Invincible Baseball Team VS 마이무따아이가

[Credit] And I changes the music background on my blog just to cheers them up!! It’s Superhero by Lee Seung Hwan [Mixed-up Investigation Agency ost]

I’m envy to those people who watch the game live.

Invincible Baseball Team has done their job very well in every trial game they had in the past, with several wins and looses. But, since when their baseball skills are leveled up?!

For Kim Sung Soo, Oh Ji Ho, and Jobin. I can’t say anything else beside excellent, because they look calm even under pressured by all the home team who has over rated skills. Probably its because they are the ‘Ace’ player ^ ^  for the team. Haha!

And of course the ‘Seop Seop guy’ Lee Haneul. He’s sometimes makes a good batter or just wait calculating for the right ball to come so he can walk away to the first base. For me, looking at him being under pressure because the home team was an ex-pro major league baseball team in Korea I supposed, because there’s one of the scene from the home team ‘마이무따아이가’ [My Mother’s Child?]says so. Now He’s mature a little bit on the field, he knows what he lacks of and try to cover it up with something from his immature mind.

If you guys saw the first commemoration ceremony between two team, its a nerves wreacking for The IBT team. Haneul kept saying that his heart going to jumps from his body, the maknae Dong Ho who’s stand in front of Min Gwan being picked by him to stand still because Mingwan thought that Dong Ho’s being vulnerable. This is their first game with the ex-pro major league players and their just amateur who dream to went pro’s. Give them props for that one.

After being choose by withdrawn lottery, IBT team VS  마이무따아이가

And IBT team being dilligent about their game after several loses and winning, they must set up their own pace of the game. Haha…I bet now the PD wants them to win either then just entertaining variety shows.

From D-15 until D-Day…IBT doing their best even with some flops here and there because of their job as entertainer/actors. Kim C bound to 1 Night 2 Days and come right away after finish recording a couple hour before the game were start and Dong Ho’s who must attend U-KISS show case in a music programs. I’m happy that his hyung’s really care about him as a maknae on the team, how lovely his hyung’s and noona[Baek Jiyoung] watching his appearance on TV in the bus and dance-singing along with his song. You gotta love Oh Ji Ho who called Dong Ho to tease him about his song title’s 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni).

After counting the minutes, the game between Invincible Baseball Team and 마이무따아이가 start.

The tensions at the 2nd inning when IBT score 1 point is aggravating me…even the home team tell us that their skills of determination were something not for us to laugh about. Their good!!

But dang, the game wasn’t over yet on TV! I have to wait until this saturday to come. I believe Dong Ho do something great to watch on…for quite sometimes, Dong Ho always be the life saver at crusial moment at the end of the game or the peak when their lost hope about the game. I hope this time miracle happens too :crossing finger:

Pictures below

Sorry for my poor English n baseball dictionary!

Saturday please come…T T

Mei sign off!!



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