Welcome to Lee Seung Gi’s Hell Chicken

Not For Fainted Heart!!Bwuahahah….ROFL.

But from what I’ve see…It’s Seunggi’s Hell Kitchen!!


And when you think Halloweens is over…

The nightmare actually starts now.

This is what happens when a young boy is obsessed with chicken BBQ…the story starts getting freaky!!


This innocent boy possessed/obsesses with BBQ recipe, even his hyung told him not to cook and wrap the poor chicken with a plastic wrap. He still doing it!

For his hyung’s just looking at him doing so, it’s antagonizing!



They worried about what’s going to happen with the naked chicken that Seunggi abuse for his BBQ recipe….


Poor chicken with plastic wrap bondage it’s killing me with hard laugh…


Seung gi’s huhdang head is really hard to get. First when he seasoned the chicken with all the stuff that he bought on the supermarket. He seasoned the chicken like he’s making some pottery at elementary school. Second, I wonder he read the book right? I love his huhdang-ish more severs to make the whole episode funny to watch.


It’s funny when his hyung went straight to help him…to make the chicken sit straight!!



This innocent boy might need some exorcism ritual to makes him snaps back into the reality that he cannot be Mong Janggeum.




I’m thinking the same way as Seugeun, with a beer can stuck on the chicken like that. Probably it will turn the chicken as a rocket and flew to the sky…love the way they edited using Fly Me To the Moon song as the background the chicken blown away and up it goes to the moon — the way Seugeun criticize him are so hilarious.


But at least after Hodong help pouring the beer to the chicken, he’s admitting that cooking was to hard on him.



His stare are giving you guys a goosebumps right? How cute he is holding the chicken like that…

But this horror show isn’t over, what’s good about Halloweens is, after you said Trick…you goes to Treat, right?

After busy tricking the chicken, now is the treat time with Lee Su Geun, the real gee-dragon!

For kid’s at home. Take my note carefully…Even how starve you are, just wait until the food serves on the table. A little patience, will pay you much after it! If you don’t, you’ll be like this ajussi. Hahahaha!


He scoop a spoon full rice, biting a green chili pepper with grace…. but the result is…painful!


I love he’s breathing fire because it’s too spicy to handle….



His face…lol…it must be very spicy!!

But he don’t want to be alone fighting this ridiculous spicyness and decide to have a fellow sufferer. Let the devil make his turn!


To Seunggi’s who already have a hard time with his obsessive BBQ syndrome….


I can’t stop laughing even while posting this screen caps on this blog they all toooo funny!! Aigooo…my stomach hurt because I’m laughing so much. Episode 129 was epic…

Forever 1N2D!!! Thank’s for the laugh guys.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lee Seung Gi’s Hell Chicken

    • it cracked me up too…I guess ‘if you like something, it doesn’t need words to understand’ hahaha…that’s what i think when i watch the show without subs. sorry for my bad writing..

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