Supernatural FanFic chapter 3 “ Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




Dean: [Pause a beat] Uh, that’s really reassuring, thank you. [He pulled the trigger, and so did Sam]

The mother who now stand in front of the door that been kicked by the beast, now open. The mother saw the face, Dean, Sam, and Maeve too.

His face to eerie for a living man, even he’s still having those handsome appearances. Still he looks like Mary shelly Frankenstein with a heavy gun on his hand.

The mother aims the pure iron at him, trying to defend herself and her daughter who’s hiding beside the bed near the window.  She keep fighting, but the beast tackle her down, grabbing the back of her dress and pulled her away to knock her down in instant. She didn’t die yet; just prepare some times to stick the knife from behind when he’s not aware of it.

The beast: Rosé…where my Rosé are? Don’t be mad, come with me… [The beast now free from the mother attacking him, now he’s searching the girl, he found her. She’s rise aiming the knife with teary eyes, feared mixed become one.

Madison: My mother, what did you do to my mother?! [She saw her mother bleeding on the floor].

The beast: I…I didn’t kill her, she just a sleep. Come with me Rosé…

Madison: I’m not her…leave me and my mother alone!! Or I swear I’ll kill myself…

The beast: I love you, Rosé… don’t do that, I’m living alone since you’ve gone with that soldier, now after I killed him, you are mine.

Madison: You kill who? oh, my god…

Her mother gets up from the floor, even she still got some headache, and she prepares the last blow to kill that monster. From behind she takes a chair and swings it to him, half bowing because the collision, the mother kicks his head down.

Mother: Don’t you ever, ever makes my family suffers.

The beast: You just sound like your grand daddy, Ella. Strong and brave, but look…his braveness can give him nothing but death. With these hands I killed him, like I killed your husband, your uncle, and all the bodies that scattered down stairs…Now where’s Rosé?

Dean: Wow, that so fucked up! [He glances to Sam]

Sam: Who is he anyway? Maeve can you hold? [Sam’s look worried about her being, when she nods, suggesting that she’s fine, Sam continue watching]

Madison: [Open the window, screaming] Help me!! Somebody help me….[ the beast now walks to Madison, when he try to get her, the mother stab him on his back, he’s growling in pain. He doesn’t give her a chance to fight back, and then shot her with the gun on her chest, she flung back near the camera and her body hit the bubble button, and then bang, the light from the camera flash light illuminate the room with bright light. Madison stab herself without him knowing. When he knows there’s no survivor, he screams loud and clear, depressed. Howling like night animal, breaking things and crying. [Beat] then back to normal.

Maeve can breath easily now, Sam and Dean still in confused state.

Dean: I know that was freakin awesome, but man, that freakin weird also!! But I need to pee…

[Still in the Breewick Mansion, in the yard that Dean parks his Impala, the three of them discussing the case.]

Maeve used Sam hankies to stop the bleeding from her nose with the help of Dean, while Sam calling the local police to get the information’s about the missing girl, disguise as a Homeland Security out side the car.

Dean: He’s getting good with those skills…

Maeve: With what? Killing demon?

Dean: No…I mean, disguising.

Maeve: Yeah, really?

Sam: [Talking on the phone] well, thank you officer Santon. We’ll take your information’s regarding Samantha Wallace missing report. [Closes his phone]

Samantha Wallace, 20 years old, blonde, just like Thea said. Went missing when she was giving out flayers of some advertisement for rental car not far from here, I guess two blocks.

She at that time with her friends, six of them apparently but the five return safely without her in the afternoon.

Dean: Nobody saw where she was going?

Sam: There’s Patricia…

Dean: So let‘s check her out then…

[In the morning, both brothers in front of the car while Maeve sitting on the back of the Impala; they race it to meet Patricia]

Dean: What happen to you back then?

Maeve: Not sure, but the air is really makes me feels like I’m chocking into something.

It makes my head feel heavy; maybe that’s why the pressure makes my nose running in blood.

Dean: But I don’t feel a thing, did you Sammy?

Sam: A bit, yeah, why?

Dean: Nothing…It just feels weird you know. The EMF didn’t sense something wrong, but you two did. Well, if like the entity said about that twilight guy who’s seems immortal being. So, what do you guys think? Wizard. Yeah, that’s will makes Potters proud! [Laugh slyly]

Sam: Maybe…but what kind of potions can make a person being immortal?

Maeve: Have you ever heard of potions called The Elixir of Life?

Sam: Elixir of Life?!

Dean: Probably he uses some voodoo trick. You know the Haitian way producing zombie state kind of ways.

Maeve: The Bokor or the sorcerers used the same thing like what it been said in Lovecraft book. See…a lot of native African came to the US, some of them, they know Voodoo and hoodoo. Maybe the beast meets one of the sorcerers and made one of the Elixir of Life himself. Who knows?

Dean: [Paused] Sam, I like her… [Pleased] we found our self a walking wikipedia. Haha!

Sam laugh when Dean saying that.


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