Invincible Baseball Team join forces in Oh Ji Ho drama ‘Chuno’

Well, this isn’t surprising for me. Oh Jiho seal the deal to put all his Invincible Baseball Team as cameos on his new popular drama ‘Chuno” aka ‘The Slave hunters’ with the PD.

The reason why he brought them in because he and his mates need quick money to build their own baseball stadium. {I heard from my friend minah@IBT soompi that their plan to build stadium in Incheon were blown away. Uh-oh, that suck! Now they need to reschedule to meet and hand out the proposal for the four candidate city for the stadium. More work for IBT’s I guess?}

Since Kim Chang Ryul and Lee Haneul mentioning doing albeit to make more money, they convince Oh Jiho to make them appear as cameo. Like Lee Haneul doing his own cameo on a daily drama ‘Everybody Cha!Cha!’, because Oh Jiho drama were getting its popularity. They doesn’t want to skipped their chances.

I really, really looking forward on these episode of Chuno!!

Kim Chang-ryul, Jang Hyuk, Jobin

Lee Da-hae, Kim Chang-ryul

Han Min Gwan

2 commoners and 2 yangban [elite family]…I’m more and more drawn to watch this episode :laugh:

[Front]Shin Dong-ho, Lee Haneul, Marco, Kim Chang-ryul.[Back]Jobin, Mario, Han Min Gwan, Kim Sung Soo.

😆 at Kim Sung Soo, I expected he’s probably wearing what Mario’s is wearing not as….commoners with that kind of  face an built from him. I guess it’s intentional…hahaha!!

And to be honest, after watching several episode of Chuno. All I can say this drama are great. Especially the effect and cinematograpy…this is the first time I saw a sageuk drama that being up-graded into a new level of productivities. I Love it!

Credit picture Invinsible Baseball soompi+Kim Chang-ryul tweets.


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