Stars Falling From The Sky

Does someone watching this hilarious and heartwarming drama?

Well, at first I’m being skeptical that this one might drown to my sink just like other ‘fun’ drama. But after I watch one episode, I’m craving to watch more and today I finish watching until episode 8 ~ grrrrr…I have to wait for another week to catch up! I love it ❤ ❤

My first impression…I hate Jin Pal Kang [Choi Jung-won] she’s 25 but act like she was 10. Dreamy is alright, but if too over dose…it’s a plain moron.

She live with her big chaotic family consist a good hearted mom and doctor dad, also 5 adopted siblings. Even they always quarrel each time dealing with their irresponsible daughter and older sister, basically they are such a warm and loving family.

I found her very immature and embarrassing — the way she throw herself just to attract the man she fall for 5 years just to secure her vivid dream.

She dream that he would fall in love with her when she had this epic scenario’s about she play double role as a maid and a lover to his prince charming Won Kang-ha, the perfect prince charming. Even he always rudely demised her, she still idolizing him…well, she’s kinda pathetic. If you watch, you’ll know what I mean ~ hehe.

But in the real world…that perfect prince charming gives me an UH-OH! HE isn’t perfect. He’s cold, he’s rude and he’s snobby [but I can forgive him because he’s such a hottie and always gime me a fan service~abs… 😉 ]

He’s sooooo different from his younger brother Won Jun-ha [Shin Dong-wook], he might look like a playboy but his heart is a heart of an angel.

After watching it. I realize ~ well, not only me who think that it has a similarity with ‘Shining Inheritance’ and also a little bit of  ‘You’re Beautiful’— both aired on SBS. But the difference about this show with Shinning Inheritance, the story isn’t draggy between the strings tragic event that cast the Jin family under a hardship life after their parents died of a [premature]car accident. The ‘You’re Beautiful’ thingy is the characters on the guy side.



I see Kang-ha resemblance of Hwang Tae Kyung, the ‘don’t touch me and my things– can you please get the hell out of my room– don’t show YOUR face in front of me or you die’, but Hwang Taekyung has a soft spot in his heart while Kang-ha seems don’t give a damn![BTW, their bathroom is Hwang Tae-kyung bathroom :p]

Won Jun-ha and  Shin-woo. Both are ideal type of a perfect prince charming, but for the story itself — we know how it will go right? Second lead guys always dump in the end by the girl. Because the girl love the bad guy turn her own prince charming. I hate this shift from rooting second lead guy to be together with the girl…but I’m enjoying the fact that the main lead guy open up his heart, falling in love and try his best to protect her as much as the second guy did to her.

Taegyu and Jeremy. When I thought Jeremy was a cute weird one, Taegyu is even weirder but cute on his own thought. I love the way he always jump into conclusion that makes everyone cringe every time he speak his mind. First, he’s just like Jin Pal Kang…annoys me everytime I see him. But when the story grows up. His comic reliever act makes me wanna squeeze him or even abduct him to be my boyfriend — I know it was a crazy idea, but y’all know only weird people can read mind of the other weird people like mine. Haha.

And for Jin Pal Kang characters :

I heart her and the way she protect her siblings it just like all sisters in the whole world would do if had unfortunate events. I know I’ll do the same…dump all guys and make my family as a number one priority to survive from this harsh world. She grown up, learn and gain something to move forward. Past is past…I cry every time she deals with new catastrophe in her daily life, but the heartwarming side is that she learn from it and back up with the strong force of happiness. Just like Eun-soo from Shinning Inheritance — like I said, the plot is rather similar.

But the epic one is Jin Pal Kang adopted siblings…all of them were awesome, brilliant cast. Especially all of my life, I saw Park Ji-bin as another great rising child actor along side Yoo Seung Ho.

Both of them got them self a fairy godmother in disguise :

All I can say, even rather similar…it’s promising. Nuff said 😆

cred YT@ HiddenSkyLight

And you guys can watch it on mysoju

Mei signing off ~


6 thoughts on “Stars Falling From The Sky

  1. I just finished till epi 4 today, what I can say: this drama is worthwhile enough to watch. Hehe..since I don’t like to watch YAB, so I think this drama has a similarity with “Shining Inheritance” and “My Girl”.. Thank u so much 4 suggesting this drama to me, sist 😀

    • u welcome katja…glad you like it!

      about similarity I said 3rd. SI,YAB, and the whole ‘looking for my son off-spring out there’~ agree with My Girl.

  2. I would consider this drama to be a twist of a heartwarming melodrama and a comedy. The first episode was funny in a way of Pal Kang’s childishness and clumsy attitude but after the first few episodes of Pal Kang’s change you can see her mature side.
    This drama is for everyone!

    • If bad things happen it will change people mindset.Hopefully it won’t be draggy, because I love this drama and like how Kang-ha’s changes his life style one step at a time 🙂

  3. This drama is getting better, start from episode 5, I think. So I decided to stick till the end.

    It’s heartwarming, funny, and how I looooove Nami the baby…. gemeeezzzz……..

    Well, reminiscing the withdrawl sindrome of “Smile, You” soon-to-be-ending, this drama will be on my list absolutely…..

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