Invincible Baseball Team [Prologue]


Invincible Baseball Team

By. Maeve

Invincible Baseball Team Fan Fiction Ó2009. I do not own the variety show ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ on KBS. I’m writing this story for fan fictions only, do not copy the idea, reproduced in whole or in part, by quoting or any other mean without my permission as the writer.

PS : Forgive me for being stupid, making this whole baseball thingy while I’m not knowing a bit about baseball…so don’t take it seriously, if you found that this is a major crap…just laugh, okay? Or do you want play bokbulbok with me? hehehe…CALL??



“Look at him, he’s so cute. He’s prettier than me, don’t you think so?”

That’s it; I don’t want to hear everybody compares me with a girl. I’m a man.

It’s been a year and half I’ve been joining this Invincible Baseball Team from what I can recall back then as an Irresponsible Baseball Team.

What we have back then was chaos and un-prepared. But Baek Ji Young nuna remind us while her watery break and almost give birth on the stadium a year ago when our team battle with a major pro baseball club in the country ‘Razor’, that our team alone just likes Jackie Robinson, an African-American Major League Baseball player. He, even being spit or cursed still playing and running out there on the field and he doesn’t care about people liking or hating him, but what he ask is just one thing. Respect him as human being.

That simple speech while enduring her labor pain was epic, we just need a break to think what are we looking for by joining the team? When I was looking forward to become manly, I in other word also found loyal companions, trust, and happiness.

I’m not Shin Dong Ho from Baek Jae High School who’s being labeled as a pretty boy. But Shin Dong Ho, the Batter from Invincible Baseball Team.

to be continue…


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