My Miracle It’s You [prologue]


By Maeve.

Copyright©2006. Do Not Copy.



Park Tae Min grabs my hand and scolds me cruelly because I almost hits by a car when walking in on street, I know I was wrong because my bad habit to walk with my head facing the ground. I cannot cry in front of him, if I cry he will left me alone and call me a cry baby and mock me in the class room. As a nine years old girl that time, he is the only guy that I rely most. Even he so cruel, and being an asshole is making him worthy at that time, I found him cute, understanding, and I start falling in love with him.

“You never listen to me did you? Don’t put your head down if you walking!”

“Stop being an asshole, Park Tae Min.” I said to him while walking to the school.

“Asshole. Asshole?” He found that word is annoying.

“Why you don’t like I call you that? Remember, were in the same age.” And I really want you to grab my hand again if I don’t see the road ^_^.

“Ya…” Park Tae Min runs a bit, to catch my steeps, and he block my way.

“What?” I stared at him.

“Aisss…stop irritate me will you?” He’s making that irritated face, frowning and then starts walking a head of me. Uuuhh…I like it when he’s mad ^_^.

‘I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day.

When it’s cold out side, I’ve got a month of May.

Well, I guess you’ll say.

What can make me feel this way?

My girl. (My girl, my girl).

Talk’in bout my girl…-My Girl, The Temptations-’

Park Tae Min mother is our maid, she always does our daily laundry, cleaning the house, and she is cooking too for the whole family mine as well her family. Her cooking is great, my mom love her seaweeds soup, and we barely eat outside if she’s cooking. My mom is a single mother, so does Jeong ajummah, Tae Min’s mother. My mom, always threat him as her own child and that’s makes me argue with him a lot.

But one day, my father comes and asks my mom to move out from Gyeonggi-do and live with him in Indonesia again, my mom is Indonesian-Chinese decent so does my father, well, he have some Korean blood too from his mother side. I don’t care about him anyway, he don’t showed up from the first I was born into this crazy world that he makes him self, and now he’s going to ruin my life again for the second time. But because she still loves him so much, she follows him and that including me. And the next, we pack our things and parting with Jeong ajummah, Park Tae Min and Byun Ae onni, Tae Min older sister.

My mom cries so loud that day, and Jeong ajummah joining her too. Byun Ae onni just smile and hugs me.

“If you have time, visit us again. We will miss you, Mel.” And now she looks to Tae Min who like a person without a heart just standing there don’t say a word or smile. She pats him after hugging me.


“She’s leaving and you are not saying anything?”

“Says what? I’m happy she’s leaving. Because of her I’m always be in trouble.”

“Yeah, you right. Sorry about all what I’ve done to you from the beginning I knew you till now. We still be friend right?” Why you are so cold, you bastard?! Do you know since the day I decide to leave this country I cry like hell, remembering I cannot seeing you, talk with you or even cursed and yells at you at the same times. At this time, I really, really want you to say like the man in the movie ‘Don’t go! Please don’t go. I love you’. But, expecting that kind of word out from that cruel, it’s like expecting a cat to swim at his own will.

‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

With pink hotels, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot.

Don’t it always seem to go; that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…’

After we said goodbye and entered the car, suddenly Tae Min runs toward the car and give me his tube necklace inside of it there’s a little rolled paper, before he walks away, I put my head out of the window and gives him a kiss, a non mature nine years old girl kiss her ultimate devil on the lips. I leave him hanging with wide opens eyes as my car runs toward the empty street on that day. I promise, someday, some how…I’ll be back.

to be continue…


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