My Miracle It’s You [chapter 5]

Chapter 5

Park Tae Min take me home, we walk all the way from the park. It sound cheesy but, it come back all it once, the feeling toward him. My secret childish love those 14 years is kept on my heart. Hopefully I can reach his heart this time.

“Good night.” Say Tae Min to me. I feel like a high school girl who went on the first date hoping to be kissed by the guy that she deeply in love with at her front door.

“My mom will be hysterical if I told her that you are here…” He added.

“Yeah, I bet she will. I missed your mom cook, specially the…”

“The Seaweeds soup.” That part we said it in unison, we smiled at each other. “Well, you better go inside.”

“Wait…can I get your number?” I ask him. “I promised not going to tell Ki Uk.” And he took my phone, entered his number, save it on my phone book. After that, he walks away; I’m still waiting out side just to see him fade. I entered the front gate, say hi to Mr. Rhee the security. Entered the elevator, then I cannot holds my happiness so I burst in to laughs like crazy.

“I Said One Fo Tha Money and Two Fo Tha Show
Jinusean gwa hamkemyon nodo Champion Hey
Hey Hey (I Said) sero theonan hip hop papiong…” I sing the song from Jinnusean A-Yo loudly just the intro and dance a long with the song; I don’t know that the elevator just stop and the door were already open. And in front of me there’s a guy standing looking at me with weird expression.

“I just win the lottery. Have a nice day and oh, be careful, the road still slippery because the rain.” I‘m out of there holds my embarrassments for dancing and howling like a mad wolf.

Park Tae Min smiling and he cannot holds it. He notice that since he met her again, and then he do a little jogging, then runs while smiling to his team house.

‘Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
telling me just what a fool I’ve been.
I wish that it would go and let me cryin’ rain
and let me be alone again.

The only girl I care about has gone away
looking for a brand new start
but little does she know that when she left that day
along with her she took my heart.

Rain please tell me now does that seem fair
for her to steal my heart away when she don’t care
I can’t love another when my heart’s somewhere far away.

-Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Jason Donovan-‘


James sends me off to one of my father boutique at apgujeong. My father owns a clothes factory back home and in Korea’s too, our clothes brand name is Tyrant. Fit his style, philandered robber baron that uses strength to calm the unwanted one.

One of the employees gives me the uniform, I bet it design by Marla, The Milan designer who work for my father. He’s gay but he’s cooler than my father.

First day at work, I blew up my rage with some model girl wanna be, because she gives me a lot of pain bringing all the clothes that she says she want to buy, but she just bought one, and it’s not from me. Thanks for my friend Paris who teach me how to be bitchy, I throw all the clothes up to her lap when she is waiting another clothes, and I said very clear to her that I’m not a maid nor a servant, and she must behave and put her make-up like her own age, because what I look now, she just like a drag queen waiting for a whole sales list on the stock markets.

Yes, it’s my fault, my mistake. So the supervisor, who didn’t know that I’m her boss daughter, yelled at me and threatens me that she will report this to James.

This is the time that I’ve been waiting for, lunch. Empty stomach will leads you to sudden anger, so I go out to eat my self because my co-worker doesn’t see me as a human but a very lonely girl who had a personality disorder. At starbuck café I found my self lonely, but when I looked at my phone, I wander if I send Tae Min a text message what he will send me later?

What the heck, I’ll send it anyway.

‘Tae Min. I don’t want to eat alone…Where are you?’- send.

Reply-‘Practicing. Don’t bother me!!’

So you want to play tough hah?

I browse on the internet, and got their address. Bought a lot of lunch boxes for Gobletz teams, and take a cab to go there. After I find the address, I text him once again.

‘Park Tae Min. Look at the window, NOW’- send.

Park Tae Min read the message. ”What the…This girl really annoy me!” Thank God, that the practice hour is off and it’s time for lunch, so Tae Min rushed to the window.

“What the hell are you doing in there?” Tae Min shout, and then the whole team rushed to see what’s going on, and peep from the other window too.

“Hi! I brought lunch for all of you. Open the gate.” I look up.

“She’s your long lost friend right?” Henry speaks out.

“Intriguing, so that kind of girl that hyung like?” said Yong Jae

“Let her in. He brings food, nice girlfriend you have there Tae Min.” Say Coach Kim.

“She’s not my girlfriend!!” He assured them.

“I’ll do it.” Hyun Wook volunteer him self to come down greeted her.

Hyun Wook brings me in to their house. It’s a big house, just like my house in L.A. Each of them greeted me, all with a good manner. Tae Min just stood there, sitting at his desk. In state of irritated because all his teammates just turn friendly with her in no time.

“Waaaah, this pasta is delicious. It’s must cost you a fortune?” Say Coach Kim to me.

“Hyung, you’re not going to eat your pasta?” Ask Jung Min.

“So, this is the reason you don’t want to eat alone?” Tae Min sarcastically speaking with his eyes staring at me like eagle.

What the heck she is trying to do?! Did she planning some thing rebellious or she just want to making up all the missing times between us? When Tae Min looking at her and when her eyes met his. It’s like his pulse beating so hard, that makes his throat hurt.

“Park Tae Min, are you alright? Your face is getting red.” I walk to him and put my hand on his fore head checking if he catches a fever or something.

“I-I’m okay.” He pushed my hand away. “Just go okay!” He grabs my hand and cast me away out trough the door.

“What’s wrong with you?!” I scream at him. ”Are you crazy?”

He brings me to the front yard of his team house. ”Listen…You’re eating alone, fine. It’s your own mistake! Who told you being sarcastic, bitchy and all that stuff that makes people avoid you? Forget of revenge, being of what you lack isn’t going to change the way your father sees you, Mel.”

I suddenly feel like being stabbed with a knife on my chest. Is this what he’s trying to say to me?

“Wow…that stunts me, Park Tae Min. What is this, a sudden bad mood again? Because the last time I remember you talk to me with a nice tune is, let me think. Yesterday, yes, it’s yesterday.” I pushed him away on his chest.

He just wants her not to linger again on his mind, he must reach his goal to be the best pro gamer, more than his senior Hak Jun can achieves. Another girl, maybe he can object right away, before they tell him that they like him, or even loved him. But, Mel, she’s different. She for almost half his entire life next to him, either they both have good times or bad times. Why the last gift from her to him is a kiss? If she didn’t kiss him from the start or just vanish, he can move on. But now, even he now want to be greedy, he cannot choose both to like her and his carrier as a pro gamer at the same time.

“I want to cast you away.” Tae Min really means his word. And that look that he gave me, made me really want to cry. I don’t care he saw my teary eyes and I don’t want to hold one single tears runs from it.

“Nice to meet you Park Tae Min. Say goodbye from me to the other…” I put my heads down, my heart hurt. I swallow my saliva, looks at him, put a smile in my face and walk away with the pain that he cost. Park Tae Min just stands there when he saw her now stand out side, the gate automatically shutting down slowly.

“Great, Mel. It’s karma; you left him before, now you pruning your own fruit.” I mad at my self and walking away until I find a cab, I go back to my work place.

Park Tae Min regretting what he’s been done to her. All his teammates accused him as a villain, how can he do a bad thing to the nice girl who brings food just for him and his friends. He just made a bad decision.

to be continue…


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