Invincible Baseball Team Interview on 10asia


PS: I’m still madly in love with 1 Night 2 Days, but let say…Invincible Baseball Team just like a second guy who dangerously flirt with me [Daejuuu, I’m sorry!]

I’m still learning with my Korean language skills and also writing in English. So, I’m coming up with this interview that IBT had with 10asia [loosely/lousy translated] . I love when 10asia interviewing people whom I LIKE!

source HERE

Well, the intro says about ‘The A cup [term that A listed celeb’s] join together to have fun playing baseball on the field in a new variety program named ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ on KBS. How Lee Haneul, Im Chang Jung, and Kim Chang Ryul join forces to make the team happen to play the game for fun. Apparantely they were competing with Gyeonggi-do Baseball Team, and the IBT does well in their best condition. Oh Ji Ho and Lee Haneul will talk about why they choose to play on a variety program on the interviews.

Q: Recently Invincible Baseball Team has improving baseball skills to show.

Oh Ji Ho: To be honest, putting guys from different background isn’t the easiest job, but when we all play the game until wears out, that’s not so bad.  And now it’s look like we’re all improving a lot.

Lee Haneul: There’s was a time that I found difficult to trained.[Laugh]For the first time, I really don’t know how this kind of baseball team thing will be broadcast. But we just goes with our heart whether entering the stadium to play, or going picnic [ps: the format as I see just same as 1n2d’s, going out from place to place, but this one is for playing against baseball team from the city that their visiting]

Q:  Oh Ji Ho who’s coming out as one of the member of ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ in a entertainment variety program, what kind of reason behind your decision to join them or it’s just to increase your popularity?

Oh Ji Ho: To increase my popularity is one of the reason to be in the show, but behind that I love to play baseball and already on a star’s baseball team Albatross. Before joining the team, I talk a lot regarding the show with Lee Haneul, Kim Chang Ryul and Im Chang Jun. But bottom line is, I really want to play baseball.

[I want to give up…but, I’ll try to continue the interviews. But for now, I just want to put the pictures credit goes to 10asia]












PS: I read on soompi that Lee Hyun Bae manage to do a Homerun on episode 27. I haven’t watch it yet because suddenly my media player can’t read the file. Arggg!! But I’ll wait for someone to save me when they put it on YT channel. I’m going crazy because I can’t stream the latest episode on MU…




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