The Longest Day [chapter 2]

Chapter 2: All Good Things….

For doing my reflection, I take a leave of absent for a week. The principle asks me what the reason behind this erupt actions of mine, so I just tell him ‘Do I need explain anything just to take my leave?’ with heated conversation between me and the principle, no argument none whatsoever. He told me to burry my self in a mountain paper work when I see him again in a week— which is after I’m back to school.

So I burry myself with a pint of ice cream at Marco’s Café, my ex before Topan is working there too. It hurt to see him even more because he changes his sexuality and chooses to become women. Now he, I mean she had boobs like me. She’s prettier than me.

“Are you sure you want a whole, girl?”

“Yeah, Tiff. All the good things….”

“Okay, but don’t take it hard on you.” Tiffany, which it his name right now going inside to bring me a bucket full of ice cream.

Tiffany open up the fridge, but she look at how awful his boss are. He’s feeling guilty that he throw married thing over her face.

“Cut that out, you’re scaring the vegetables!”

“Uh?” He’s pondering a lot lately.

“I said cut it out, you’re spacing out boss.”

“Did I?”

“Listen, if you like her, just tell her. Don’t play hide and seek no more, y’all grown up.”

“You know?” he acts surprise.

“It’s written all over your face, boss. Now, console her and bring this out to her. Go!”

He does what Tiffany said to him, bring the ice cream out and console her.

“Hey, you okay?” He put the ice cream on the table.

“I swear if I hear once again ‘are you okay’ I will start throwing punches!” I’m pissed, okay it’s normal.

“Agree. No more saying the forbidden words.”

And then there’s a packet delivers to Marco from the postman. He leaves me fro a while to receive it, after that he brings it to the table. It says from Amiens, France. I give him a gaze tell-me-something thingy just for him to explains.

“Probably from Claire, you know the one that I don’t love.”

“You two are breaking up too?”

“Yeah, last week I end it up for good. It’s tiring and boring to be with someone that you don’t like.”

“So why are you still with her all this time, even you know that you don’t like her. You hurt her you know?”

“For my pride.”



“Gosh, you were pissing me up Marco! When you meet someone new and fall in love, try being serious about it.” And I’m digging the ice cream more outrageously and suck it up to my mouth. How can guys always do such a thing, they can love and they can dump the girl on the douche bags whenever they want!

“Excuse me; you’re getting on my nerves too!”

“Oh, you are barking up on the wrong tree there fella’s!”

“Right like you don’t, the one that cause problem it’s you! The one who’s still lingered and won’t let anybody in it’s you. What do you know about me? Calling me an asshole while you don’t know anything and getting me all fed up with your story; don’t you feel sorry for me? When you drunk, you call me in the middle of the night, even I had important guess or stuff that I must finish it quickly, I rush my ass to be with you. You keep telling me that I’m your number one friend, but do you know me?” He paused. “Right back at you didn’t I?” And then he leaves, slamming the door without noticing that everybody at the café looking at him.

I don’t know why he’s getting angry all of sudden. And why must I is the subject of this matters?

He doesn’t comeback to the café that day, Tiffany called him but the phone at his house had her call answer by the machine. His cell phone is off too. There’s must be something that drives him crazy like this and I wonder what that is?

The next day, I only find Tiffany at the café. She shrugs her shoulder when I ask about where the heck Marco goes? Tiffany gives me a cup of coffee.

“In this past week, this is the first time I saw him raise his temper and blow up like that. I never know where his calmness goes yesterday?”

“What is it with me?”


“When I think about it, I feel something wrong with me when I’m having relationship with guys. Even you’re now sexually in the same sex with me you’re my ex boyfriend whatsoever. Tell me what went wrong and I’ll try to fix it.”

Tiffany throws a deep smile, “You’re too careless. I’m not saying that your ego is bigger than Texas, but you need how to console. People do care for you, but you seem so dull to even realize that they need you to care too. Remember when the day I found out my real sexual orientations about two month after we break up? I call you; I need you by my side. But you just flew.”

“You did?”

“See. You’re to dull!”

“So, what you mean is that Marco needs me to console him? You know I’m not good at it since Topan and I break up.”

“Don’t bring that subject, the subject is close. He’s getting married and you don’t, you must try to accept that you lost to some bimbo that he probably meet at the ship who can deal with hunger and poverty while you can’t. Girl, the one who always next to you are Marco and I start feel pity on him. He’s a good looking young lads but he don’t even blink his eyes to another women if it’s not you.”

Tiffany words start kicking on my head, after I’m sobering from all her words she gave me. I sip the coffee and run out side. I think I know where he is.

to be continue…


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