The Longest Day [End]

Chapter 3: Stolen Kisses….

I end up standing at his house. He can kill the phone but my guts telling me he’s here— hiding. While waiting for him, I sit down on the front bench to think what Tiffany told me before, that I’m to dull to care a person. I trace back, it sounds that I am the problem here. When Topan decide to go on that ship, I never think that maybe he doesn’t want to go if I say ‘stay’ or talk it over about his decision before he actually decide to go. But what do I do? I just threaten him ‘pick me or the boat?’, I’m amazed that I really don’t know about myself, if I don’t know about myself how could I possibly care about other? It think letting him go is me who’s trying to be understanding and act it’s-okay-for-you-to-leave, but it’s all wrong.

Marco just comeback from the convenient store, riding his bicycle, he ran out of eggs and milk. When he parks his bike out side the front door, he saw that his front gate was open. Only Tiffany and Eva know where he put the spare keys to his house. He peeps from the hole on the brick out side just to know whose the guess was.

“Eva?” He whispers asking to himself.

He walks in, and acts calm when he meets her. He doesn’t want to engage to the situation as far as he knows if she worked up on her anger they cannot talk and end up bashing each other.

“Get in; I think it will rain today.”

I look up, meet his face up close. He opens the door with his key, and I follow him in. It’s been a while I don’t barge in to his house like usual. Four years ago, if my swinging moods are back to haunt me, the first person I want to share my happiness or my sadness it would be him. That’s why he let me know where he put his spare key just in case I want to meet him or just need a place to stay.

I sit on the sofa, while he put the eggs and milk into the fridge. He stole glance, while I’m not aware.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is that true that I’m a dull person?”

“Who’s the one that saying you’re a dull person?”

“Tiffany. She says that I’m a dull one that can’t give affections to other.”

“And what do you think about it?”

I wake my self up and walk near him. “I think I am.”

“So, you just knew it now?” He smiles, but not that kind of smile that makes I’ve been laugh at my own foolishness. His smile gave me the courage just to let me know about my enemy within myself— something that secure me.

I realize that his look can makes me in trouble, so I evades by questioning about his house, or rummaging his appliance on the kitchen shelves. Marco had a big sigh, and asks himself a question. Can I really date her, for real? In honesty, I feel that you might let me down. You are a human, but I can’t understand you at all. At this point, I want to have a new love— a serious love like you said to me yesterday. Even you might let me down, or I let you down. I want start things over with you. No matter what, I want to have a long conversation with you even its tedious or worse.

He’s tracking his memories from the day he meet her again. The first time, he’s being a jerk who always makes fun of her. He just antagonizing his pain because she choose Topan over him but it’s not her fault anyway, he remember when they arguing over at anything. He recalls her angst.

“You just say something that made me look like an idiot!”

“I was distracted by a half-naked cow….rolling around your wide-open trap.”

“You completely antagonistic to me from the moment I walk in!”

He laugh at his own thought, I stop from ruining his kitchen when I heard him laugh. And I act deliberant just want to know why he’s laughing? But he refuses to tell me. The moment that he’s been waiting for is coming; it’s raining cats and dogs out side. So he takes the cups from the cabinet and pours the hot coffee to ease the chills from the cold rain.

I don’t know why today I feel I’ve been drawn to him too much, did I fall for him? For the truth, a couple of month since he came to my neighborhood after the break up, I had crush for him. He always be there for me, even the way we talk is severe both side feelings. But we actually understand each other in the fight we used to fight everyday.

Afterward, both of us are lazing on the tatami carpet he bought when he’s in Japan while watching the rain falls from the big window pane.

“Marco, can I date you?”

He’s turn his face to me. I bet he needs some more explanations because his face is stiff looking at me.

“If you agree to date me, I’ll promise not to hurt one each other feeling, and don’t fight like we first meet again, and I won’t be a dull person. If I become dull, just smack me on the head until I realize it. Don’t get ever bored to teach me how to care; I might be forgetting that because my memories are up to 3 mega byte. But don’t afraid to up-grade me…”


“I’m rambling again aren’t I?”

He’s smiling again and telling me— yes, yes you’re rambling and you need to stop.

“I don’t mind if we’re fighting like before, you’re dull but it’s your wit. Like my wit is my coward ness, you teach me how to be a straight forward of course I can teach you how to care. We fight more so we can understand. I know we fight over something little and embarrassing, but if we don’t talk about it— it will grow bigger and someday it will be our Armageddon.”

I turn my tone and teasing him about what he’s saying is yes— he wants to date me. But before that, he stole a kiss from me…a very, very deep kiss.

“So, do you think I should cancel your date with Henry— well since, you’re not gay?”

“Then let me make a request, cancel your feeling towards Topan— well, since he’s getting married.”

“Deal!” we both shake hand to close the deal. Like we close our past with our old love and getting the new chapter from our new love and there’s no tiny feeling about the old love feels bad about our future, because without us, they can still pursue their own happiness. And for I, now maybe I’ve matured to take a new love into my new life from the longest day of my life.

The End.


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