My Miracle It’s You [chapter 9]

Chapter 9

I woke up near mid day. My entire body is aching, my head still heavy.

“Ahhh…my throat, water, I want to drink.” My throats burning like hell, even I’m dizzy, and I tried to walk to the kitchen. I look around but Ki Uk is not here, so I drag my self up to the dining table just for taking the water. There’s a message on the table.

‘Nunna, Park Tae Min made you porridge and there’s hot honey water for you to drink for your hangover.

P.S: Ki Uk

I drink the whole bottle just to stop the burning on my throat, after that I look at the table, there’s a bowl of porridge, side dish, and hot honey water. Should I be happy because of that? I’m smiling and touched by his generosity, he never do such a thing like this except to his mother and sister.

I pulled the chair, put the bowl in front of me and started eating it. I don’t care how it tastes or how he made it, I’m just too happy with this simple bowl of porridge.

James worried so he rushed off from his work to go to his apartments, Shin bi notices him rushing on her spot trough his office window. She walks to him, knocking the door.

“Sajangnim…” She calls him with gentle voice and gives him a little smile.

“Ah, Shin Bi. Something wrong?” He turn his head to look at her, he tries to find something.

“No, sir. What are you doing? Looking for something?” She answers while looking to the surrounding, as she tries to help him.

“Yes, my wallet, I’m searching my wallet.” His hand opens the entire drawer on his desk. Shin Bi feels she must help him too, so she rushed out seeks under the desk, she found it. Man doesn’t have a natural instinct to find what their lost isn’t it? She thinks about it and smiles at her self. Suddenly, she saw something. A portrait consist James and Mel, in an engagement outfit. The picture shock her, but she try to calm down. She stands up; pretend she did not see the picture to him.

“Is this your wallet, sir?” She shows her finding.

James smile walking toward her with a happy face. “Thank you. Shin bi-“


“Really, thank you.” As he took the wallet, he pats her on the shoulder. “I’m going for a while, do you want something?”

“No. I-I’m fine.” She smiled and waiting him until he’s out from his office.

She bites her bottom lips. Angry and feel betray is on her mind now. How Mel didn’t say anything about her relationship with James? And how fool she is when talking about James and saying that she likes him so much and Mel didn’t say a thing to protect him or feel jealous to him. Shin bi get herself back and follow him to where he headed.


Park Tae Min escaping from his intense daily training breaks at his team house to checks how Mel is doing? Before he rushed down to meet her, he drop by at the nearest drug store to buy her some hangover drink. He’s thinking that probably now she is eating the porridge he made at her apartment, and he feels happy about that.

He walks on the street with high anticipations. Today is like his first day when Gobletz hired him, his stomach full of butterfly expecting is he will do well today short kind a thing.


Shin bi follows him to Mel’s apartment, she told the taxi drivers to stop out side the apartment so she cannot be seen by James or Mel. From the taxi she watched him entering the gate and parks the car, after he’s parking the car, he’s out and walking to the entrance. Shin bi smile with a devastated look.

“How dare her.” clinching her teeth. After he’s in, Shin bi out from the taxi and entered the apartment too, carefully she follows him.

Park Tae Min enters the elevator to the third floor, hoping that they can talk, or even go out somewhere to pay up the time that they’ve been missing. He knows that it’s pretty lame excuses but, that is what happen isn’t it?


After I finish my late breakfast, I’m feeling sleepy again so I cuddle in the sofa. But then I heard someone rang the bell.

“Damn…” I cursed. “Can somebody just leave me alone?” I added. But when I want to ignored it, I’m kind a shock. Probably it’s Park Tae Min, he must be checking to see me. But something crosses in my mind and kills my excitement. How if the guy out side is not him, maybe KI Uk or James? Duh…What ever.

I bring my ass to the door and check from the cctv beside the door. Yup, it’s not him. But James, he must be worried about me, like he always does. I open the door, he stands there with a bag of bread I guess, and I know it because it smells nice.

“Hi, honey. Sleep well last night?” He kisses me on the fore head, and smile.

“I guess so.”

“Ta da! I bring you’re favorites France bread. Still hot fresh from the oven you know.”

He put his hand on my hair, played a bit then put his hand on my chin.

Shin bi who now is not far behind him standing, while Park Tae Min is in dully shock either far across. The apartment is a square size; her apartment door is in front the other side of elevator, the one that Tae Min uses. Both of them now saw that James is leaning against her and try to kiss her lips.

He almost kisses me, but when it almost happens. I heard someone dropped something across me and it breaks, sounds like bottles or something. I looked up.

I stunned. Park Tae Min is in front of me, across, and looking with wondering eyes.

“Park Tae Min-“I called out his name almost soundly. James wanderer off who’s the heck is Park Tae Min? And turn his head in the opposite way. He stops when he looks at Shin bi.

“Kang Shin Bi-“James called her name.

Today is a very, very awkward situation for us.


This is a very strange reality to be faced with. To be honest, I don’t realize it.

So I supposed walking away right now right? Like a very brave man. My heart suddenly hurting, god, what happening to me? This is all nothing. Park Tae Min talks to him self, and then he walks away.

He entered the elevator once more, pushed the button and goes down.

“I just want to check. Last night you’re drunk.” Shin bi raising her voice, I glance at her.

“I see you alright now.” She smile and then turn around, she walk away too, but she rather take the stairs down to the exit door.

“Kang Shin Bi!” I run, try to catches up with her. Leave James fully confused.

I push the elevator button, but it doesn’t works. Maybe Tae Min is in there, wondering around. Why he running away if he doesn’t have any feeling toward her. I can understand Shin Bi’s feeling, but she says a word to detest me, but why Tae Min just left? I cannot wait anymore so I took the stair to go down.

Tae Min walks down to the bus stop. He is stunned by what happen today.

He sits alone in a bus. He actually doesn’t know why he must take the bus? As it drives away, that the whole back of the bus is taken up with a huge picture of his team, The Gobletz including him.

‘The street without you
Because I have nothing to do
I find that as I just walk along
I run into memories every now and then
Your rising form
My reviving loneliness
Once a hard person to forget
Being aware of today all over again
Where you’re staying
How you make a living
If I walk I feel that someone will say something
This street is familiar
Our alone footsteps
For the days we long for
Tonight will come find me
My day missing you, calls out to you
Even if it’s hurting my feelings, facing
Welcomes memories
Turning around towards the voice that calls me
Before we know it, the empty street
Is only full of your presence

– On the Street, Sung Si Kyung-‘

He decided to stop in the next stations, and walk to his team house from there.


I try to catches up with Shin Bi. When I thought I lost her, I found her sitting on the bus stop covering her face with her hand. Oh my god, I think I’ve just made her cry.

I feel I’m the bad person on earth. I sit next to her, and I’m still doesn’t know what to do.

She was shaken, and I know she was crying. What do I do?

“Shin Bi a…” I called her name and prepared the worst. If she hit me or bite me or what ever she does to me I will not fight back.

“I’m sorry.” She still doesn’t react to what I said when I looked at her.

“I want to tell you the truth, but I thought you will hurt more. But really, I think you are the nice person I ever met and you’ll be great with James. It’s true…” I tell her the truth, and now her hand is off her face. Tears are running from her both eyes, when she looked at me, she almost makes me laugh, and she looks cute when crying. Her nose is red like Rudolf the Red nose reindeer.

Her eyes longing for me to continued talking.

I cough a bit clearing my throat, swallow my saliva.

“The one I love is not him. We engaged because my father wants me to married with him, he is the son of the parliament member and I’m the daughter who owns the brand Tyrant. And you know the stories right— our lives just like a drama” I took a quick glance. Before I continued again, I bite my bottom lips look like kind of restrain feeling.

“And he’s some one that I just can’t—I can’t reach…who can’t be mine. I’ve just opened a Pandora’s Box, it’s just so troubling!” I sound like I need a spiritual guidance toward my self to beat my own anger.

“Did he know?” She blows her nose to a very nice flower handkerchief.



“Yes…” I nod.

“Evil bitch.” she almost cries again.

“Yes I’m evil. And I’m so sorry, I never beg for forgiveness before. He is a great man, I told him over and over again that he had falling in love with a wrong person, he deserve a better one than me. And I see many potentials in you, you-you are nice, lovable and-and cute.” I explain to her.

“So, what are you doing still sitting here, idiot?”


“Leave James to me, and you, get your ass out of here and get him before it’s too late.”

Wow…that shocking. I think she will do a horrible thing like hit me with her Gucci bag, kick me on the belly, or pushed me to the heavy traffic drag by coca cola truck or something like that.

“I-I really, you know. Yes, you’re right.” I leave her with a smile.

to be continue…


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