Supernatural FanFic “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”



Dedicated to: Almathea, Sleine, Santon, Madison_Rose. FF in English, soalnya gak rame klo pake bhs Indonesia. *jgn di gebukin ya gw*.

Karena gw gak pandai matematika, jangan tanya soal kekurangan tahun sama kelebihan tahun ato keakurasian tahun dalam FF ini. Wkwkwk…enjoy guys!


It’s been 48 hour since Lucifer had a vacation on earth. But there’s nothing wrong beside the

Strange weather, like Maeve said before, the Garrison was fighting the wars with the arch-demons. But for killing the times, the boys now heading to Arizona, where’s a paranormal activity in charges 81 years old building.

Maeve : Wooahh, easy down there cowboy?! [A dog barking at Maeve as she and the guys were investigating. She knows that the dog smell something fishy from her]

Dean : The dog loves you, Marry.[Teasing and co-relating her with Marry from the movie Something about Marry]

Maeve : Shut up Dean! And what the heck we’re doing here? We supposed to be thinking a way out to deal with the forsaken one, grasshopper.

Sam : We are…and this kind of gigs, it’s the way we found out about that. It seems that you never done this before? I thought you just like one of us, you give us the charms that you made yourself?!

Maeve : Before I’ve become angelic, I’m a grade teacher not a hunter….So, d’you expected me to kill hellhounds and stuck stick to vamp’s heart and bring their teeth to the dentist? A,a…[twitching her head] I don’t do that, hot shot! I knew some theory about this and that, but never actually banging the job.

[Sam and Dean look at each other]

Dean : Hah, teacher?! [Pacing] Tempting job you got there… [Perky smile]

Maeve : Don’t delusional me with triple X movie core, Dean…I know what your thinking?!

Sam smiles at both of them. And continue walking.

Sam : Now it’s officially makes the three of us THE FREAK isn’t it?

Both of them not getting anywhere with Sam smirking like that. Dean focusing on his foot steps, while Sam activated his ‘Dean-home-made’ EMF detectors. Maeve glances with glee into that unnatural ‘device’ in Sam’s hand detecting frequency from the building when he enters it.

Sam : I know its weird…don’t argue?! [Almost laugh, but he restrain]

Dean: Hey, that thing is master piece…you can buy condo like THIS if I can get the patent right.

Maeve: Yeah, what ever…[Maeve splits her way now walking in front of Sam]

What kind of place is this?

Dean: Every town got their own ghost story…Well; the bottom line is…this place is haunted, short off… [He unsure]

Sam: That’s weird… [Sam looking at his EMF detector]  This thing not even budges an inch.

Maeve: That thing sucks!

Dean: So, hit me with something will ya?! You are Halfling, right?[Half smiling]

Sam: Dean…

Dean: What?! I’m still pissed you know…One moment I’m just ordinary guy who hunts, Sam…

And then my life turns over at 180. Caught between angel and demon fight, surely ain’t what I wanna do for a living. [Dean half angry without reason]

Maeve: If you need help just ask…don’t bitching around like stupid airhead. Fine…! [Maeve closes her eyes, sensing the air with her five senses. Even with her eyes closed, she can read ways with her mind. That makes her fill the room by warm air, even when Sam feeling it, he got run-down shiver from back of his head. And so do with Dean]

Sam: What is it? See anything?

Maeve: Nope…I can’t see anything…yet…But I do felt something strange with this mansion.

Too many fear caught not only in one place, but many of them…I just can’t see what the heck is happening in here… [Open her eyes, glance to Dean, Dean was smiling like a child] happy now?

[Fade in. Intro: Motel. Sam looking information in his laptop with Maeve beside him while Dean squeezing the pillow in attempt to have a light sleep]

Sam: So, you can sense things like that? Beside, uh…freaky thing you do just another day? Surely the same stuff like mine— ex, mine.

Maeve: Yeah…sensing, sensing, sensing. But really, we should check that place Sam…I know I acted like a biatch a while ago, but it’s different. The air surrounding the mansion just keeps me on track of being…freaky.

Sam: Sure…well, the local news told us that this Breewick Mansion is 81 years old building, Once they use it for temporary hospital in 1929, a year after it was build. But there’s nothing wrong with it, you know? The patient was moved out to nearest Hospital after two month; no sign of ghost not even an urban legend.

Dean: [Waking up, looking at the two with jealousy] No heart feeling there Maeve, but I think I’m Sam’s partner we’re the Winchester boys. [Dean goes to the bathroom, washing his face, and then calling the room service for food]

Sam and Maeve giggles seeing Dean who just back from pajama party with a lot of beers in it.

Maeve: Dean, are you drunk? What the matter with you being so…Bitchy?

Dean: I’m not, just give me sometimes to get use to it,okay? I mean it’s not like I don’t like you, particularly, still bedazzled by the fact…Are you really Cas-per the friendly angel or same biatch just like Ruby?!

Maeve: I know…hey, no heart feeling too okay. I feel the same way either to help you boys kick Lucifer ass down to the pit or just be a plain ignorance and waiting the D-days comes without doing anything.

Dean: So, what do you suggest? Crusading our butt in the middle of the fight without any artillery?!…Oh, yeah, I forgot…You’re Halfling. Halfling can do magic tricks that US-human can’t. Just, beat it sister, you’re barking the wrong trees.

Maeve: Who’s barking?! You’re the one who got the monthly issues here…oh, wait…is this because Anna? [Maeve just hit the button, smile half heartily, why he flared up it’s because Anna, She can read his mind] Give me a break will, ya, Dean?!…Do you think I’m responsible about her life and death? If I can be responsible…probably 22 years ago, I can save my mother than being drag elsewhere! Now whose finger poking who?! [Maeve’s angry at Dean]

Sam looks her strangely. Maeve still looks at Dean, annoyed. Dean took some papers and they don’t know whether he reads it or not. But somewhat his face seems has resentment look and ask forgiving.

Sam: Wait? You were born 22 years ago? Same as I do?

Maeve: Coincident huh? [Put a mocking smile] That’s why Cas drag me back to some what human called it ‘Eden’, place where He resting, and the Arch-angels marched to protect that place every chances they got, intruders unaccepted. Many times demon try to infiltrate, they crash and burn…

Dean listen what she said carefully. He’s acting like that because he never feel nervous before, this assignment, heaven and hell stuff makes him wondering is this the good way to start a fight? Questions starts linger on his head, he soon realize that kicking an empty can, can’t resolves anything.

Maeve: Let me tell you something…When I’m still in Eden, my ‘father’ told me about how magnificent, sometimes being a foolish creature human on earth was. ‘He’ watches them from the beginning, how Adam and Eve from innocent become sinner; how Cain kills Abel and travels to spread seed and makes human exist. Years, hundred, thousand, millions…Human are ‘his’ favorite spectacles for amusement, that’s why, when my mother finds ‘him’ barely breathe, he said, her air that push trough her mouth to his soul giving him the identity of ‘caring, love, sincerity’. But why because of His plan, ‘He’ killed my mother with his own hands and kept it secret until [Sigh]…

Sam: Barely breathe? Your father…who is he? Is he an angel like Cas?

Dean: Or Cas itself? [Dean interrupted]

Maeve: Who are the eldest Arc-angels, boys?

Dean and Sam exchanges glance with a lot of confusions. Sam just put his trademark unbelievable laugh; Dean just goes WOW from his look.

Sam: Your father…was Michael? The Arch-angel Michael, who defeated Lucifer?

Maeve: BINGO! [Both of them are speechless]

to be continue…


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