My Miracle It’s You [chapter 2]

Chapter 2

Ki Uk is waiting me outside. Both of us were a good friend, well maybe because he needs a big sister who can talk about anything than a stiff brother who he found rather uncool. When we approach, he says something to James.

“Hyung, the office just call. They need you too pick something up.”

“They never let me in peace do they?” He a little bit mad.

“Are your hand phone is off? Because they told me that they cannot reach you.”

He took the phone out from his trousers pocket. “I put them on silent mode. They call again…leave you two alone. Bye…” Before he leaves in a rush, he kissed me on the fore head.

“I feel it in my finger…I feel it in my toes. Love is all around me, and every where I Goes.” Ki Uk sing the song that I loved most.

“You kill the singer with heart attack with funny voice of yours, Ki Uk!”

“Welcome home Nunna…” He smiles to me with the perky smile.

I put my bags on my room, okay, and its James room. But he promised to sleep at his aunt house while I’m here. I’m getting tired and fall asleep in no time.

As morning suns reaches my window, Ki Uk knocking my door. When I wake up, I gaze at his appearance. He wears a t shirt with writing ‘I love Blood’.

“I suggested to like the words ‘I love you’ than that one” I point at his chest.

“Advice is taken. But we must go out for breakfast.”


Do a thinking mode style. “I think I just ruin our breakfast, nunna.”

“By what? Burning the chicken alive up side down, or you forget to put salt on your age blooming soup?”

“Fantastic idea, but that’s not it.”

So, it’s just another hopeless Weekend morning stuck with a fiancée brother who doesn’t know how to cook, and eat a lot of instant noodle barely uncook. Weird, but it’s better than live with some alien from the Hitchhikers guide books to the galaxy. A few later on, we sat gloomy behind the food stand near the house thinking what we going to eat? As Ki Uk ordered a noodle, I just drank my morning coffee.

I wear training suit with my long hair tight make a bun on back of my head, and Ki Uk wears his bloody t shirt with a dinosaurs hat. He is really cute, just like another teen images that I saw on television, you know – like pretty guy thing. Maybe if he tries on modeling carrier, he can knock up some dime.

As always, Gobletz pro gamer in the morning have a running training routine on the weekend. They have too because they practice 11 until 12 hour a day, sits on the chair and looking at the computer, need morning refresh on the mind. Living as a pro gamer is just like a movie star and they have fans too, not only in Korea but world wide maybe because Korea is consider had the best pro gamers in the world and the growth of game marketing is in major development here.

The running session is start from they accommodations house circling around the neighborhoods, stop at the park to rest, and back to the house.

Song Jun eyes still red because he cannot sleep well because omelet incident last night, Henry is running slowly beside coach Kim, Yong Jae is back to his shape again follow behind his senior Lee Bong Kook, and Shim Jae Hee. Tae Min is walking with his senior Hak Jun talking about the map plan for the next match, Henry joining them at the back row. He’s 16 years old the second youngest player on the team, following Hyun Wook ‘the cook’.

Me and Ki Uk jogging along the way back, it’s nice to smell the morning air again just like fourteen years ago. Back then, I always wake up early in the morning just to make Tae Min allows me to following him delivering milk and morning news paper everyday.

Ki Uk says that he wants to go to the park and I said yes, must of all because it’s weekend and I don’t have pretty much to do. After we arrive, he bought two bottles of yoghurt and sits on the bench. I see a big different from the day I was living here at 1993, but looked at now. Big building is everywhere, digital era is found at everywhere you turn your heads out.

“It’s nice to having you here, sis.”

“Wow, that such a nice welcoming word. What’s the skate?” He never used that kind of word, so I know that he must want something from me.

He looks at me with a stunning expression, and than claps his hand.” Nunna, you’re awesome! You know what’s going on my mind.”

“Yeah, I guess I know some physiology here. What is going on your mind?”

“I want to be an actor.”

“So go a head. Make me proud!”

He put his head down. “If my parents just like you, maybe I don’t having this dilemma. Seeing my brother all the time, making me think that I might be just like him someday, and I don’t want too.”

I know what he means. I put my hand on his shoulder; hug him like a sister giving him a support from the side. “Have you ever talked this with uncle and aunty?” He shakes his head off, drink his yoghurt, playing in it with his straw to make a bubble.

“Listen, I know your father is a strict man. And maybe if you talk to him he will understand.” Suddenly he stared at me with unconvincing looks.

“Have you ever talked to your dad, nunna?”

It’s suddenly hits me on the head. I barely talked, if we talk we argue, and end it ups with a slamming door, and I walk out. “Nope. You were right.” I said that to him with a forced smile. He understands that.

“Nunna. Are you wearing a push up bra?” he asks with his innocent looks.

“You brats. You want to die do you?” I choke him and shake his head until he escape from my attack. He walk avoiding me with laughter, uhhh…I will never believe that asshole again. He making a mistake, I never wear a push up bra.

The Gobletz teams are sitting not far from Ki Uk, He slowly notice them because he adore Hak Jun and Tae Min so much. He rushed back to me, and makes me to spend money to buy a dozen of mineral water, when I asked for whom? He smile and point to the groups of man sitting and chatting to each other.

“And who the hell is them?”

“You don’t know them?” He acts surprised.” They are the Gobletz. My favorite gamer, sis! I’m the fans of Hak Jun and Park Tae Min. Man, they are great. Never loose a single game since debuted, maintain the rank as the best player at KESPA…”


“Slow down there kid. Park Tae Min?” I asked him curiously. Is this Park Tae Min is the one that I know? It can’t be. Well, of course I’d be happy if that guy is Park Tae Min, the real Park Tae Min. Wait, I’m tracking each of the guys with my eyes. Shit, I wish I bring my telescope, but how do I know this will happening? God, please it’s not him. If it’s him, what should I say to him? I grab the necklace on my neck and pray while looking at them.

There he is my god the way he smile doesn’t change a bit. My blood suddenly pumping so fast making my heart beat fast too. It’s him.

“Nunna. What’s wrong? Give me my money.”

“You know what. You go there and meet them, I’ll buy them a drinks. Hold them as long as you can, talk about what ever! Okay.” What the hell I’m doing? Attack him when he doesn’t prepare? God, he probably forgets about me. I’m thinking while I’m walking to buy some drink.

“God, what should I say?” I bite my thumb nail. “Should I jump and say, hi Park Tae Min. Do you remember me? Shit…”I make a little shout, the ajummah think I’m crazy. So I just give her the drink money and go.

I slowly walk towards them, looking carefully. That asshole Ki Uk is a very friendly guy. In no times he act like he knew all of them, laughing, and joking with them. But when it almost near them, I stopped. I’m scared, I’m stupid, and I’m dead. I frowning my face, thinking if I should running away. Mel, get a live! He probably doesn’t care about you. Maybe he even doesn’t know you anymore. Just wake up and smells the coffee. My heart telling me that I should go on.

“Oh my god, here it is…” I swallow my own saliva. I gathered my strength to confront him. Here I go…


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