Prince of Variety is back on 1 Night 2 Days!!

Am I the only one who’s really happy about his return to his root on 1N2D show? With many of Korean entertainment talent nowadays, I found two people who still a ‘hot item’ on the scene like him and NRG’s Lee Sung Jin. I know its bias to overlooked their comedy act from variety show back then like ‘X-man’ or ‘Love Letter’, but his cutesy and witty side makes me laughing out loud when re-watching the old programs, over all he’s a great entertainer same as Lee Sung Jin.

Like I’ve said  before I’m very happy he’ll will join his comrades on 1 Night 2 Days, with him there, there’s gonna be tons battle of the wit’s between him and the rest of the gang to entertain us. I love the tension when the other member doesn’t wanna talk about their Pandora box Kim Jong Min, in their mind they actually think…’If he’s discharged from the military, who’s gonna be replaced by him?!’…When I heard that kind of stuff, even the members say it as a jokes, I’m cringe on my seat and said, “Wait?! If one of them being replace for Kim Jong Min,,,I’m not gonna watch the show again! But if the production team bring him along as the 7th members. I’ll take back my word and support 1n2d!”

So now I’m glad when hearing the news about the PD just adding one more cast not reducing it. Manseeeeh!! Kim Jong Min just like dumb and dumber in a whole packaged.

Well, the bad news is his group member[Koyote] Baekga diagnose with brain tumor after receiving a standard MRI scan. He was involved in a small car accident and was feeling dizzy, so the doctors recommended an MRI Scan and found the tumor.

When the three now reunited as a group again, hearing this sad news just bring tears to me. I love Koyote’s songs, love the bubbly Shin Ji, dumb Kim Jong Min, and the unique Baekga.

I hope things turn around for Baekga, wish him luck too for the treatment.

Reminiscent of Kim Jong Min in 1 Night 2 Days

credit@Riddlebox YT

and Koyote Bingo’s — one of my favorite songs for Christmas.

credit@onefntalan YT


2 thoughts on “Prince of Variety is back on 1 Night 2 Days!!

  1. hey, u’re not the only one who’s really happy about Jongmin’s return to 1N2D, chill out sist! Just wondering, how come they will play Bok Bul Bok game with 7 members? how is the pairing will be? because we can’t be having the guys play againts the staff all the time, rite?

    aigoo…I think we have so much in common
    You’re a fan of x-man & love letter, so do I..
    You love to watch Jongmin & Sungjin on x-man, so do I..
    Are we fraternal twins? hehehehe.. ^_^

  2. wwell~~~ uhmm…he can play bokbulbok with sangeun-i…hehehehe…:p

    But I think the PD n the scriptwriter gonna find solution about the games. Sometimes I feel feed up too with the repeated game of BBB–and I know I’m still ROFL about it :p too…I don’t mind if they were divided to 4 against 3,,,as long Jiwon doesn’t in the same team with Jong Min. Because those two were the perfect example of a sly-witted con man,,,like I said battle of the wit. Hahaha!

    This is an amazing stories…’Long lost twins get together because they were a fans of TV program’ — sure, we can be twins ^ ^v…

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