My Miracle It’s You [chapter 8]

Chapter 8

My head still hurt but mixed up with the feeling joyfully on my mind. We sit on the bench. But, I’m feeling dizzy, how come James or someone doesn’t take me home but leaving me here on the park, alone. Okay, now I’m not alone, but before he came I must be alone in here? I know James, he never leave me at anywhere. Or I inherited ability to become a sleepwalker if I’m drunk enough? But let me think, the apartment is in the third floor. But, don’t think… okay? It’s a weird stuff either.

“As opposed to a bitter-self righteous hag with no friend, why are you here?” I ask him a question that will makes him like an asshole.

He giggles and shrunken his head to the back of the seat. “Instinct…” he said with ignorance casual tunes like usual.

“Instinct is survival use only. But you’re an asshole and I don’t know why I’m talking with you?”


I’m mad, but when he says ‘sorry’ my temperature rising. Why he always makes me feel the way that I shouldn’t?

“That day…too many things going on my mind and I blow up on you.”

He is sincere about what he is saying right now, he looks at her, waiting to be forgiven.

“But next time you storming around me crusading that you deserved a better life, alert me! So I can prepare the worst thing without being hurt.” I said that kind of word just made him now that it hurt me bad that day. I don’t know about what is contain on my stomach, but now they are marching around until my neck, I feel like want to puke. My face is green enough to cover up one little tree. I stand up from my sit feeling dizzy, when I’m falling of after one step, he catches me.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.”

“I just need to lie down, give me your lap.” I push him to sit on the bench again.

“If you lie down and you’ll go to sleep.”

“Sleep is good.”

“Yeah…” If you closed your eyes again, I don’t know what to do.

“I think I have some medicine for hangover on my pocket.” He rushed his hand on his jumper pocket, after he finds it, he give it to me to drink it all up. And I put my head on his lap, and I’m starting to fell down again from the bench and Tae Min catches me again. He stands me up and both of us walk away.

“C’mon, I’ll piggy back ride you.”

He piggy back rides me, down to the street.

“Park Tae Min?”


“You’re so adorable.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me while you’re smashed?”

I poke his head. ”Idiot”

“Ach…” he’s moaning and turn back his head tries to look at me. But I almost fell again from his back so he pushed me up, his hand on my butt.

“You’re heavy.”

“You’ve touch my butt, you must marry me!”

“What? Is that your butt’s? I don’t feel a thing.”

“You want to die huh? Huh…” I poke his head one more time, and he’s exaggerating the pain now.

“I thought you gonna forget about me, Tae Min a.”

“That day, you act like an idiot. You must be unprepared to see me again don’t you?” he grins.

“Hmmm…” I nod and cuddle in to his neck.

“You like me do you?” Tae Min with teasing me, but I’m already asleep on his back.

“Mel?” He’s afraid that she will fall and has a concussion, so he sits her on the road with her head resting on the high wall.

“Hey, wake up! You must listen to me, Mel. Wake up!” He slap her on the face and she finally smile. He’s so relief. And she manages to puke on his jumper suit.

‘Guard my life, you can never change, because I have you I am happy
Thank you for waiting, it must have not been easy
I thank you again, now I will not let you go
Thank you, because of you I live a life crimeless
Thank you Thank you Thank you
The one mistake I made was leaving you
Locked up in a dark jail, remember the memories in the pictures
My dirty body, hands, ears, and mouth, clean away my sins and tell me
I love you I love you

I congratulate your birthday that you couldn’t spend with me
Lets not break up anymore, promise me
I love you, Thank you, For you (I live for you)
I love you

My love for you will always be the same even if this troublesome world changes
you’re the only one I need, because of you I am so happy

I will follow you until the end, a love that cannot be turned back
Even if I have to desire for you I am happy, I cannot let you go again
No, I won’t let you go, forever it will be you and I
I won’t let you go again

-Prayer, Mc. Mong & Park Hyo Shin-’

He pissed while cleaning his jumper from her puke, and he almost puke too. Shit! Why I’m doing this stuff, she’s not my girlfriend, or my wife? But he want her to be his girl, his heart is changing all the times when he’s near her. From hate to happiness and from arrogant to stupidity. What else can she bring him? Tonight he tastes happiness but tomorrow he will regretting and cursed it away, and makes her cry again. He drag her to the apartment, Ki Uk opens the door when Tae min knock. He tries to be in shock, but he is shock by the smell on Tae Min jumper.

“Man…You must clean your self up!” Ki Uk point him the bathroom.

“I will, but put her on bed first. Do you have towel and warm water? She must be cleaning too.” Tae Min asks Ki Uk.

“Yeah, I’ll bring it for you.” He rushed to the kitchen and brings him what he asked too.

Ki Uk saw him cleaning her face, caress her much than his own brother. But is he knows about what she felt about him? Or he knows but think that she never feel a thing for him?

“I heard that you guys are friend?” ask Ki Uk who’s standing in her room, folding his hand resting his back to the wall.

“Yeah…” Tae Min look at him, he feel awkward.

“She’s pain in the ass you know?” Ki Uk added.

“It’s because she’s not use too care for another person, she think she’s alone in this world.”

“That’s why she needs you?”

Tae Min looks like a culprit that is in the edge of investigations by a cop.

“Maybe…but, Mel is like a flower rock. Only can be seen cannot touch.”

“I agree, but if some rock climbers who really have guts to climb and bring the flower rock down, it will be great.”

He doesn’t get what Ki Uk trying to say, but some how that word strikes him.


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