What’s up Korea?!

A cold spring

Children yesterday stroll on a passage between green barley fields in Gangjin, South Jeolla. Today is the beginning of spring by the traditional Korean seasonal calendar, though it might not feel like spring at all. [YONHAP]

Just a checkup

Workers yesterday drill the back of the Admiral Yi Sun-shin statue, a national landmark standing in central Seoul. They examined the statue for cracks and corrosion, using an industrial endoscope. [YONHAP]

Stockpiles for Seollal

Merchants at the Garak agricultural and fishery market in Songpa, southern Seoul, pile up stacks of agricultural goods yesterday in preparation for the Lunar New Year, which is only two weeks away. Usually the price of fruit and fish skyrockets in the weeks before the holiday with demand higher than usual.[YONHAP]

Sunny-side up or over easy?

Galleria Department Store is touting its sets of ostrich eggs as a great gift idea for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. The eggs are edible and can also be used for arts and crafts. A set of four ostrich eggs at Galleria costs 250,000 won ($215.26). [YONHAP]


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