Thinking about HIATUS

Hiatus may refer to: a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Well, because in  4 days I must think carefully about resign from this 4 years breathtaking job ( in 4 years I think I develop, nausea, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart attack all combine ~ crazy!!). This job isn’t a stepping stone, but a fisherman net. I can’t even walk or making a jump!!

Like Freddy said on the song, “I WANT TO BREAK FREE!”

So, I think I’m going on hiatus for a while on this blog. But I’m still maintaining the Invincible Baseball Team via PC room, because thank goodness the show aired once in a week so I can go on updating on the weekend. But if I got a new job and pays well ~ I’m considering to beg my mom to split my sum half and half. I’m a money wiser if  I spend it on some internet facilities at my home than buying stuff, so we can meet again ^ ^ soooooonnnn!!

I still want to write all about Korea, my original work (stories), my rant/happiness about life, my favorites drama, my addiction to 1 Night 2 Days and also see my Baseball team progressing.

Down the Avenue

by. Fatima @poetry of life

I’m tired, exhausted,
The trees down the avenue cannot be counted
I’m running too fast.

My mouth is dry
I see a stream nearby
Water won’t quench my thirst
It is not what I need

My heart pounds into my ribcage
So intense, tears stream down my cheeks
But I must keep running
My compass points into this direction

Nothing in this world is to console this moment
For it the too painful
For it is too deep
For it is within my soul

The sun has moved across the sky
Shadows have grown taller
It feels like my lungs are on fire as I try to catch my breath
I cannot run any longer

This moment is to be short-lived
The trees tell me they take a deep breath and grow taller
The caterpillar says that it will evolve into a beautiful, colourful butterfly
There is hope, I am alive.

Mei signing offfffffffffffffffffffff!!

Thanks for reading my blog…I’m surprise it hitting 6,522. See you all, when I see you?


4 thoughts on “Thinking about HIATUS

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