Introducing My City

Well, this picture doesn’t belong to me. All credit to rpoppy@flickr and also Gregory-widya and mine of course.

I want to take picture too, but since my camera on my phone can’t work out due unreasonable thing that I can’t remember why? I just posted up from other source.

My hometown isn’t Sukabumi, but a place called ‘Parungkuda’ where I grow-up until graduated from Jr.High. But moved out from there to Sukabumi to finishing my HS years.

It’s too crowded now…

I remember when our HS marching band troops rehearsal at this place with the heat of August, my PE teacher used to make us run 12 minutes trailing the track. And if you see the big building as the background of this picture, across the building lies my ex-alma mater BSI Sukabumi before changing names into Nusa Mandiri. I used to jog’s with my friends every Sunday morning when we still a bummer, every Sunday the scenery just like in the picture.

If you found this train station…its near to my house.

I took this picture while I was going to work…when the feasting Islamic month Ramadhan started…the road always over crowded by merchant from all over Sukabumi and of course the consumer’s.  I live near traditional market, so this kind of situation is a daily scenery for me.

It’s very contras right? That scene is in front of my work place. The old man who sits on the table is Mang Aja [grandpa Aja]. He’s nice and working as an errand guy, he’s old but still healty. And the one who sits on the ground, we all called him ‘A Cong’. He had a mental illness since young, and not scary.

And now…my house. I took this pictures when there’s a sudden flood in April, so it’s a little bit messy.

There you go…a little bit stories about my city.

Now,now make a guess in which house that I lived? Haha…kidding.

Mei signing out!


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