Invincible Baseball Team show more affections

Last Saturday show was really sad and heart warming. Why? Because they don’t play any game, it just the continuations of episode 34. On episode 34, IBT have a match with Nonghyup baseball team. I guess this team were a company team from Nonghyup, who produced dairy farm like rice. Because at that match, CEO of Nonghyup company attend and gives his word toward the IBT players to give them notice that this match is a charity match.

The rules just like this for IBT, if IBT players bat and run, and then safe to the first base. They will get 10 bags of rice [each base = 10 bags], so if they bat far and manage to secure on the third base alone, they’re getting 30 bags of rice. The rice that they win would be gives for donation to elderly citizen who live alone.

Well, the IBT doesn’t win the game, but managed collected 210 bags of rice. They split into several team to visit the elderly citizen. Looking at how the elderly citizen live alone and desolated makes my heart hurt and thinking, there’s a slight of chances that in 20 or 30 years later I would live like that–but I prayed not.

There’s is one peculiar elderly citizen that Han Min Gwan and Kim Sung Soo visit. An old man who can’t walk — a little bit cripple. Kim Sung Soo saw something fishy on one of the old man foot toes– how should I say it? His toes just like a dry black branch. So He and Min Gwan insist to bring the old man to get treatment.

When both of them plus the old man in the hospital, the MD diagnose it as a result of tobacco consume for a long time which mean the old man is a heavy smoker. The disease called Buerger’s. Here’s the link to know better Buerger’s Disease.

Thank god the old man received treatment before it’s too late prolly due amputations. Get well soon haraboji, and quit smoking!!

Mei singing off!!

Happy Holiday….


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