being missed spell, her bad Hangeul writing, the way she express thing now dancing on his mind. The last thing is the kiss. She leaves him hanging. He smile the widest, Henry notice it. Tae Min never smiles like that, even if he won a medal.

“Who wrote it?” Henry asks curiously.

“Someone that I must be forgotten, it’s my friend. She’s in Indonesia right now.”

“You had a girlfriend?” Yong Jae forget his flu and change his positions, he sat next to Tae Min.

“What girlfriend. She just my childhood friend, that’s all.”

“She said that you were cruel to her. That’s why you never get a girlfriend right?” Yong Jae said that again.

Tae Min annoyed about his question so he hit him with his pillow slowly, hits him on the stomach.

“You know my goals right? And I know yours too. No one can survive too long on this field.” Tae Min makes a good point out of that.

“Is she pretty?” Asks Yong Jae again.

“What’s wrong with you tonight? Being Mr. Chatty?” Tae Min glares at him.

“Just want to know the girl that you dealing with in the past.”

“I don’t know. I forgot.”

to be continue…


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