My Miracle It’s You [chapter 11]

Chapter 11

That goodbye is almost a years now. People change, also the season. From summer, autumn, winter and back to spring. Ki Uk express his feeling to his parents to become an actor, even his family against him and erase his name on the family tree, now he’s in N management agency, he write me an email and told me that he will send a copy from his first debut drama. James is eager to married a very nice girl after breaking up our engagement, so he does what Ki Uk tells him to do. Get in the line of potential bachelor in a wedding arrangement on the tag not ‘married him on the sake of family catastrophe’ but ‘save me from a broken heart’ tag. Nah…It’s just exaggerating from Ki Uk point of views. But the best part is the girl he meets by the wedding arranger is none other than Shin bi. See, love is actually strange. And I heard they already dating, Shin Bi must be happy because James is her ordinary prince charming. But me, I’m stuck in this city called Milan. I don’t know what I’m doing here? Maybe the reasonable answer right now is, running away from shame.

As I’m walking around Milan’s Duomo, the worlds largest and most striking gothic cathedrals in town, its already spring.

‘Separating with someone is easier than meeting them,
that cold person took all of my heart.

I don’t understand why I miss them so much.

I think I loved you, I can’t seem to forget you
I keep thinking of you, that it’s hard to control.
I think I’m regretting, I think I’m waiting for you
I didn’t realize it at first but I feel nervous
whenever I saw someone’s back image resembles yours.

Memories fade as the seasons change, someone coldly stated.
I live each day empty without love,
so I wait for someone to take in my imperfect love.

-Yoon Do Hyun, I think I Love you’

I visit Carlo a mid-50 guy that often help me with direction, the owner of a book shop that sells map and tourist guide book near the church.

“Buon giorno, Carlo! Come sta?” I say hi in simple Italian words. I rush in the shop, but linger on the door. Carlo looks at me and smile.

“Sto bene, my dear!” he welcomes me with a bright smile. “Come my dear, where are you going today?” He’s also fluent in English.

I entered the shop, a small shop that slightly chaotic, with books every where on the bookshelves.

“Are you busy?”

“No my dear not busy at all, just calculating my income that just raising at least 4 euro this month.” He laughs at him self.

“Should I get the coffee? Well, to ease the pain?”

“I check my cholesterol is basically a solid now, but maybe for a half cup is better for ease the pain from low income.”

I go to what he calls small kitchen on the back of bookshelves that divided the shop and the kitchen. After I bring two cup of coffee, I was roaming around the room.

“Going somewhere again?” He asks.


“Ah…Love town?”

I smile and give him a nod.


Park Tae Min and the other teammates are taking a pictorial shoot for a sport and daily wear from Tyrant brand clothes. In somewhat ways, it makes him wonder about Mel. The last time he met Ki Uk, he was saying that Mel now is out from Korea, not in Indonesia, not in US, but in somewhere place that he and his brother James doesn’t know. What a jerk I am? Almost a year since she left him for the second times. His heart hurt as he pushed her to appear on his mind.

Everybody is laughing when each of them posing to the camera, their not a model so they find this kind of experience is hilarious. Acting cute and tough is not their specialty, only a few guy who can accepted as a model by the photographers and that is Hak Jun, Tae Min, Henry, and Ryu Jin who consider have a great tall and body like a male model. And their pose is good too like a pro. Tyrant is one of the supporting clothes for the Gobletz team from now on.

Marla came with the next cloths and James helps him bring the rack to the studios.

“It’s great that Ki Uk now is an actors. My design can fit him well, tell him to call me if he’s getting his first award because no one better than me to make him look fabulous!” Marla brags about him self full of confidence entering the studio; James spotted Park Tae Min finishing his shoot and walk over to sit on the chair near the computer to looking at the song playlist. After he gives the rack to Marla assistant, he walks toward Tae Min.

“Hey!” James started a conversation.

Tae Min caught off guard. “Oh. Hi!”

“Did she call?” James brings another chair to sits next to him. This is the first time that they actually talk to each other after that incident that leads both of them to lose the same girl that they loved.

“No. And-“Before Tae Min finishes his questions, James answer like he knows what he will asks about.

“Same here, man. She didn’t call or send me email even I send a lot to her, don’t be jealous, just friend stuff kind of thing. Asking how she is, where about and when she will be back.” He explains it to him with a smile on his face.

Tae Min smiled too. “She will be back. I know she will.”

“If she’s back, you will tell her what you feel right?”

Tae Min shrugs his shoulder, and playing the mouse over the song to pick some song that can lighten up the spirit of the teammates, then he pick ‘Sugar, sugar’ from the Archies.

‘Sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.
I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you
(I just can’t believe it’s true)
I just can’t believe the one to love this feeling to.
(I just can’t believe it’s true)
Ah sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.’


After a long walk I rushed back to my apartment, I check my mail that the landlord put it on the carpet in front my door. One by one I look at it carefully, there’s nothing, just some brochure’s from some boutique’s that always visited by me. I’m stuck in Milan; the second reason why I’m here is because Milan is one of the major fashion industries, a couple month’s ago I started to launch my own fashion brand Miracle here in Milan, all the designer that work for me is young designer who have the potential but don’t have money to broaden their knowledge, so I help them with financial stuff while their design for Miracle. It’s a good business and I must thanks Marla for his advice and a dozen number of a great person on fashion, photographer, fashion magazine, and for the models too. When my father hears about it and the profit of Miracle is getting good, he is still sarcastic towards me, but my mom told me that he is happy when he saw me on Fashion TV, launching my own brand names. Well, I think that I just met his expectation on me.

My telephone rings. I’m not expecting any call from someone, so it’s a bit strange. So I pick it up, it’s turn to be Felicia, my secretary that inform me about a call from Korea, she says that there’s a national television want to make a documenter film about my family because my family is considering for a very good sample of success family business on the fashion industries and also because the plan to open a branch in Korea too. Father and daughter are against each other, and who will win? Nobody I supposed.

Should I come for the second time to the country that consist memories of losing? Why suddenly I fear of Park Tae Min? I don’t commit any crime; the only mistake I created is to like him. I have a secret, about why I always put my head down when walking on the street? The answer is, if I put my head down, he will call my name from behind and then he will grab my hand, scold me, we argue with each other then we friends again. I put my head down so there’s only him to call, to hold, and to protect, because I like him so much. I just want to turn back the time when I’m still nine years old, I swear that before I’m leaving that day, I will kiss him and said that I love him and make him wait for me. But I guess I guess it’s too late now.


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