My Miracle It’s You [chapter 3]

Chapter 3

“Nunna! Aiissshh…why taking you so long just only to buy mineral water.” He grunts.

Smile, Mel. Smile…Yeah, you just smile like an idiot do if they stuck in their own messed up.

“Hi!” Yeah, I’m an idiot. “Here it is the water…” I’m giving them with my own hand. When it his turn, he a little bit staring at me in the state of I-think-I-Know-You!

Before I get caught, I nailed him. “Oh…You’re Park Tae Min!” Half shouts like a fool. Everybody watching me with strange looks, maybe they will think I’m crazy.

“Nunna…” Ki Uk feel embarrassed with the way I acted.

“You…” He points at me. ”Do I know you?”

Ki Uk grab my hand and trying to drag me to his side. “Hhahaha…of course she knows you, but you don’t know her. I’m sorry…” He is trying to save his face off.

“Ahh…you still don’t forgive me about the chilly paste incident don’t you. So you are ignoring me! It’s not my fault, who told you to…” Before I finish my word, Park Tae Min smile and shut my mouth with his hand.

“I know her” And he drags me to another spot on the park. As he walk grabbing me the Gobletz teams still doesn’t know what exactly happening to Park Tae Min.

He let go of me, his hand is in his waist now, starring at me and he bite his under lips. I heard he is trying to catch his own breath while standing in front of me.

“Hi…Long time no see. Park Tae Min.”

Park Tae Min holds everything about what he’s wanted to say to the person in front of him from years ago. So he just trying to gives him self air to breath, to cool him down. Mel is changing a bit, she grow her hair long now. Those big eyes, beautiful eyelash that makes every Korean girl envy, charming smile, and her stupidity, still remain. He misses her so much, he grown up as a man now. He wants to hug and kisses her, but he can’t.

“YA! If you say about any incident to my teammates your dead. Do you hear me, Mel? You’re dead.” He threatens me.

“Is that what you planned to say to me if we meet again, like right now? Man, you’re surprise me.” I know he’s going to say that stuff just to hide his feeling.

“Well, what do you expect? We never met until now” He assured. Then he rubs his own head. A very-self contain word he had. He looking at me like I’m a mannequin at the boutique, gazing. And I’m flatters, he looking at me not with that nine years old looks, but rather something.

“Well, you can say. Mel, how are you. I miss you so much since the day you leaving me.” I stopped. “Well, that kind of word never spills out from your tongue right?”

“Yeah” he agreed.

We just stand there, looking at each other. He’s tall and had his charming side too, his face still have the track of his youthful I still notice that, that’s why I can recognize him soon. His eyes, the determination doing something eyes still there full of hope.

“How’s your mother doing?” I ask him just to stop these awkward situations.

“She’s fine. Your mom, how is she?”

“Fine too.”

“Okay” he’s a cheapskate.

“You’re an athlete? My friend brother is a fond of you, that kid – you know, who wear bloody shirt.”

“Yeah, we’re just gamer. Not athletes.”

I never knew that people can actually pay because playing some video games. “Really, I really didn’t know.”

“You never play video games since you were kid, no wonder you don’t pay attentions to that stuff.” He starts talking. He doesn’t prepared anything to meet her in a sudden like this, maybe last night you can call it premonitions when his mother gave him the origami’s star and she want him to not forgetting Mel. And he’s not forgetting her; it’s very hard to do. He still doesn’t know what kind of feeling toward this girl.

I nod. ”You were right.”

“We better go. We left them hanging on their own thoughts.” He ends it, and walk.

Do I left you hanging with your own thoughts too, Park Tae Min?

Ki Uk doesn’t talk with me at home. He wants too, but he cannot find the right word for it. So he just sighed very hard, irritated by his own.

I turn on the television, and sit next to him. He looks at me with that curious face; I’m a bit annoyed so I give him a nag.

“What, do you have a suspicious rash that you want to talk about?”

He nod with his cute little face, frowning. He switches the channel that shows the footage of the special report of the result game in the Pro league.

“Do you really know him?” He acted like a detective and me as the villain.


“Tae min. Who else you idiot?”

Huh…this brat is really something huh, call me an idiot?

“YA…LEE KI UK. You have a dead wish? Bastard…” I hit him with the pillow over and over again. “How dare you call me that…”

When I was hitting him, James comes home. “Did I miss something?”

Two of us froze. Lee Ki Uk was saved by the bells.

Coach Kim observes Tae Min when he sat with the other gamer to watch some show on the television. Yong Jae is getting ill about what happen today with his senior, so he starts asking the questions.

“Hyung…is that the girl?”

“Who’s girl?” Assistant coach asks too.

“His childhood friends. The one that gives hyung origami’s star as a gift.” Yong Jae added.

“Oh…first love?” says the other in union.

But Tae Min doesn’t care about them, he just acted that never a question that been asked to him, there is no girl, and end the conversation by walking to the entrance door.

“Ya. Where are you going?” Coach Kim asks him.

“I’m not in the good mood. If I’m staying, I probably go insane that you must put me on drug because I will hit and bite who ever talk with me. Any questions that you want to ask me, gentleman?”

Everybody put in to silence. “I consider it’s a no. I’m back before night.” And he walks out.

“Ya…what’s wrong with you?” said Hak Jun to yong Jae.

“What?” He defend him self.

“You just drop the boom, man…”

“You guys interest to find out the truth either right?” Say Yong Jae to the other.


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