I’m Glad Yoo PD getting much airtime this time!!


I know this is bad situation for Kim C being deserted from ‘the sense’ game previously on the flower field on episode 129. But for PD Yoo and Daeju stalker like me….it was like HEAVEN!!

This time, the crew set up a companion for Kim C. 1 PD and 1 VJ to accompany him walking stranded on the highway to meet the rest of the team. The PD is none other than PD Yoo [I always heard Hodong calling him Yoo PD, but sometimes when I look up on the net I found his name was Ryu Ho Jin] anyway…I love the way the show ‘self-promoting’ the crew or the staff member like they did to Daeju [I know it wasn’t intended too, but they get along with the boys ad-libbing for the sake of the show like a pro — comically or shyly appearances].Probably this two were the first faces ambassador  of  1 Night 2 Days crew when the 1 Night 2 Days team got their own mascot which is Sangeuni, I miss him already. I hope he’s better now and could run along with the boys and probably attacking Jiwon again.







The reason why I like him now, he’s getting chubbier than when I saw him for the first time, when Kang Dodong decide to pull a prank on him in ‘hidden-camera’ heist. Indeed,  now there’s 2 celebrities from the crew and staff side. Hahaha…I don’t know what happen to me, probably some ‘maknae’ syndrome start creeping me out here and there.

While Hodong, Sugeun, and Seunggi’s had their blast with rock-paper-scissors game and wait who’s going to be thrown out into the water. in this case, even though Sugeun and Seunggi is the winner, siberian yasaeng tiger Kang Hodong strenght makes Seunggi’s body move itself into the water while the culprit Hodong running away, leaving our huhdang on ‘what the heck?’ mode.




And wild monkey can’t stand with hunger, shouted to his hyung’s : Feed me!!

And I hope that ladydeebutterfly and her viewer’s team be chosen to join these 6 crazy guy on the trip!! If the PD choses them it would be awesome. Fighting!

Mei shouting: EEBAK EEL!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Glad Yoo PD getting much airtime this time!!

    • agree with you sis…he look like a japanese 🙂

      Hahaha…his present for me is when he’s singing karaoke with passionate heart…kekeke.

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