Invincible Baseball Team Affections

This is the cut of episode 32 from IBT, when the hyung’s cheering Dong Ho the ‘maknae’ from the bus. At that time Dong Ho must perform with his group ‘U-KISS’, love their affection, especially Oh Ji Hoo…

credit@ohriman YT


I’m lazy, but because the conversations between them are interesting, I wrote what they’re talking about on the phone.

Oh Ji Ho: Where are you now?

Dong Ho: I’m still at the music bank.

Oh Ji Ho: Everyone here saw you, you came out at the easy part right?[Dong Ho’s song ‘man man ha ni’ means Am I that easy? So, Oh Ji Ho playing that title song to tease him]

Dong Ho: If I knew all of you were watching, I could’ve done better!

Oh Ji Ho: So if you knew, you’ll perform better?It’s so easy to talk. [teasing him again with his tittle song]

Dong Ho: Hyungnim, I’m coming right away.

Oh Ji Ho: Who do you want to talk to? I’ll give the phone to the easiest person, so who do you want to talk?

Dong Ho: Haneul hyung!

Oh Ji Ho give the phone to Lee Ha Neul.

Lee Ha Neul: WHAT? Am I that easy to you? Dong ho, I’m sending helicopter for you,so come. But the helicopter would land in dokdo, so you just get off in dokdo!

Dong Ho: I can’t hyuuung!

Lee Haneul : Dong ho, its okay if you don’t come.

Dong Ho: Hahaha, no,no. I have to come! I’ll be there quickly!

동동도로동동동 동동도로동동 호!!


2 thoughts on “Invincible Baseball Team Affections

    • iya katja…Seunggi ma Dong Ho,,maknae yg jd kebanggaan para hyungnim. inet gw rada lemot stream di lady gaga buat 1n2d T T,,,sedih. makanya liat ini dulu soalnya di tudou stream lama tp donlot cepet…padahal pgn liat 1n2d pada perosotan celana….:ngiler: -nya cm liat Seunggi ma jiwon…:p

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