Why sageuk=tragic ending?

From all historical dramas that catches my eyes to watch it until it finish, all of them has tragic ending and that’s not cool! But when they make me feels great and have  high hopes from the story – well they are making me feel that way, but after I stuck with the dramas from the beginning. Why oh why they always makes the ending so — unwatchable. Nothing weird from the dramas itself, but writers?? You should makes the ending are bearable to watch. The only dramas that satisfied me with good ending storylines is one and only Dae Jang Geum — The protagonist and her lover and their child get together after been torn here and there by the bullies to live happily ever after. Everyone stuck with the drama just to watch happy ending right? I am complaining because from what I see, they deserved to have a happy ending life after those unfortunate event that rocking their mind mid-crazy.

First of all, because I come home late from my work I didn’t have a chance to watch TV because the drama air time isn’t really friendly to me, not only for watching Korean drama but US drama too. And I’m not too fond of buying dramas series because it’s a little expensive than buying one shot-movie, so I spend my money for the movie instead of drama series. Watching K-Movie is my guilty pleasure, I had 200 pieces or even more if I don’t lended it to my friends (For the all the person who borrow my DVD, RETURN IT PLEASE!!) anyway, because everyone telling me that HONG GIL DONG is an awsome fusion-sageuk drama…I told myself that isn’t hurt to bear my eyes with that old-fashioned outfits that Kang Ji-whan, Sung Yuri, and Jang Geun-suk wears. And Hong Gil Dong marks my first attempt watching sageuk drama (I know I have watch Sea Gods, and Lee Bo Young’s drama with the guy from 1 mom, 3 dads — but because I don’t have any interest, I guess my brains doesn’t record it well so they doesn’t have special traits on my mind).

Reason why I watch Hong Gil Dong :


1. Of course it’s all about Kang Ji Hwan who’s doing martial art, kicking, punching, wiring, and all…where do I can get both looks and actions from him (I don’t like Movie in A Movie pairing with So Ji Sub, not because the pairing, but probably I don’t get with the storyline even they had a fighting scene).
2. To learn how far Sung Yuri can act on this one since everybody tell me that she’s not doing it well with her other drama, I watch Snow Queen — even it’s not happy ending, but I’m happy that Hyun Bin characters have his own happiness with the girl memories on his life (I watch drama or movie not because I want to criticize on everything, I’m watching it for fun though ^ ^)
3. Jang Geun Suk — who I can’t resist to see him in this 24 episode drama, watching him and Kang, even I’m now 25 years old spinster’s it’s just like living with them for a couple of days till the drama finished and then again my dream comes true. Hahaha…
4. I heard that this drama is from an old book about so-called Korean Robin Hood in Chosun era…I’m a person who digs historical event so it’s some what worthy for me. AND sure it’s AWSOME!!
5. I heard that this drama is one with completely have modern vibe while remaining set in the Chosun era, the language isn’t so old by the way they use some slang too.
6. I love to see the guy who played Chi-soo (actor In Seong) the bodyguard…hehehe.
7.Because in 2007-2008 there’s no good drama this one is an exceptions for me to watch…

The reason why I’m whining :

It’s all about the ending!!

Some people like me not happy about the ending, I know they wrap it up in a beautifully scene, (sigh) — it’s a bittersweet ending.

Quotes  :
Enok : “Should we make a wish?”
Gil Dong
: “In this situation?”
Enok: “It looks like they’re bidding us a nice farewell.”
Gil Dong: “We’ll be going together.”

The reason why I watch Iljimae :


1. I’m not avid fans of Lee Jun Ki, but when I heard that he do all the fighting scene without even use a stunt-man, bravo for him…
2.Looking for Han Hyo-joo acting improvement (But fail, she’s too — off the record characters)
3.Because people I knew telling me to watch this Korean Robin Hood tale’s alongside with Hong Gil Dong
4.This drama isn’t bad…I like how Lee Jun Ki over-react characters, loves the dorky dad (my oh my, Lee Mun Shik — you make me teary T T and ^ ^ laugh at the same times)

The reason why I’m whining :

It’s again – all about the ending.
Tragedy T T with no one get together after the turmoil.

The reason why I watch Painter Of The Wind :

Painter of The Wind

1. Because Moon Geun Young looks like a boy in this cross-dressing theme drama, some one pointed that she looks like a Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin when he’s younger.
2. Park Shin Yang, the guy from Lover in Paris is here, not a fans but for the sake of reminicence.
3. The odd love story between Kim Hong Do – Shin Yunbok creeps me out, but over-all is forgiven by the beauty that their portrait on every scene, the resistant and the yearning among Hongdo and Yunbok makes me in on the ‘Oww’ mode.
4.Mostly because supoting actor Lee Joon is here, he’s my first crush since I saw him on Han Ji Hye’s drama with Lee Dong Gun ‘Sweet 18’. His acting amaze me because in a several scene I can feel Youngbok feeling toward Yunbok, my heart feel warm and giddy when Yunbok asking him if there’s actually a girl that he likes? And he just turn away from her sight, feel shy because (I feel) Youngbok likes her, he regret that Yunbok natural behavior as a woman being taken away because some dangerous secrets. And I cry like a river when he sacrifice himself for Younbok dealing with poisonous flowers when he want to give Yunbok his hand-made color powder…crap! All this brother — (girl) little brother love is so lovely.
Lee Joon, I have hope for him to do better ^ ^ and waiting that someday, he’ll will do drama or movie with him as the lead actor…wait, he is being in several movie and dramas too. I guess in the movie ‘Secret Scandal’ he’s the main lead.
5. Bae Soo-bin. He’s cute and charismatic as King Jong-jo.
6.The soundtrack!!! With Joo Sung Mo out from the military service, two of the soundtrack is sung by him and It’s blend well for the drama, of course with Howl on the list participant. I love it, I love the soundtrack!!!!

The reason why I’m whining :

The Ending!!!!

“I am now going to tell you about one person.
Right now…I am happy, yet I am suffering.
I am happy that I remember him…And I am suffering because I am going to lose him.
He was my student…my teacher…my friend…and my lover.”

Yunbok sail away leaving his/er teacher in despair because the king gives her ultimatum to stay away from the kingdom for her own sake of being killed.

The recent one is none other than Queen Seondeok.

The reason why I watch The Great Queen Seondeok :

1. I don’t care about other actors and actresses who plays in this sageuk drama. But I’m gonna watch what ever drama with Kim Nam Gil and Go Hyun Jung in it. Luckily, I’ve got a chance to watch them both act.  And as always, both got their best momment.

2. The story are intense, basically because Mishil and her fractions.

3. Makes me dig the original text on samguk sagi and yusa, learning the Samhan era.

4. Suporting actors at their best too, luckly I saw Lee Mun Shik again with the thought ‘Awsome, he’s gonna at it again?!’ as Jo Bang — the comic reliever. Love the guy as Ryung adopted father in lee Jun-ki’s Iljimae.

5. I thought this drama will be a pure ‘government issues’ than a mere love story. But it gotta a good twist at the end. It’s a love story of Deokman and Bidam.

6. The notable cameo’s. I’m surprise to see Park Jeong-cheol, Moon Ji-yoon, Park Jae-jong and child actor Kim Seok  act as cameo’s.

7. Eye candy Hwarang!!

8. Awesome soundtrack!!

The reason why I’m whinning:

IT obvious because the freakin’ ending!!

Both dies…sigh!!

My humble Opinions  :

See, that’s it! I’m not saying that all of the drama’s that I watch isn’t a good drama. All of them were great and addicting. But the major problem is in the ending — it’s so uncool. I want Hong Gil Dong and Enok to be together, why don’t make them and the rest of he hwalbindang gangs went hiding in China and be a commoners, make them build another Hwalbindang clan in China it’s better than to dissapear (I know they’re all dead) beautifully portrayed.
And about Iljimae, because Ryung and Si-hoo now without family but crazily related, why don’t make both of them like Batman and Robin — hand in hand fight for — of course it’s for greater good!! You know what I’m thinking right?
And for Painter of The Wind, Just make Yunbok gone for a while to hide, add ‘ one years later’ on the screen, we saw her walking with woman dress, georgeous to meet her lover. Hong Do paint some painting on his old shack up in the mountain, the place he and Yunbok share thought, laugh, tears, and angst together. Just like the scene when Hong Do looking for her before she’s gone, she re-enters his life one more time, not for short but forever. And because they doesn’t want troubled the king, both disapear to live happily ever after (I read the real Shin Yunbok story and Kim Hong Do too. It’s still a mystery whether Shin Yunbok is a real woman or a man hiding on a girls penname Hee-won, but her/his painting is really beautiful. His/her style some what opposite with Kim Hong Do’s work interpereted the surrounding they’ve live in).

And for this Silla romantic couple Bideok, let say that Bidam death is a scheme to decoy Mishil fraction who still intact under Bidam wings. Yushin came up with a great idea to ‘kill’ Bidam infront of everyone, let say before the D-day Bidam make a rampagne and killed by Yushin men and army, both made an agreement. Alcheon and Wolya knows too about it, so they just tag along to made this Silla couple live happily ever after. They keep this scenarios secret and not telling the Queen nor Chuncu. After they ‘killed’  Bidam as a traitor and fall falt to the ground, and Deokman sickness was cure because Yushin told her to dress as commoners and give her a ride to the cave where her sister die. She saw Bidam there alive and waiting for her. Bidam told her that he already contact a man in Taklamakan desert, the place for them to continue living. Deokman prepared her niece succesion to crowning  Jindeok as the next Silla Queen, and she’s off to a convenant to become a budhist diciple like her mother did after the King passing. But along the way to the convenant, a bunch of assasin hurt her people who’s with her at that time and succes to kidnap Deokman away. The kidnapers actually Yushin men who bring her to meet them on ship, they bid her and Bidam goodbye. When Silla army checking the insident, they found a blood track that end in a cliff and Seondeok scarft. They think the traitors already kill her. Silla were grieving for Seondeok, but life must go on.

And I hope Chuno will have a happy ending with NO ONE DIES AT THE END!!

I’m loving Chuno right now because this is the first I found a sageuk drama with a good directing, visual effect and also pretty cinematography. I wonder if KBS  using the left over money from IRIS to produce semi-movie-look a like drama. Haha…kidding! ATTENTION for all Girls : ABS everywhere!! ~ perv :p.

my oh my…this is the first time I write this long to speak my mind on sageuk tragic moment on the ending part. Hopefuly next time when there’s a sageuk drama that catches my eyes and want to watch it, they should be sure to make it happy ending or I WON’T WATCH IT ANYMORE *sigh* but…maybe someday, my heart will betray me ^ ^ so I won’t swear…hahaha.


5 thoughts on “Why sageuk=tragic ending?

    • hahaha…thanks. I wrote it because sageuk always doesnt have a nice ending y’know? only one or two got happy ending…

  1. Over the years I also took notice that he majority of sageuks have tragic endings and at the same time a select few have ending that end happily or at least on a somber note. For example Emperor of the Sea ended as a bloodbath and in he end the majority of the main characters died, in contrast Great Merchant Kim Mandeok had the heroine have a happy ending. I think that sageuks cannot have happy endings because the writers don’t have as much freedom than hey would in a normal drama in a sageuk they have to adhere to ancient customs and norms or they are portraying the life of a person and they cannot change it to fit their liking. In Seondeok it would have been totally historically inaccurate to have Bidam live happily with Deokman hence the ending.

  2. Hi, Alex… ^ ^
    yup I know that if Bideok couple live happily it will historical inaccurate…at that time its my fandom mind that speaks hahahaha.

  3. I have been watching korean drama for a long time now. Lets say am adicted to them despite of there sad ending.well the last one is The great queen i must say i really wish bidam could end up with the queen because they deserve each other

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