My Miracle It’s You [chapter 13]

Chapter 13

Ki Uk start calling his fans café administrator to collect his fans to help him on a mission he named himself as ‘Knocking Achilles Down!’- He refers Achilles as Tae Min, and Melinda’s as his slingshot. But he only needs 100 people to help him out.

He told his fans to be quiet, and get the mission done in 13 hours from the email arrives to their mailbox. His fans ecstatic with the news and help him running the mission. At 3 hours later, he told the admin to stop emailing because he reaches 100 people to begin with.

First, because he knew that it will rain for a couple of days ahead. He buys a lot of umbrella for his action to full fill filial duty to his nunna.

He gathers his fans secretly at his high school Gymnasium. The scene just like one of the scene from a democratic movement, which is hilarious . Especially when the adorable Ki Uk is in charge.

“My people, this is the day when I can do something big in my entire life. I gathered you all here, not to perform something bad. In the name of LOVE, I declare and dedicate myself to win this battle to help my nunna makes the man she loves realize that she’s the one for him.” Half shouting, “So, people! Are you with ME?!”

Fans clamoring his speech like he’s the next Hitler. Who can’t escape from his cute demeanor? They shout.


And his journey begins.


It’s five o’clock in the morning when Ki Uk call me. He reminds me about his PLANS to win over Tae Min, that doesn’t shock me. He had wild ideas; even we who lives around him don’t know where it came from…

“Nunna, come to my school gym…A.S.A.P!! Roger that?!”


“Don’t ‘Huh’ me…It’s about the plan…If you want to have a romantic B.E.P, come right away or my fans will hunt you down sis…”

Strangely, I manage to wake up and prepare myself with the worst idea from a kid named Lee Ki Uk.

I drag my self to meet him at his school. When I start walking to the gym he told me too, I’m amazed by the number of people who help him out. First I thought Ki Uk just do something in a chaotic and immature ways alone. But this?!

Ki Uk spot me among his fans. When he sees me, he is shouting to give encouragement for me and his fans, to do best!

“This nunna, is the person I’ve been talking about with you. So please help her out in the name of LOVE, TO BRING TAE MIN HYUNG BACK TO HER!!!”

If you guys ask me – do I embarrass with the whole thing he’s been doing? The answer is YES!

Time passed by, luckily the fans that gather here is on their weekend holidays, so with a warm-hearted, they treat it like a good things to do on a weekend.


KOEX building transfers into an e-sport arena where professionals Starcraft are played.

At his dormitory, Park Tae Min will play his Zerg races like usual. They held a small meeting for encouragement for all the players who will play today at OSL Tournament.

Coach Kim giving instructions what to do and don’t step so they will play without burden.

Park Tae Min put on his uniform jacket, with the rest of the players he leaves with them to the tournament.

He will play against Yoon Jae Jun from BX-enterprise.

The time is running, and turns out it’s raining out there. They heading to KOEX to prepared for the battle.

Gobletz came and entering KOEX from the basement, some of their fans giving out gifts for them to take.

“Hyung, I’m shaking all over from nervous.” Henry told Hak Jun about his feeling right now.

“It’s okay. I feel the same way like you do even I’m already on this field since 5 years ago. Relax, want some herbal drink?” Toss one of his nervous remedy to Henry.

“Nervous hyung?” Ask Tae Min.

“Like always. Hey, do great jobs will you?! All of the team out there are our friends, but when we get on the stage, it’s all rivalry. Hope you play your map’s good, Tae Min a…”

“I will hyung, don’t worry about me. I’ll ‘destroy’ Jae-jun for you.” With simple laughter, he joins his other camaraderie’s into the waiting room.


Several his fans come to the tournament to watch the mood of Park Tae Min, and told Ki Uk the whole situation to make his plane working perfectly.

Even with the heavy rain pouring out side, the game was held in no time.

Showcase between the two team, Gobletz and BX-enterprise are intense. From round one and two Gobletz lead the point, next if Tae Min can tame the ‘horangi’ a.k.a Jae Jun, next step Gobletz will become the winner on OSL Tournament.

But he knows that Jae Jun always know how to beat him even with small amount of time. But Jae Jun knows him well too. The two of them gain more fans because they’re the ACE’S from both teams.

Map been decide, and now they’re playing the game with such intensity. Fans from both sides now cheers and clamoring them when they saw each player do their things right on the game that they played.

Tae Min really fascinating creature, if he said he’ll kill his enemy only in 15 minute. He’ll do it right away. His determination taking down Jae Jun and become the winner are shown in his face. Jae jun feels him too on the game, that kind of determination are making Jae Jun uncomfortable, in no time, knowing that he had lost to Tae Min. He writes GG on the screen.

He hides his happiness and act cool about his own winning the game. He collects his belongings like his mouse, keyboard and headset, put them on his sack. After that, he bring it out to comfort Jae Jun. Even Jae Jun pissed and sad, but Tae Min wins.

“You did a great job kid!’ says Tae Min to Jae Jun who’s 5 years his junior.

“Hyung…’ Jun Jae holds his tears in front his sunbae. Tae Min patting his back, now both coach arriving at the waiting room.

“Great job kids.” Coach Kim says that to the entire player from both teams.

Because of the sudden rain, they’re waiting till it stops pouring at least until not to heavy to leave the building.

Reporter’s now trying to interview him and so on. He delight accepts it, but there’s one reporter from official news site, of course this reporter was Ki Uk fans will give him some shock therapy questions.

After the intro part, this is what the nunnas reporter asks to him.

“Well, we know how unbeatable you are now park Tae Min ssi. But is there something do you afraid of? Like losing someone you love or anything like it?”

“That’s a very risqué question. But, sometimes I feel like that. You know, when I decide to do this job, I loose everything, from time, family, friends, and maybe love too.” Shyly laugh. “You see, our job is different from other, we sit in front of computer for nearly 12 until 15 hour a day. We go out sometimes just to feel the breeze, but when we come back to the dorm…I want to shout that I need to meet my friends, playing football, or having a drink or two. But that kind of stuff isn’t on my mind, now I’m getting used to it. I don’t mind.” Laugh sincerely.

“But, you’re growing up now. Your rival, Hwang Seung Ho with the same age like you now are planning walk down the aisle with his high school sweetheart. How about you? Do you have a girl in mind?”

“Why the entire question you asked it’s all about private matters?” laugh.

“It’s because, we all knew how mighty you are.” Laugh. “So, this is just for recognize you more than the stallion of Gobletz. We, probably your fans out there want to know you more.”

“I’m not a celebrity. But from your face now, I think you won’t let it slide?!”

“You bet I won’t!” laugh.

“Well, I’m really grateful for hyungsunim (refers to Seung Ho girlfriend as sister-in-law), me and Seung Ho, even we in the same age, he’s older than me a couple of month. When he said he want to get married, I splatter my drink that day and say to him ‘are you nuts?!’ But, I guess he’ll be happier if there’s someone who can support him more than us do. Hyungsunim had a talent of a coach, she make time table for him to practice, gives call when he can handle the rough day from training. Looking at him, it’s strikes me…’Ahh…if there’s someone do that to me, I’ll die in happiness’ I thought to myself” His face red because he shy.

“Listening to what you’ve said, I think you had someone in your heart?”

He smile, “Oh, do you think so?”

“Yes. I’m a reporter, I meet many people. So let say I know who lies and who’s don’t.”

He smiles. “I guess so…” He thinks about Mel. He wonders if she’ll forgive him about all the mistakes he create himself. He can’t throw his love on a bag, because there’s no end about it.

When the reporter hears that, her heart shouts, ‘manseeeh!’. That means the mission will be 98 % B.E.P.

to be continued to the last chapter…


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