My Miracle It’s You [last chapter 14]

Chapter 14 [last]

The rain pours little than couple hours before. I’m waiting for Tae Min out side, when the reporter told Ki Uk Tae Min is out now with the team.

Now the garrison wearing raining suit are now gathering outside the building. We are being spectacles to other by doing this. But they think this is just a fans doing to their favorite gamer.

Park Tae Min and Gobletz are out, they’re try to go a head to their car, but seeing the gathering crowd in front their path makes them dully confused about what happen.

One by one raising and then opening their umbrella. I’m hiding in one of the guys on the crowd. Ki Uk fans doing a recital, no, it’s more like reading a letter.

“To Park Tae Min!”

Park Tae Min look dumbfounded. But he listens to the girl.

“Today, congratulations for winning the game. But the reason we’re gatherings here, not for that. There’s a girl who fall in love with you. But you made a mistake for throwing her out from your life frame.” The Girl put her umbrella down. Now Tae Min saw the letter ‘I’ painted on the navy blue umbrella.

Girl number two. “She said she likes to put her head down when walking on crowded street because she wants to hear you scream her name and scolded her. But likely, your scolded her too far.” The girl put the umbrella down. He sees the letter ‘L’.

Girl number three. “She thinks about her days being with you? What was wrong? What was right? But in the end she cannot read your heart. The only thing she reads from you was misunderstandings. So, she asked herself. Can her really fall in love with you?” the girl put the umbrella down again, and he sees the letter ‘O’.

Girl number four. “You must be a special person, because she said she never fear love. Even she’ll yearning, anxious, or feels that you are a type of a person who won’t stay long. She can’t give up!” Now Tae Min saw the letter ‘V’.

Hak Jun and the gang’s were amaze with the scene. While Tae Min still thinking about what is that supposed to mean? Who are they? Why they’re saying that to him? Who’s the girl that falling in love with him? Too many question and he need an answer.

The other girls make a path now. They make a way to me. The fifth girl who holds umbrella with the letter ‘E’, when he sees me walks to meet him. He just froze.

“Is that- is that, Mel?” Ask Henry.

“It’s Mel.” Said the Gobletz team minus Tae Min in unison, they were happy to see her again.

“So, I can’t give up Park Tae Min. I’ve waited you so earnestly; I know I think we are ill-matched. But I want to have you on my side. Just like when we were kid. Or when we play fire works after the sudden rain. Can I hold on into you?”

I open my umbrella while walking to him. Now both of us standing and saw each other, I hold the umbrella, shelter him from the rain. He swallows his saliva – shock seeing Melinda’s in front of him.

I try to smile. He just blinks his eyes, trying to tracking his own mind.


“You have to do something than being a blink vendor machines. Just…just- do something will ’ya? I’m embarrassed!”

“Why are you doing this?”


“Is that your habits? Come and go just like that?”

“Park Tae Min?”

“You don’t feel ashamed don’t you? Give me sometime too think. I still…”

“I understand.” I turn my back to the cheering squad. “It’s useless. Thank you, you may go now!!” I’m saying that like there’s nothing happen before. Ki Uk, called it quit. The squad now returning with sad eyes, they were hoping that this mission succeeds, but they realize that loves are like religion, you cannot push nor ignore. And then they leave as Ki Uk told them too.

Gobletz leaving too, the entire crowds leaves them behind. Both of them need air to breathe.

“I’m sorry, Tae Min a…Because of me I’ve ruin your days, again and again! It’s a joke. I’m here because I’ve heard from Ki Uk that you’re win your match. Hahaha…”

“If that your reason, you can just say Congratulation.”

“Should I?”


“I should huh? Hahaha…” I laugh like an idiot. “Congratulation.”

“Thank you.” He now walks away from me. What the heck?

“Ya, Park Tae Min?!” I run and hold his left arms.

“I’m sorry, alright! Please forgive me, Tae Min a…”

Why on earth I’m the one who’s pleading to get his forgiveness. He’s the one that put me at this stake. I’m humiliating myself while he even not recognize what I’ve been trough. All this time it’s only ME. I guess it’s all over between us, I don’t want too say this, but what lay in front of us just memories. I let go of him and walk away before he doest first.

Tae Min sigh, He can hold anymore when he see Melinda’s start to walking away for a million times.

It’s his entire fault. He gives her headache, comfort her but when she thinks he really changes, he kicks her again. Knowing Mel heart hurt, his heart hurts too, but he’s the fool here. He actually can’t say a word to prevent her to go. He doesn’t want her to go, but his feet still frozen, his lips were sealed.

He saw Melinda’s back now, walking more distance from his stand. His tear now running down his cheeks, the almighty Park Tae Min is crying.

“Again, again, again you’re leaving without knowing why I’m doing this!!” he shouts.

I hold my step, not wanted to move any further. He’s talking to my back.

“I’m the one whose supposed to say sorry…I hate when you say sorry for a dozen times! I hate to see you smile when you supposed to cry because of me…I hate myself for making you cry…What do I do?? Throwing you from my life isn’t what I want to do. I don’t want to makes you suffer – both of us to suffer.”

I heard his voice trembling because holding his tears. He suck at making confession, but I can’t move my head to see him like that, even he’s hurting, I know he doesn’t want me too see his weak point. So I just stand there, waiting his speech.

“It’s been 14 years. And those 14 years been like hell for me…I ask you, why when you leave me behind, your gift was a kiss?! Did you know that your kiss gives me trouble until now?! I can’t date; I can’t look at another girl’s faces. One thing that stops my mind from going crazy was playing computer games. I thought I forget about you and want to continue living, but you pop out of nowhere one year ago. What do you expected for me to do?!” he put his hands on his waist, sigh.

I swept my tears, but it continuously fall from my eyes.

“I’m shock. When you came, my dreams were scattered and scared. I don’t know what to do…so to protect my feeling, I decide to throw you away. That day, that day, I should greet you and tell you how grateful that you’ve came. Until now, I regret not doing that to you…You still wearing the necklace I’d give you right?”

Without noticing it, my hands touch the tube necklace that I’m wearing.

“Stupid!” Tae Min forces to laugh.” You’re acting like that because you still don’t know what contain on the tube right?! I put my heart a long time ago on that thing.”

I look at the tube, I know there was a scroll on it, but I only guess that’s only accessories.

“Stay there, and don’t look back. This time, I’m the one who’s walking to meet you. You believe in me right?”

Step by step, Tae Min walks closer to the girl he loves. If Mel’s never scared being in love with him, he should trust her too. It’s an instinct.

In a moment, he hugs me from behind. His tall features sheltered me; his warm body makes me like I’m going crazy. This is what I’ve want, this is the Park Tae Min I know since I’m a naïve little girl.

“How can we meet like this?” he said that to me.

“I don’t know…”

“Have you been well?”

I’m crying. ”Yes”

“It’s nice to meet you again.” He holds his tears too. He’s happy.

“Are you doing fine? How’s your mother? And Byeon Ae onni too? ”

“Eung…my mother’s fine. Nunna’s now working as a freelancer on a publishing company.” Tae Min hugs me more tightly, like he doesn’t want this too end.

“I’m glad they were fine.”

“How’s your mother? Still fighting with your dad?”

“She’s fine too. He’s still a pain on my neck, my father. But we get along sometimes now.”

“That’s good too hear…Am I hurting your feeling?”

“People said, when you’re hurt by something, you gain something worth from it. I guess I’m gaining something now.”

He turns my body, now I see the full sight of his face. His white skin now becomes redder because he’s just crying.

His hand touches the necklace. He tries to open the tube, “You should see this from the beginning.”

“I thought it just accessories.”

“Do you think my heart just an accessory? Mongchongi!” He scolds me again with gentle voice.

I almost crying again, but his gentle smile makes me hold the tear from coming out.

He holds the tube and put the scroll on his hand, he gives it to me.

“Read it!”


“Read it, kid!”

I open the roll, inside contain words that’s makes me want to kiss him.

“Aku Cinta Kamu.” He writes ‘I Love You’ in Indonesian language.

I hug him and then he kisses me. So, the one that stupid from the start is me. He already gives his heart to me, but I still believe that this man doesn’t know how to love me. After many misunderstanding that happen between us, I’m glad it’s all over.

We’re heading to a new place in our heart. We’re trying to learn how to love and taking care of our love.


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