Invincible Baseball Team [curently on my mind]


Okay, first thing first. I DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BASEBALL!!! BUT IT START CREEPING ME OUT! –in a good ways of course, because I like it.

Invincible Baseball Team is a segment program from KBS that played on saturday. It’s a team consist a bunch of celebrities from A cup to B cup celeb’s…the term that they found by them self describing of their members job, if I’m not mistaken [my poor Korean language plus they didn’t put the subtitles].

The team member are :


Kim C from Hot Potato and of course member of another HOT variety program in KBS 1 Night 2 Days join as a coach, before he decide to sing…I heard that Kim C was trained to become professional baseball player, so we can tell that he’s qualified to coach the team.

And of course there’s singer Baek Ji Young who came as their manager I guess? She can handle the player well with her out standing voice to cheer them on when they on the field.


There’s Im Chang Jung [singer/actor], Kim Chang Ryul [singer from DJ.DOC] and Lee Haneul [singer from DJ.DOC], we can say the three of them are the first member that really want to make the team happen. They awkward, funny, but also livin’ the vibe among others.


Also there’s Han Min Gwan [Gagman/comedian], Mario [Rapper], and maknae Shin Dong Ho [Boygroup U-Kiss].


The A-list Oh Ji Ho [actor/model], F4 Kim Joon [T-max/actor], and obviously the wild Marco [actor/model]. Marco doesn’t need a microphone or megaphone to talk, when he’s starting to talk…it’s a sound pollution. I bet having him and Kang Hodong fight-talk, they can make a building collapses.


And the last but not least, Lee Hyun Bae [singer from group 45RPM], Kyung Pill [forgot his sure name but he’s the real baseball player now retired], and Ho Jun the game caster alongside Kim C. And actor Kim Sung Soo with singer Jo Bin from Norazo joining up as a new member.

Watching this variety show, makes my head gone wild until it hit the spot that ‘Should I make a fan fiction on it?’

So here’s the deal, suddenly when I went to the bathroom to do the ‘big job’. I make a path like this to write the characters. I know…probably this just went on hiatus to write, but at least I wrote the idea first.

The characters:

  • Im Chang Jung as a family man, having secure job for 15 years on a private company. He saw his life is full blessing with beautiful wife and kids, but when the company went bankrupt, he found himself alone. His wife bring his kids with her to Canada to live with her parents there, and he become a ‘papa duck’ — find money to feed his family while their [ wife and kids ] abroad.
  • Kim Chang Ryul as a history class teacher. He’s a single man and he’s a good friend with Im Chang Jun. He once dream to become the best baseball player but he cannot fulfill his dream back then because the lack of courage to do what he want it to do. When he teach history in class, all his student feel bored and just falling into the deep sleep. But one day, something crazy just hit his head and call Chang Jun for a back up to form a baseball team for no reason.
  • Lee Haneul an underachiever clerk at public servant facilities. He were slow as a turtle and like goofing around like a kid, but cannot catching up with other if involve to do a task given on him, when he saw that there’s an audition to become a baseball player, he’s in to play to prove that he can do something with his life with joining the team.
  • Jo Bin as an ex-gangster. To be seriously, he’s got a very scary face but his heart as soft as a cotton. He’s good at playing baseball, after he cut his life as being gangsters, he want to achieve something that makes him proud again as a human, that’s why he join the baseball team.
  • Kim Joon as a young promising painter, but because a car accident he’s being traumatic about cannot move any finger. He dump his life as a painter and found a new dream when he rehearse his hands picking a baseball ball, he saw a bunch of people at the auditions and then join them.
  • Mario as an employee at pizza hut, he’s a nice guy a solemn one without any problematic life, the only problem that he can’t solves was he like his co-worker Ryang.
  • Ryang [fiction’s characters]as an employee at pizza hut, she’s a strong girl who had personalities like ‘devil may cried character’. She had a nice and good looking boyfriend who turn out that he’s gay. She found him on her house on her bed sleeping with a man — Ouch for her! But her baseball skills isn’t.
  • Oh Ji Ho as a movie star of course! But his major complex was, he’s not very athletic at all — a weaklings. [still processing another complexes from him]
  • Kim Sung Soo as an arrogant pro-baseball player, because everyone cannot deal with his temper and attitude, his club giving him the attitude it self. They dump him from the club and opportunity to play in the major league.
  • Han Min Gwan as a salsa dancer teacher, he probably have a small body but he got the strength to hit a ball.
  • Shin Dong Ho as a high school student, apparently Kim Chang Ryul student who wants to join the team because he doesn’t want being call by everyone that he’s cute and adorable just like girls.
  • Lee Hyun Bae as a hiphop musician wanna be, he always fail at anything, but now his passion are baseball.
  • Kim C as ex-baseball player married with Baek Ji Young.

That’s for now…I can’t think of anything else because PMS-ing!! And of course I’ve got to start learning about baseball trough google, my ALL MIGHTY Google 🙂


Fighting, Mei!!



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