Supernatural Fanfic chapter 5 end “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[Cut to: Dean and Sam]

Dean: Hey, look at that, there’s looks like a house that been torn down. [Paused before walking to the site, looking at Sam’s with a lot of concern regarding Maeve] That kid can handle it right? Because I swear Sammy, She’s really a pain on my ass.

Sam looking trough the house from a far, he felt the same way with him.

Sam: I hope she’s fine, Dean…

[Cut To: the beast brings Maeve to a hidden door from the storage room. She’s been drag, her hands both tied with rope, she saw a young girl, dressed like a Victorian style sitting on the chair. She doesn’t know whether the girl still alive or not. The beast put her on the floor; she’s still struggled to open the knot. The beast took out a wooden chair, looking exhausted, and looking to Maeve’s eyes.

Sleine: You’re pretty brave for a woman. I hate brave and strong woman like you or Rosé. They’re just playing with dangerous. [His voice still sharp and content]

Maeve: Why are you doing this? Killing people just for young age?

Sleine: When you fall in love, you do everything to get what you want. And so was I. As a man… [Sigh] I do what I have too. But Rosé, she- she can’t see who I was, she just dating him… [Looking at Maeve’s with his tender eyes, like he needs someone to talk too, he’s exhausted]

I-I don’t want to live like this, but she makes me bind-contract with the demon so she can gives me the potion to keep me young, to keep Rosé falling for me. But that biatch [revering to Samantha] sold my soul so I can’t die.

Maeve’s glance to Samantha, with a bit confuses on her head, and then looking back to Sleine.

Maeve: She—she’s a witch?

Sleine: She kept me quite in this house, torture me with images that make me going crazy [Trail back, crying] I killed them…I killed them with my own hands. That biatch makes me!!

Suddenly Samantha wakes up; she heard what Sleine said to Maeve’s. With sharp looks, she just smiles from her seat.

Samantha: Complain and complain, huh, my dear young Sleine? [Within a second, she manages to break the rope that tied her in her chair]

Maeve: Oh, sh1t! [She struggles with the rope, Sleine rise from his seat, taking his gun and pointing at her. Bang! [Cut To: Dean And Sam heard the gun shot. They move to the house now, running]

The gun was shot at her body, but she’s still survives, walking. Maeve’s trying to lean against the wall so she can stand up to help him. But Samantha’s lock her body with powerful charm that binds her not to move.

Sleine: Why are you doing this to me? What sins that I’ve done to you?!

Samantha: Your sins because you like her, and chooses her instead of me. I’m a witch, so I can do anything to makes you believed in me…you lived to serve me, and only me…

Maeve: [Now already breaks the binding spells, behind her] Leave the poor man alone, you SOAB!

Maeve grabs her hair, drags her and throws her body to the ground so she can break the door. But Samantha pulled Maeve’s body now hanging on the air and throws her to the window, the window break; Sam who catches along running with Dean saw Maeve’s being tossing out side the house. Maeve still conscious, but her body hurt from the collision to the ground.

Sam: Dean! Its Maeve’s…

Samantha, who saw the boys, tries to pull a trick crying for help.

Samantha: Help me! Please….

Dean: You get Em’s, while I get the girl!

Dean running rushed to the mansion window. Windows that one break from Maeve’s body being thrown and tries to climb in.

Dean: Move away! [He shouted to the girl]

Sam: You okay?!

Maeve: DEAN, SHE’S THE WITCHES!! [Screaming]

Dean: [Dean inside] What?!

Samantha: Trick or threat? [Smiling devilishly. She’s doing the same thing with Maeve awhile ago, binding Dead and cornered him against the wall. Dean tries to resist and struggle]

Dean: Sammy!!!

Sam leaves Maeve and tries to save his brother. He climbs the window and after he got there, he starts fighting the witches. He got hit several times, but manages to hit her back with his riffle handle.

Maeve’s climbs too, she saw Dean, and break the spells. And now the three of them are stuck with a beast and the witch. Sam still fighting with Samantha while Dean tries to find a way to beat the witch up!

Maeve saw the crossed-knife that mother and daughter use to kill him, it hanging on Sleine’s neck as a necklace.

Maeve: The knife! [She pointing at Sleine’s neck to Dean]

Dean: Is that him? The beast we’re looking for?!

Maeve: Its okay Dean, he does not gonna hurt you!

Dean: Girl, it’s like you’re feeding me up to a giant hippo!


Dean: Alright, I gouge her eyes out! [Dean running and grab the necklace from Sleine. Now he joins helping Sam on the rampage]

Sleine watch sadly when Dean suddenly had a chance to stick her chest on the heart with the iron knife.

Sleine now makes a move and hold Samantha’s body as tight as he can to hold her up.

Sleine: Burn us please, that’s the only way…The knife only can be used to kill me, not her. I died she’ll live, she died I’ll lived. I don’t have choices. BURN US!!! [Sliene begs them with tears; Samantha’s tries to break free from his arms. Maeve’s knows what to do. Without saying anything, she chanting Latin words again, calling the element of fire, and they saw fire come from the ground that Sleine and Samantha’s stands, up to their body, burning them, and then after the fire getting big, in a second like lighting, the fire was gone with the bodies that now are disappearing.

Dean and Sam now looking at Maeve’s mixed up with confusedness and fear.

[Cut to: Bed and breakfast parking lot, night. Couple hours after burning the beast and the witch, Maeve buying food inside the bed and breakfast, while Dean and Sam out side, sitting next to each other on the Impala’s]

Sam: Is she‘ll alright Dean?

Dean: I don’t know. This is the first time I saw that kind of things. The truth Sammy, I’m scared. I’m scared of you; I’m scared with too many things that will happen to you if you used those skills like Maeve does to hunts demon. I can’t loose you, again.

Maeve coming to the parking lot with the bags of foods, toss it to Dean who’s now try to act there’s nothing happen.

Dean: Thanks, what a hard day huh?

Maeve: Yeah. Now I know that love can kills. [Getting into the car]

Sam: So, who’s Samantha anyway?

Maeve: Square love, Sleine love Rosé, she loves her husband, and Samantha loves Sleine.  He killed all Rosé family because he was possessed with the demon who—I think Samantha sold his soul for, like he told me before.

Dean: [Munching his burger] so, the witch making the potions and she gives it to Sleine? Now I can draw the lines…

Sam: You two talks?

Maeve: He want to end it too Sam.

Sam: Yeah, I guess living for hundred years alone makes people twisted. But, have the Angel’s contact you?

Dean: Well, congratulations Em’s…you are now joining the charade. [Dean starts the engine and drives the car]

After 4-5 miles, something strange with Maeve, so she told Dean to stop the car.

Dean: what happen?

Maeve: My head…

Sam: [get out the car and join on the back seat with her] Maeve, you okay?

Maeve: I heard them… [Holding her head in agony, her face become pale]

Dean: [Worried over her] Hear what, Maeve?

Maeve: Lucifer, he was searching all over the place to search the key.

[The time suddenly stop, Dean saw Castiel on his side]

Castiel: Dean…

Dean: why you always make me die from a heart attack?! Can you give me a sign before you showed up, a knock example? And what happen to her?!

Cas: Is she saying about the key?

Dean: Is that a trivia quiz?

Cas: [Looking at him with a deep, cold, non-expressive faces] No, is she saying about the key?

Dean: Y-yeah.  What kind of keys?

Cas: The key bearer, was Sam, Dean. With his infected blood, all 72 demons will walk free join forces with Lucifer, and that thing—cannot happen. That’s why, Michael chooses her to stay with you two. She’s the one who can help Sam.

Dean: what? She’s the one who can help Sam from WHAT?! Look Cas. You know what? I’ve had it. I’ve been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you, and I don’t care anymore.[Dean’s gets out from the car with Castiel follow him]

It’s a goose chase. Damn it! I know you’ve been busting my ass, trying to keep me alive. But this is bull-sh1t! Why is it always Sam?! Why heaven can’t do anything to help him?! B-because he’s infected, is that what you mean?! He had done nothing wrong with you guys.

Cas: No, it’s not like that.

Dean: [Pissed and almost cry] Then what’s it like, Cas?

Cas: Dean.

Dean: Please. Tell me.

Cas: It’s hellfire. [Which means he can’t do nothing either]

The end.


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