Me And The Toilet


I want to write this up because I found my match. I know it gross *wink*

You all know right? If you like writing stories, the place for searching the idea is a place that gives you ton of tons idea, like visiting a park, a lake, coffee house, or far away from the hectic city.

When I was writing the idea of my next fan fictions ‘Invincible Baseball Team’, the idea appear suddenly when I’m doing ‘the big job’ on the toilet. That’ why when people around me asking, ‘Mei, you’re stuck on your job and never take any vacation to any place. How can you build up the idea for your writing stuff?’

When they ask that kind of things, I just answer them, my idea were flooding if I’m in the toilet. I swear, the idea suddenly pops out of nowhere! That’s why since I know that kind of thing will happen so suddenly, I always take a small notebook and a pen when I discover my ability since middle school. Now I’m using my mobile phone to write it down.

My little sister told me about her friend who always studying for his exam while in the toilet makes him more concentrate and can pull out good grade. She never know why he can do that? So, I think even we’re not in the same subject getting a good grades. But at least he’s right about the ‘concentration’ thing about it.

Hehehe…so, I found my match! Dude…you gotta hang on.  Even it sounds weird, but we livin it don’t we?!

Toilet rulezzzzzzzzzzz!!!



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