Do you want some Putu?

In a drizzling rain,  I heard whistle sound from a simple man-made steam engine to make a cake. My dad ask me if I want some? How I can refuse my favorites snacks, huh? — even in the end I’m the one who pay.

This street snack call kue putu (kue=cake), the seller use steam to cook it. The ingredients is rice flour, brown sugar, and grated coconut. It’s almost the same as Korean snack call ‘Tteok’ which is the basic ingredient is rice flour. I want to make ‘Tteok’ for this upcoming Chinese New Year, it simple to make..haha!


I bought 10 and it cost 5.000 IDR. But the size is sooo little and I have to struggle with my dad to eat it, but I win.Haha!

I’m drooling again by looking at it!! But I found something more intersting on my fridge….taaaa daaaaa….

🙂 it’s my niece school project…

She made a cheese-choco ball cookies, it looks weird but the taste actually pretty good. And she told me that if  I make ‘tteok’ she’ll make this one for sure.

And, something just came up on my mind…TODAY IS MY FRIEND WEDDING DAY!! OMYGOSH…HOW I CAN FORGET THAT!! DAMN…I think I should go to repair my brain system. I’m 25 but had a brain of 78… 😥

It’s raining out side…pretty big too…Nila, I’m sorry. I think I couldn’t make it to the party.


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