My Miracle It’s You [chapter 7]

Chapter 7

“Nunna. I’m sorry…” Ki Uk planning something. He bring my body down to the park, gladly he puts my jacket on my body and sitting me on the bench near the willow tree.

“What the heck I’m doing right now? Okay, Ki Uk. What your doing right now is for the sake of your brother from the wrong relationship, he deserve have a nice girl who love him as much as she love him. Well, if it doesn’t work up, the family can enter his name on the dating service with the tag ‘please marry him on the sake of family catastrophe’” He talks to him self with a bitter smile. “Just hope he’ll come to you, sis. Word from the wise, water and oil are substance that cannot be mix, it’s all bullshit. That word refers to the people who scared enough taking the risk.” Ki Uk took his hand phone and call his brother, he told him not to worried and not to come because she’s already asleep. His brother buys his word and leaves her alone. Second, he called Park Tae Min.

“Hello, is this Melinda’s friend?” Tae Min who almost fell asleep answers the phone. He clears his throat out and then speaks up again. “And this is?” He looked at the number that he receives. Its Mel’s number.

“I found her drunk at the park, sir. Can you take her home, because I’m afraid if she stays here…?” Ki Uk pretend to be someone else and feel sorry for her.

“Wait, in the park?” Once again he clears his throat and waking up from the bed. He looks up to see what time is it? He shakes his head to make him self awake.

“Yes, can you come because my wife is calling me to go home? Bye, sir.” He hangs up on him.

“Waiiit…” But it’s too late. Tae Min rushed away, put his clothes on, he almost wakening all his teammates when he accidentally drops Henry’s perfume on the floor when he tries to reach out his eye glasses. He put back the perfume on the desk, and then goes out from the team house.

It’s dark and not much lighting on the park area, Tae Min walking with a bag of worried on his back. Looking at each place, hoping he will found her soon enough to take her home. But, even he consider very smart guy, but he’s actually not good finding people or streets. He often get lost, he remember once when he take a high school trip to Chungcheong province for hiking in Song Ni-san National Park, suddenly because he trying to tie his shoes, he’s left behind. He tries to catches up his school friend but failed, somehow something happen and he manages to meet his classmates again in the first post.

“Ya! Park Tae Min, it’s easy if you don’t want to get lost. Just trust your instinct, see…here there’s two roads. Pick one…” He remember Mel teaching him when both of them lost in the hills covered by large tree’s when they were seven.

“Just don’t go anywhere; they must be looking for us.”

“Sissy…picks one! And we’ll go home soon before they notice we were lost, dummy!”

After thinking a while, he pointed to the right trails. The one that he seems remember walking along that path…He looked at Mel, she smile. Is that means he picks the right one? When he saw her smile, suddenly he feels warm at heart, like someone trusted him whether right or wrong.

And she’s right, almost an hour they walk, this is the right trails and they come home safe and sound. And since then, he some times uses his instinct to what ever and in his games too. And the result, he never loses.

“Trust your instinct—“ Before he continued with his word. He saw her sleeping on the bench, cuddling like an innocent kitten, he walk to her. A strange sound comes from her, and he smiles.

“Yeah. Kitten with a very acute nostril problem.” He bent over, looking at her face, he frown his face a little bit disgusted after smelling the wreck of alcohol from her clothes and breathe too.

“Aisshhii…try to be a grown up hah?” He fixes her hair that covers her face, slip it over her ears. His heart begin pounding like have his own mind, this girl is the reason why he acted so weird. Suddenly his heart ache thinking about the way he talk to her before, casting her away is a very hard to do in the time like this.

“You must be mad at me?” He smiles a bit and continued “I never in this kind situation you know, does my weariness shows? Well, you’re not stupid aren’t you? Probably you notice it from the beginning, the stupidity and the arrogances that I put as a protections shield from you. Mel, if you closed your eyes again like today I, I probably want…” His face drew closer; he’s aiming to kiss her on the lips. His hand holds her head gently. Tae Min just acted like he’s in the middle school again, 9 years old kid that want to do something bad and he scared to be caught right handed by her. His mind racing between good and evil, the good side of him tells him not to do such of thing that can lead him to love. And the bad side tells him to kisses her, it’s once in a life time opportunity, he’s on the game right now betting with all his have on a Russian roulette’s.

He closes his eyes to kiss her.

Ughhh…suddenly my head is hurting so much. What this, I feel someone hands are holding my head. I try to open my eyes, someone face is near me and almost kiss me on the lips, but whom the heck is he? Man, my eyes sight still blur because I’m drinking too much. But wait, what the heck is he trying to do with me? I’m frowning my face, being irritated I stare at him.

“Ajushi…what are you doing?” I ask the man who bent in front of me.

Park Tae Min almost jumps his heart out when Mel is waking up with out him noticing it. His face is begins to reds, flustered, and acted naturally foolish. He annoyed by the situations that make him look like a complete idiot.

“Wake up!!” The guy shakes my head up and down trying to make me awake. I’m really felt that the ground is spinning around, but I manage to hit his fore head with my own goddamned fore head too! He cranks a bit, holding his own head now, hurting.

“You! My head hurts…Ah, shit! Why are you hitting me?” He sat down on the road.

I rub both eyes to get a better view. I think he notice me rubbing my eyes but cannot see him clearly, so he put his hand on my head one again and look deeply into my eyes.

“See me clearly now, you idiot?”

Park Tae Min? It’s him.

to be continue…


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