Eun Choding Flash-back ^ ^


For Eunchoding fans…[I admit, in 1N2D’s I’m a fans of Seunggi and Eunchoding. But since 2004 I already fell in love with Eun Jiwon. Why??? That BIG old poster of Eunchoding with Lim Eun Kyeong is the one main reason after Schekies] Still remember that movie, about Ahn Pyeonggang [Lim Eun Kyung] and Park Ondal [Eun Jiwon] after-century-love story theme? It basely lose from the Legend of Princess Pyeonggang love story with Ondal the Fool.

During King PYEONGGANG period in GOGURYEO, a funny looking but good hearted man named Ondal lived. He was as poor as poor can be, and begged food for his blind mother.
He hung around the neighborhood in rags and worn shoes.Everyone on the street called him Ondal the fool. Meanwhile, King PYEONGGANG had a daughter who cried a lot. To tease her, the King would say,”You are such a cry baby, and will never make a proper wife for a prince, so I will have to marry you off to Ondal.”
When Princess PYEONGGANG turned 16, the King arranged for her a marriage with a high official in the royal court, but the princess raised an objection.
“You always said that you would marry me off to Ondal, and now you are breaking your word. Even common people try to keep their words, and what you are trying to do now is beneath your dignity. I cannot obey your order.”
The King got furious, and said,
“You don’t listen to me, and I don’t have a daughter. Now we cannot live together any more, and you might as well do what you please.”
The Princess left the palace, with several dozens of gold bracelets on her elbow.
She found her way to Ondal’s house, where his blind mother greeted her. She bowed to his mother, and asked Ondal’s whereabout. The elderly mother said,
“You smell like a lady, and speak like one. You must be of a noble family, and my son doesn’t deserve a lady like you. He was born of such a poor family, and has nothing to eat, so he went into the woods to look for some bark, and is not back home yet.”
The princess went out to find Ondal, and ran into him at the base of the mountain where he was looking for bark, and on the spot, she proposed to him, who was offended by her marriage proposal, and said,
“Get away from me. Don’t ever come near me. You must be a fox or a witch to act in this manner.” He turned and hurried away. Undiscouraged, the princess followed him, and slept the night under his fence, and the next morning entered his house and explained what’s on her mind. Ondal was still suspicious of her and undecided when his mother piped up,
“My son is not so bright as to be the husband of a princess, and our house is so humble that we cannot invite you in. Now , what shall we do?”
The Princess responded,
” It is not what one has, but what he has that matters.
Wealth and rank has no place in the matter of marriage.”
Ondal and his mother could not refuse her any longer, and they decided to live together. The princess sold the gold bracelets she had, and bought a house, paddy fields, a cow and a horse, and housewares, and then asked Ondal to buy a horse,saying”Don’t buy a horse grown by common people. Buy one from soldiers who try to get rid of weak and scrawny horses. If you can’t find such one, buy a healthy looking horse, and exchange it later for a sick one.”

Ondal did exactly as he was told, and the princess took good care of the horse, which grew healthier every day.
In GOGURYEO on March 3rd of every year, people gathered at Mt.NAKRANG to hunt boars
and deer and offer them to the heaven and the gods of the mountain. On that day, the King, with all his officials and soldiers, joined the people, On this occassion, Ondal distinguished himself above the crowd by capturing the most animals. The King noticed him and asked his name, and was impressed. Shortly after, Emperor MUJE from HUJU invaded YODONG, and the King fought him in the field of BAESAN. Ondal distinguished himself in the war, and killed dozens of enemies. Others followed him, and they won a victory. Returning in triumph, Ondal was considered the best soldier, and King PYEONGGANG finally recognized him as his legitimate son-in-law, and appointed him to office, and favored him so much that Ondal prospered day after day.
After King YANGKANG acceded to the throne, Ondal said to the King,

“SINRA conquered our territory and divided it into their GUN and HYEON. Our people still want their land back, so with your permission to mobilize the military, I’d like to get our land back from SINRA.”

Granted the permission from the King, Ondal left for the battlefield with his soldiers, and swore,

“I shall not return unless I get our land back.”

Ondal got killed on the battleground, and when the soldiers tried to proceed the funeral, his casket didn’t budge a bit until Princess PYEONGGANG came and touched the casket, saying,

“Life and death, it’s already decided. So, may you rest peacefully now.”

The King cried out loud over this sad story.

I still have the DVD since 2004, and even how much I repeat on my player…I never get bored looking at his choding face,  and behavior duh…it’s sooooo him.

The story begin when Pyeonggang mother being told by some physician’s that because her daughter name derives from the legend of Princes Pyeonggang of Goguryo who married with Ondal the fool. Now her spirit reincarnated as her daughter, that’s explains how her strange behavior always crying for no reason, the only way to stop her tears was by saying, ‘Stop it! or I’ll marrying you of with Ondal the fool’, after the magic word been cast — she’ll stop her crying. On the other hand, her predicament are worst. She’ll die reaching her 16 years of age if  she cannot married with Ondal the fool. The mother were pissed!

Pyeonggang now are one of the tough high school girl. Even she can beat dozen of guys and be independent in her own way. She still fear the predicament after a truck almost hit her out of no where. But at the same time, a very shy guy name Ondal appear as a transfer student. AND you can guess how hilarious counterpart when Pyeonggang and her two best friend planning to make Ondal fall for Pyeonggang. But Ondal isn’t an easy guy to deal with. Because he isn’t that fool to take all her seductive plan. So she chases him until he’s calling it quit and marrying her for good.


At that time, I would love chasing Eun Jiwon if I meet him or become one of my classmate. Haha…and ask him to marry me! Hey…come on, I’m only 20 when I saw him on that movie ^  ^ and fall in love like crazy.

I forgot about him, but since 1N2D’s viruses breaking all my cells on my 98 mark of IQ

: p…I start to cling on him again. He still have that smile…the ‘Ondal the fool’ smile.

That’s all folks…and now I’m questioning my self why I write this post?

See, this kind of thing always happen to me, keep forgetting why I do or write something up ^ ^…

Mei signing off!



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