My Miracle It’s You [chapter 12]

Chapter 12

Ki Uk now cannot walking like the other student because his status as an actors. His vans always parked out side just to pick him up instantly because the female student always acted wildly, before he become an actor, he quite famous because his pretty cute face, and had a personal web page of him self provide by the female fans that getting bigger and bigger every day. In his site we can see full of his picture, some of them is candid picture, and some of it provide by him self. He’s so lucky, having so many fans that help him through his acting carrier. Some times I always browsing to his homepage at daum, and drop some comment on the page.

Now I’m waiting in front of the school gates, before that I call him first.

“Ki Uk…nunna’s here!” I said that to him.

“Nunna, where you at?” I saw him looking for me from where he’s stand. When he spotted me standing not far from his van.

He smiled and wave at me, he looks happy when he saw me. He walks toward me, but his body guard holds his hand.

“She’s my sister!” He said that to his manager so he can give them the order to let Ki Uk go to meet her.

“Let him go!” His manager gave the order. Ki Uk walk towards me, but then he look to his manager and the body guard.

“Nunna, on the count of three, we both run. Okay?” he said that on the phone.

“Running? You know I hate running.”

“Just do like in the movie, nunna! Oh, you don’t wear your Gucci heals right?”

“Bastard! You know that I always wears snickers, just incase.”

“Incase like today, or to running away once again?”

“Probably both, that’s why I loved my snickers!” I’m joking around while he prepared to running away from his manager.

“Nunna. One…two…three!” He started to run his ass off and I ran as fast as I can too. When he catches me up, both of us look to his manager who in rage telling the bodyguard to catches us. Well, maybe only him, because he is the real asset for the company.

We run and hide, and also laughing. This is not the best time that I ever had, but Ki Uk make me take some risk being caught and humiliated my self as the owner of Miracle. Okay, maybe it will make some rumors in the morning magazines or newspaper that actor Lee Ki Uk, having an affair with older lady and they running away to live happily ever after.

Well, it’s a good story by the way. Hahaha, people are going to love those issues. We run until we stop at the park, both of us sits on the bench, catching our breath and then we saw each other pale face, laughing very hard.

“He’s going to fired you as an actor” I said that to him.

“Eissshhi…don’t worry! They need me more than I need them.”

“Aisshh…Talk to your pride!”

After both of us don’t feel tired anymore, Ki Uk put his serious face to talk with me.

“Nunna, you came because the documentary right?”

“Tsked.Tsked. You knows I don’t like publicity…Actually, when my face is out on Fashion TV, and magazines in Milan I really don’t like it at all.”

“Now your being down to earth hah, where the bitchy, uptight, non- sincere bone nunna that I know?” he folds his hand acting like an old man.

“I’m still me, just, you know, I see the world around me in different side now, try to put my self on their shoes, like that stuff kind of thing.” I look at him. I know it’s strange, but that’s the new me I guess.

“I bet you wanna see Park Tae Min either right? He’s fine though…he and hyung are friend now. Heheh…that thing shock you right? Ex-fiancée and your first love are getting friendly.”

“Really? That’s good then. But, I don’t know how to meet him again. Both of the guys?”

“Don’t you worry about my hyung, Shin bi nuna’s taking care of him good. She knows how to cook’s too. Her dumpling soup is the best.”

“She suits him right. Shin Bi…”

“Yeah. Hyung never blame you, so if you want to meet him, he’ll be fine. But for Tae Min hyung. His carrier more bright than I do, nuna…he’s beating my popularity!”

“Cut it out, will you. Hmmm…but Tae Min more handsome than you, he have that…masculinity.” I smile at that stupid boy, who still cheerful all the times.

“What? I can be masculine too.”

“Your adorable, Ki Uk. Thank’s for being my friends, family, and a good brother.”

“I’m not doing any filial duty yet towards you nuna…But I’ll help you to get that masculine hyung back! I promise.”


Ki Uk slowly move his face near my ears. He told me that Park Tae Min will play against SK Telecom tomorrow at KOEX building. His suggestions are beyond normal. He said that I should act like a fan girl and makes him notice me on the large crowd. With his popularity, he would back me up with HIS plan.

Huh, this cute little guy?

“That’s your plan?!”

“My plan are going to be good, nuna…you just sit tight alright. Let this pretty idol do the rest. But…where are you staying right now?”

“I’m staying at the hotel now.”

“WHAT?? Hotel?? Oh, no no no…Nuna stay with me! I miss you very much. I want to play Nintendo DS with you or have a pillow fight when you’re drunk” He said innocently like I’m some-what a doll.

“Do it with your girlfriend!”

“Oh…” he answers it sadly. ”Girlfriend isn’t fun.”

“But, are you sure this plan is going to work?!”

“Have faith in me!” He smiles slyly.

“Just don’t make me the bitch, okay?!”

“Mm…” Ki Uk nod. ”Oh, this would be the peak of my youth!!” He’s happy about what kind of trick that can pull the two to be together again.


I bet Ki Uk told his brother about my arrival to Korea for the documentary program. It’s because when my taxi stop at Ritz Hotel, I saw him standing out side the lobby.

When I get out from the taxi, he smiles when he saw me, and runs toward me.

“Hahaha…you’ve came!” He said it with laughter.

“What’s this? Why are you so happy with my arrival?!”

“Just because…”

“Just because?!” He didn’t changes a bit, well, maybe he did change. Because now he’s with a good person, his smile and laughter more like free spirited, not contain with melodramatic movement when he was around me before.

“By the way…You look more handsome than I thought you were?”

“Really? Maybe because I’ve grown up now…You seems different too, Mel. Are dating one of the models in your fashion house yet?”

I laugh because, now he can make a joke about my job.

“Shin Bi must be taking care of you like a gems, huh?!”

He nod.” Yes and thank you.”

“For what are you thanking for, huh?”

He put his hand on his temple, acting like he was thinking about something important. But then again he shyly smile, “Thanks for all.”

I nod, and linked my arms around him. “Let’s be friends, James. Lets’ be friend.” With a fortunate sigh, we walk in to the hotel, after talking and catch up with news from the day I ran away that day. Because what I’ve heard about him is already on the email, he told me about Park Tae Min.

He said, after I went to Milan. Tae Min just like what I thought, he didn’t care about me, he only care about his job, his tournament and practicing. That’s why he earns what he dreamt about being at the rank of number 1 starcraft player at KeSPA. Whether in Starleague or Shinhan bank League that he entered to compete. Good god! He and Ki Uk now like a fans to Park Tae Min. that’s why Ki Uk told me about James and Tae Min now were good friends.

I turn on the TV, and then when I want to change the channel. I saw him and the other guy from Gobletz, Hak Jun on a commercial.

Forgive me because I wanna die from laughing my ass-out when watching them shaking their booty for ice cream commercial break. But he is a drop-dead gorgeous! I see why Ki Uk said to me before Park Tae Min is beating his popularity.

So, that’s the reason.


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