Supernatural Fanfic chapter 4 “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[They now arrive in Patricia house]

Dean and Sam disguise as a cop trying to find other information’s from her while Maeve searching something in the car with Sam’s Laptop.

[Inside the house, Patricia accompanied by her father talking to the guys]

Pat’s dad: I thought the cops already know the story from my daughter?

Dean: Right. Some new information has come up. So we need your daughter to verify some question….

Patricia doesn’t mind, but the dad looks he’s worried talking to the cop again after Samantha went missing.

Dean: Just before Samantha wasn’t in the group, did you notice anything unusual?

Patricia: Like What?

Dean: Strange lights, weird noises, maybe….voices?

Patricia: No, nothing…She just said that she was curious about something in that mansion.

Sam: Like What?

Patricia: Stuff, like people in town said…gun shot heard, a girl screaming for help. Samantha is a brave girl, daredevil I guess. But she didn’t take a long break and join us after she had a quick look at the mansion.

Sam: Do you know where the exact place when Samantha’s missing?!

Patricia: No, we feel that she was with us but she’s not…Just like that.

[Cut. To: Impala]

Sam: You ever heard of somethin’ like this before?

Dean: Never. [Dean gives Sam’s notice with his head, that Maeve using Sam’s Laptop]

See something Amish there, Maeve?

Maeve: Yeah, from…

Dean: [Smiling proudly, exchange glance with the perpetrator Sam] No, I mean [trail off]…the net, what do you find on the net about it?

Maeve: Oh, that. There’s text missing about the history of the house when Sam’s checking that while ago. I stumble upon this pdf files about the Breewick mansion. From 1929, it was Alexander Van Breewick mansion. But before that, it was Sinclair’s. Tracing back to 1909, Sinclair’s famous because the cursed that attached to the family because Rosé Sinclair’s, the second daughter who’s married with a British army soldier and changes name follow her husband Greenwald.

Dean: There’s someone who fall in love with dear Rosé. Did you check who that guy was?

Maeve: There’s a name, but random. He just called with the name only Sleine, but other called him Robert Sleine Jr. And Guess what?

Sam: What?

Maeve: After Rosé married for two years, the citizen never saw Sleine anymore, he completely MIA (missing in action) after trying to kidnap Rosé, and he got caught by Greenwald. But people assumes, they saw Sleine perfectly as he was in his early days, looking handsome and young, while people same with his age are aging. Since the young Sleine come back to the town Greenwald had been murder, Rosé acting she looks like she’s almost gone crazy, calling out ‘the beast’ and died at young age.

Dean: Bottom line is he’s doing some facelift to make his age look younger with what ever the potions that he made?!

Sam: Elixir of Life…But what about his face we just saw last night? If you said he was still perfectly fine, why his face now looks like Frankenstein?

Dean: Well, remember the mother said. ‘Kill yourself, and he will trap with guilt.’

I bet now the essences are decreasing, that’s why he looks like old grandma’s butt; you know what I’m saying?

Sam: Because the guilt not having Rosé and killed her family, his own guilt consumes him?

Dean: Oh, sh1t! We’re dealing with human – which is immortal human.

Now where we can find him? Maeve can you do that stuff again, sensing?

Maeve: I can track demon, but not human. Even though he’s immortal, he still human, Dean.

Sam: We should find Samantha before something bad happen to her.

Without saying anything Sam gets into the car, and Dean drive the Impala.

[Cut to: Breewick mansion]

Dean opens his trunk and takes bigger gun, iron knife both for him and Sam.

Dean: This is the third times we’re dealing with mortal huh, Sam? Human is just plain psycho, at least demon still breaking the record as plain cuckoo.

He closed the trunk while saying that.

Maeve feels something, like there’s someone spaying on them from the woods near the mansion.

Maeve: Guys…did you hear that?

[Dean and Sam looking around with their eyes to the surrounding]

I guess it comes from the wood. Someone just step on branches…

Dean: Stay close with us, okay? Can you handle a gun?

Maeve: Thank you, but I can handle it with this… [Showing her hand, insist how capable of her hands can makes deadly twist or turn]

Sam: Hey, hey, hey…I think I heard something from the House. Dean, we have to split. Maeve, you come with me and Dean checks the wood into the ruin.

Maeve: No. I’ll check the girl on the house, you find that Slimy Sleine guy! I’ve notice one room in the mansion that really peak my interest.

Dean: You’ll be okay, right?

Maeve: [turn her side form the boys while chanting the same prayers] ‘Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.’

Dean: She believes her ‘father’ too much wasn’t she?

Sam: Like we didn’t?

Dean: Yeah, even when dad writing like a freakin’ Yoda…Let’s move!

Maeve running into the door, entering the mansion, and she’s trying to communicate with the entity on the mansion.

She was chanting in Latin again, but not the first prayer. It seems different.

Maeve: I call you Madison…Don’t be afraid.

But Maeve knew that these mansions are clean from the intelligent spirit not even once she sense poltergeist activity roaming around. She rushed to the second floor, to the room that she sense linking to something strange in this house.

[Cut to: Dean and Sam’s entering the woods]

Sam: So, we must kill Sleine with this pure iron knife? Why not silver?!

Dean: A Hunch Sammy, a hunch…

[They move closer to an old ruing made from rock brick]

Sam: Look at this Dean; it seems we jump into era of the witchcraft…

[Sam found empty bottles for placing liquid in it]

Did someone know at that times there are someone practicing witchcraft? Look, I found something again. Human…human bone?

Dean: Eeww… [Disgusted]

[Cut to: Maeve in the storage room]

Maeve slowly walk inside, turn on the light, and then from behind her, a tall monster-like perhaps human try to hit her with the gun on her back of her head. She heads down from her attacker, try finding different spot to make a move.

Maeve: What the heck?! Damn it!!

She avoids his attack by fighting back. She hit him on the face, kicking him. But he can manage grabbing her arms and lock it.

Maeve: Bad breathe Shrek!! [She’s been captured, struggling to escape but she can’t]


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