My Miracle It’s You [chapter 4]

Chapter 4

James asked me out to dinner, because he said we talk about the assignment that my father told me so, I agreed to have dinner with him.

It’s once in The Blue Moon restaurant that he picks for the occasion, not bad.

“What position that he gives me in the company?” I asked him briefly.

“Not to good position, I call him today to beg for your position as supervisor or something else. He just said, everyone from this family must work from the bottom then reach for the sky.”

Reach for the sky? That old jerk is throwing a joke to me huh? Okay, if he wants to play a game, I’m in.

“I will not surprised, just tell me what position he gives me?”

He’s not so sure to tell me but he told me anyway. “Sales person in our boutique at Apgujeong.”

“What!” If I’m not turning down to work with Sarah Jessica-Parker that time to sells her perfume, maybe he will not send me way back to Korea. Right now maybe I’m in Milan and sit in the Chief Executive room, watching Oprah Winfrey show at my office, or reading newspaper observing how’s the stock’s doing at the NASDAQ. Salesperson? What the heck he was thinking to gives me that kind of job. I know its good job, no offense but I really cannot handle to be nice to the buyer!

“You look happy if near Ki Uk, its makes me jealous.”

I looked at his face. “I really want to have a brother, maybe God send me one and that’s him.” I added.

“And how about me, is there no chance for me to loving you? I love you, and you know that too right? Mel…” He calls my name and let it hanging, his warm hand holding mine and gives me that far-eye looks.

‘On a gloomy day I continuously make mistakes because of the jealousy from love.
As your tears burst, they wet the world coldly.
As if I’ve forgotten about the coming sweetness that’s suffocating me,
not even knowing the reason, I sob a hymn of a cold love.
When a typhoon is sent my way so my tears can be hid by an angel’s
the sky opens so that my hearts pain
can be melted all away by the moon.
I cry as the dark’s melody washes over me, as if I’ve left a trace of a farewell.
To a love that I can’t turn back to, I gladly welcome separation.

Gloomy Sunday, MC. Sniper-‘

After the dinner, he drives me home. His words now linger in my head; I’m a devil if hurting his heart more and more again. As both of us off from the car, he walks beside me until the front gate of his apartment.

“Good night.” I said it first, then he smiled, gives me a little kiss on the fore head like he always do.

“Good night, sleep well. And don’t kill my brother, even he’s a pain in the neck. I really need him to be near you.”

I don’t say a thing to his words. I wait until he’s gone. It’s still seven, and I don’t want to come home yet. Why I must wear this evening gown? I look at my self appearance and observe. I call Ki Uk, and says that I don’t want to come home yet, so if his brother calls he must tell him that I’m already asleep. And he robs me for a pizza.

“Fireworks…buy fireworks!!” Middle age men shout to everyone who’s walking on the streets to buy his fireworks. Park Tae Min walking towards him, looking at the fireworks observing all the brand names picking it up one by one.

“Buy one young man…Summer without firework just like a soup without salt.” He said with a smile on his face.

“How much the price if I buy 10?” Ask Tae Min.

“6 dollar and its cheap.”

Usually he never want to buy something that no use for him except beers, snacks, and gift for his mom and sister. But today, his hearts feel gloomy, and give the old man the money for the fire works. He holds the plastic bag on the other hand while the other holding his beers. But now he feels annoyed because where the heck he will burn these things up?

“At the rooftop, Henry and Song Jun likes fireworks. Yeah, I’ll just give it to them.”

Suddenly, something wet falls to his cheek.

“Aishhiii…what the…” he looked up, and then it fall again, but now its getting heavier.

“Shit…its summer!” he become grumpy as he tries to find shelter before its getting bigger, he protecting the beer and the firework from the wetness. He runs to the near alley bellow the one way street, He brushes his entire not too soaked t shirt, and looks at his plastic bag.

“Damn…” He said that to himself.

“SHIT! You must to be joking right? A rain in summer, God…you must be really thirsty!” I brush my gown with my hand, combing my hair, and try to be calm.

Park Tae Min watching the woman that cursing the sudden rain far behind him, only her shadow shown in his eyes because the lamp light doesn’t bright enough to lighting the space. Because his nose is itchy he cannot holds and sneezes.


I stared to the road behind me, is there another person beside me here? Damn…I cannot see it clearly because the blurry light.

“Ah…shit!” He cursed him self because that sneeze.

Definitely it’s a guy. I hope the rain doesn’t pouring to long and that guy doesn’t walk near me.

Park Tae Min begins to walk a head; the cursing girl is in front of him now, but he stop at the end alley because the rain still pouring. The girl seems afraid of him because she always put her head down, looking to another side.

“Shit…this guy irritated me.” Mumblings to my self don’t dare to look at him.

Both of them quietly waiting the rain to stops, and one by one, more people came to sheltering from this sudden rain. They both happy because it’s not an awkward situations anymore in that crowd at least 6 people including them, there is a couple.

“Here, put my t shirt as a jacket.” Her boyfriend took off his t shirt and gave it away to her.

“No. You’ll be sick without your clothes, I can manage.”

“Just wear it. I still have mine; even it’s not thick enough its better then to be naked.” He insists and his girlfriend put his t shirt right away.

I smile while looking at them as I was standing beside them, when I looked at that the couple once again I spot a familiar face are stared at the road with his-far-eyes looks. It’s Park Tae Min. The guy that sneezes before it’s him.

‘Ninety Miles outside Chicago
Can’t stop driving
I don’t know why
So many questions
need an answer
Two years later
he’s still on my mind…

-Someday we’ll know, Mandy Moore-‘

I looked at him carefully, what is he thinking right now? He still wears the t shirt from this morning. He’s looking to his shoes, it’s untied. He bent on his knees, and trying to tied it up. I slowly walk near him and manage to stand behind him without him noticing me. I make a little peep to the plastic bag that his still holding. I bent too beside him.

“Ya, Park Tae Min…” Whispering to him, when he turning his head to looked at me, I smiled.

“Mel…So, it’s you?” He’s a bit confused.

“I didn’t know it is you either.” I slowly stand up. And he is too.

“Going somewhere? Rain must be ruined your plan?” he observed me who’s in the evening gown.

“No, I met him once at the hotel in New York. He’s tall and handsome too…”


“Oh…you mean this pouring rain. I thought that Rain, a singer.”

“You meet him?”

“Hmm…” I nod. “He’s staying at my friend hotel in New York, nice guy with proper manner.”

Tae Min feel ease, he suddenly feel that this conversation is like in the past, a very friendly feeling.

“You’re different now.” Tae Min throws a smile.

I looked at him. “I know. I’m growing up and so do you…”

He nods slowly, looking down. I don’t want our conversation ends, so I bug him a bit about the chilly paste incident.

“It’s really not my fault you know. I really didn’t know that there was a big jar under the window at halmonni house, but you look cute, running in tears, and your mom think that somebody tries to kill you and your body is fills with your blood.” I giggles when remember that.

“YA! Are you asking to die?” He is in the state of irritated by me.

“Uhhh…Park Tae Min is mad…” I tease him. ”Uh…the-almighty-me, Park Tae Min is annoyed. Hahahaha…”

We started to jokingly at each other, just like 14 years ago, when all is so pure and innocent from the eyes of a nine years old boys and girls. After the people all gone, just there is me and him, and the rain has stopped too.

“Ya…Mel!” He calls my name.


“I’m glad you’ve back. Want to play the fireworks?” He shows me the plastic bag that he held on his hand.

I peek, and there’s a lot of firework in there. “Not in the good mood?” I ask him.

“A while, yes. But I don’t want to wait to burn it after I spend it all my money on this fireworks.”

“How sweet…” I pinched him on his cheeks, to show that he is so adorable.

After we buy beers and dry squid, we went off to the park, a very large park up hills, the green grass is all wet, sweep by the rain. The night skies is so black only light exist from the electricity lamp, but down there, if you looked at the city, it’s just like a giant big Christmas tree that shine’s brightly. Park Tae Min set the hold firework on the ground; make a circle with us in it.

“Here…” He gave me one sticks that already sparkling. Both of us start to light them up one by one, until all sparks and the light are so bright, and the best part is when the firework shot in to the sky and blast like a bright star on the night skies. And soon the skies are full with the amazing sparkling stars. I feel so happy, this is the first time I feel amazingly happy beyond word could tell.

‘As usual, there’s a lovely person, a love there isn’t another of in this world.
She looks at me and brightly shines her beauty.
You look so lovely that I’m embarrassed of the thoughts I had throughout the night.
If I show you my feelings, I’m afraid you’ll run away,
Even though you smile at me as a friend.

I wanted you to hurt, thinking it’d be good for me.
I was a wrong for not wanting you to receive any love
so I could be given a chance, within the gloomy days I’m used to.

I loved you so much that I was cowardly, as we had arguments.
But if felt like two people were becoming one.
No one in this world loves you as much as I do so you can lean on my shoulder.

If you realize how I feel about you, I think you’ll feel awkward.
So I’ll continue to look up at the sky and hold my tears.

Whenever you’re going through a hard time, come to me.
I’m fine with this kind of relationship, and will continue to care for you.

I loved you today, even without you here.
There isn’t anything I can do if you’re not mine, after I wait.
I can do anything for you, but the hardest thing is to stop loving you,
I won’t be able to stop loving you.

-To Eunyoung part 2, KCM-‘

to be continue…


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