Kang Ho Dong Wins a Grand Prix at KBS Entertainment Award

Variety show host Kang Ho-dong won the 2009 KBS Entertainment Grand Prix for the second consecutive year in an award ceremony held at the KBS New Hall on Saturday.

The 39-year-old raised viewer ratings of his show, “One Night Two Days”, by nearly 40 percent, beating his rivals, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kyung-gyu, who also have entertainment programs.

Ms. Park Mi-sun, 42, snatched the top prize in the show/entertainment division, and Park Sung-ho, 36, won in the comedy division.

Oh Na-mi and Huh Kyung-hwan were honored with the best rookie awards in the female and male comedian division, respectively, while Kim Shin-young and Chun Hyun-moo received the best rookie of the year award in the female and male entertainment show division, respectively.

The other sectional winners at the KBS Entertainment Grand Prix for 2009 are

▲TV Writer in Comedy ­ Paek Sung-woo (comedy Gag Concert)

▲TV Writer in Show/Entertainment ­ Chung Han-wook( National Singing Contest)

▲Best Idea Award ­ Miss Kang at Backstage (comedy Gag Concert)

▲Best Entertainer Award Kim Sung-min, Kim Tae-won, Lee Ha-neul

▲Best Teamwork Award ­ Invincible Baseball Club

▲Special Award ­ Dr. Kwon Oh ­ jung

▲Best Female Award in Comedy­ Kang Yoo-mi, Ahn Young-mi

▲Best Male Award in Comedy ­ Yoon Hyung-bin

▲Best Female Award in Show/Entertainment ­ Shin bong-su

▲Best Male Award in Show/Entertainment ­ Lee Soo-geun

▲Best Program Award given by viewers ­ Happy Sunday

Congratz Siberian yasaeng super horangi~ ~ ~

Korean Times


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