Eunchoding sing a song

epi126 credit picture to bee@soompi.

My favorite guy beside Lee Seung Gi the ‘huhdang’ from 1 Night 2 Days sing a nursery song in noraebang game for lunch on episode 126. Well, if Seung Gi already sing Noul with a slow beat…then who took up the upbeat rhymes is none other than Eun choding. I love him singing the song with high anticipation that he’ll not making any mistake like his hyung’s — Lee Sugeun’s make mistake by blabbering half of the songs because he don’t remember the lyric. It’s funny when he goes off taking another chances with the same song, but instead now he sing it by spelling word by word and what Sugeun do just makes me laugh so hard that my customers looking at me at my desk , and while Kim C mistaken the words on the lyric, Kim C get the same song Noul as Seunggi’s.

But this choding will make it rite for his hommies! Ya’ll clappin’…with one try and child-like expression while singing, he saved his lunch box from being taken away by bad-bad Na PD. Hahaha…

This is the romanization the song that Eun Choding sang it on noraebang game:

Kaulgil which mean Autumn Road if I’m not mistaken.

Kaulgil [romanization by. Dangyunhaji]

norahgae norahgae muldeuronae

ppalgahgae ppalgahgae muldeuronae

parahgae parahgae nuppun haneul

kaul gireun goeun gil

tralalala tralalala tralalala norae burumyeon

sannomo mulgonno ganeungil

kaul gireun bidan gil

I don’t have the song, but if you guys have it just tell me where can I download it. Okay?!And for Lee Seung Gi’s Noul lyric you can go to katja blog’s, my sweet bokbulbok friend

Oh, for a treat…I’ll give you Mujogeon by Park Sang Chul.

The lyric for Mujogeon has gone awry you know, it’s hard for me to write it down without knowing the hangul lyric. So, I just write what my ears heard.

Mujogeon – Park Sang Chul

Cha chara chachacha…

Cha chara chachacha…

Mujogeon mujogeoniyaaa…

Cha chara chara chara cha cha cha…

nega piryohaltae nareul bulojyeo

onje neunji dalyeogalkae

na chaedo joa maeum edo joa

onje neunji dalyeogalkae

dareun saramdeuri nareul burumyeon

hanchameul saenggake utgetjiman

dangshineun nareul bulojundamyeon

mujogeon dalyeogalkoya

cha chara chara chara cha cha cha…

dangshineul hyangeun naye sarangeun

mujogeon mujogeoniya

dangshineul hyangeun naui-ye sarangeun

deukdeup sarangiyaaa….

daepyeong yangeul geonno

daeso yangeul geonno

indo yangeul geonoseorado

dangshini burumyeon dalyeogalkoya

mojogeon dalyeogalkoyaaaaa…

cha chara chara chara cha cha cha


4 thoughts on “Eunchoding sing a song

  1. gw suka bgt nonton episod ini, palagi pas mereka ber6 nyanyi smua

    Kim C aja yg biasanya diam, ikutan nyanyi sambil ketawa2.

    gw jg ngakak nguling2 yg pas segeun nyanyi word by word n tiba2 salah krn spellingnya ga pas kekekekkeke

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