Supernatural FanFic Chapter 2 “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[Fade in. At night Breewick neighboring site, a gun shot heard every where. Someone inside the house calling for help and seen at furnish colonial front window in the third floor, waving. Apparently it’s a young well build woman in her twenties, with her long braided blonde hair, weeping beside the bed. Afraid the unwelcome guest come to her room. But he is coming after her, she better die than being caught by him, she called him the beast]

[Three of them still in the motel. The phone was ringing; Sam who tried to gather his thought walks to accept the call]

Almathea: [At Okinawa] Sam?

Sam: Yeah, Hi, Thea…it’s been a while huh?

Almathea: You still investigate the Breewick mansion right?

Sam: Yeah, why? Is there something wrong?

Almathea: People from surrounding neighborhood keep calling in…they said probably there’s a murder on that site years ago, and know they had girl missing too, Samantha Wallace 20, blond hair. They heard gun shot, not only one, many. Keep it check at 8.00 o’clock, night. Okay? Sorry to giving you these assignment, kids. But definitely I must go to Japan to collect some spirit.

Sam: Japanese spirit?

Almathea: Yeah, I’m dealing with Konakijii. Spirits of baby being born but deserted to the wood till they died, their spirits now hunt the villager. But I guess, its different Sam…this thing far greater than I was expected. Probably when all hunters are all busy killing things or waiting to be killed. It’s that true Sam, what Bobby told me? Lucifer has walk on earth? His arch-demon a while ago just kills dozens of hunters. That’s why you should be careful and Dean’s too.

Sam: I know. You gotta be careful too, okay?

Almathea: I will, sugar! A kiss for Dean.

Sam: Yeah, see you!

[Dean and Maeve waiting him to speak]

Thea said that probably there’s massacre in that mansion years ago. People in the surrounding area heard guns shot all over the place. Insisting it only happen at 8.00 o’clock, night. And now, that thing kidnap a young girl named Samantha Wallace. This is the first time since, there’s nothing happen on that place.

Maeve: Sounds like residual hunting for me?

Dean: Yeah [Looking at the clock] hey, guest what?! It’s 7.00. Party time!

[Fade in. Breewick mansion, three of them now surveying the building]

Dean: I’ve check the fuses, they’re fine. What do you get, Sam?

Sam: Everything is good. What’s the problem with this house?

Dean: I’ll stick with Maeve with residual hunting. See, that kind of stuff happen when the entity whom takes place getting stronger. Just like seeing old movies from 35mm projector, the different is you can’t move forward. And it sucks; sometimes it can still be a scary and emotional situation to the viewer.

Sam: So, the spirit captures on the site what ever incident they might have?

Dean: Not spirit, but their energy Sam. I remember do this kind of gigs while with dad, before you join the circle. An old lady from Illinois, keep seeing his son apparition like his never gone to wars in Vietnam. Everyday at noon, she saw his son bring back newspaper, make coffees, and sit on his late father swinging chair in the front yard reading the newspaper. We saw what she saw, Sam. It’s bittersweet memories for that old lady, but we can’t do anything, it just residual haunting that cannot go easily. For her son, who died in war in 1964? His energy was saving his best moment in life. A peaceful time, when no worries in his home with his mother.

Sam: That why the energy only appears if they were strong enough to burst out, is that it?!

Dean: Yup, Haley Joel! Hey…Where’s Maeve?

Sam: [Looking at the room, but didn’t find her] Maeve?!

Dean: Good, now I’m baby-sitting the angel! Maeve?!

Dean and Sam looking for Maeve, the building is four story high, she can be anywhere.

Maeve was following the scent that filling up her nose. The scent like flower that bloom in spring, fresh and somewhat petrified her in some ways. She follow that scent to a door, she click open the panel. She saw the entire room, covered in baby pink colors. Probably a girl’s room.

Maeve, look at her g-shock, it’s almost the time. She feels it that the biggest energy focusing on this room, then to another, which she notice flickering light on the staircase when she came to the third floor. And then, the magic begins. Sam and Dean stand there, while one by one the images appear.

Their looks like they still live on colonial era. Men and woman walking and chatting, kids running around, dogs barking, and food serving by the African slave, it so Rosemary Diary novel by Stephen Kings.

Sam: Are they having a party?

Dean: Care to join, Sammy? [Dean smirking] they don’t know we exist. They just ignoring and do their things. Now we must find Maeve, I don’t know why Cas send hippies girl like her?

Two of them walking side by side with the entity, Sam look at them with amused feeling. There’s a chill bone factors. But Dean was right, they all not harming the human. They just go on doing their ordinary stuff before the incident happen.

The first Bang, happen…Screams heard from the first gate, second bang, the dogs shut their mouth or probably dead.

Dean: Damn it! What happen?!

Sam: Well, it starting…the actual scene it’s starting….

Dean: Grab a chair and some popcorn, son. Let’s find Maeve first!

Both of them still saw the scene when they reach the forth floor, they saw Maeve now standing in the corridors.

Sam: Maeve! What are you doing here? [Sam and Dean reaching her]

Maeve: Here, in here! Guys, the energy will full blast right in here. [Maeve grabs the brothers into the room with her]

Three of them watch the girl who’s waving her hand to somebody in yesterday haunting. She and her mom are sitting in the bed, while a boy taking their picture. The sound of the gun shot same times when the bulb producing sound likes a gun shot. When suddenly their house sound so quiet, they heard a foot step, the camera boy looking to whose steps is it, but got first shot at the head and fall to the ground first. The boy is dead.

The young girl and the mother feel shocked. After a beat, they scream, and the mother tries to shut the door and lock it from inside.

She hugs her, both of the women hiding beside the bed, terrified.

Sam and Dean raised their gun, pointing now at the door; Maeve also protects them with spells in Latin language.

‘Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.’

The girl: Mother, I’m scared…He’ll kill us all!!

Mother: [Still hugging her daughter] that beast won’t get you! If he kills me, don’t surrender. Kill yourself, so he will entrap with guilt forever… [She said to her daughter almost teary, pale face, she’s terrified]

The foot steps now near the door. Sam, Dean and Maeve waiting anxiously on guard when the beast starts to grab and pushing the knob hardly.

Mother: Madison, hear me…today, our family will extinct. No one lives any more so the curse will break. He used potions to love our dear grand mother Rosé, and turn himself into immortal being. This is a knife, a cross-knife pure iron. Bring it with you, remember what I’m saying Madison…this is the price we take…I love you my daughter, until we meet again…in another life. [She kisses her daughter in her check, both cheeks]

She took-out her pure iron knife herself, she intends to kill the beast. She’s waiting not far from the door.

Maeve almost panting her breath, it’s too hard too breathe. When she almost falls down, Dean grabs her arm.

Dean: Are you alright?

Maeve: That son of a biatch almost sucks my breath out of me… [Holding Dean trying to get her step back to stand] It’s too strong Dean.

Sam: What?! Dean, we’ve got to go! [Sam saw blood running down from Maeve’s nose] She’s bleeding. DEAN!

Dean: This is the last scene…to know what happen and killed that SOAB, we must stick it trough the end, Sammy…

Maeve: He’s right, I can handle it…Guys, and I think we just made a mistake…

Dean: What?!

Sam: Are you feelin’ what I’m feelin’? Dean, there’s two haunting in here…First it’s residual, but the other…I guess, the beast isn’t.

to be continue …


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