Travel show’s star dog is on a roll

PS:  Cuddle with Sangeunyy?

Talk about irregular workers. Here’s a TV actor gets paid only 400,000 won ($344) per show, and has been subject to a wage freeze, at that, for four straight years.

But despite this, he’s a perfectly calm and friendly guy. Maybe it’s because he’s a freelancer. Maybe it’s the naps he takes for four to five hours each afternoon, or just a small part of the 14 hours of shut-eye he gets each day. Who is he?

It’s the dog-star of the KBS reality & travel show, “1 Night 2 Days,” 5-year-old Sang Geun, who along with five other human cast members takes viewers on a video tour of locales throughout Korea.

Sang Geun

Sang Geun is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as a Great Pyrenees. But this breed is so large that Sang Geun almost resembles a big white bear. He weighs just over 50 kilograms (110 pounds) with shaggy, 15-centimeter long (5.9-inch long) fur. Because of his thick mane, Sang Geun receives regular ‘hair treatments’ before the show. He also suffers from a seasonal disorder, as Great Pyrenees dogs are active during the winter but are less energetic during the summer.

Usually when potential dog-owners want a Great Pyrenees, it would set them back about 100 million won. But to the relief of Sang Geun’s current owner, the Issac Pet Shop, the dog was given to the shop for free by its original master. Sang Geun’s worth soon skyrocketed as he appeared in ten TV commercials, which must be a doggone lot of money.

As 1 Night 2 Days often takes place in mountain ranges, Sang Geun must feel right at home. But for his trainer, Lee Eung-yong, it’s a little bit tougher. “When I’m climbing up a mountain with Sang Geun, I feel like I have become one of the stunt men,” he said.

By Yim Seung-hye []

Hahaha…I really miss Sanggeunyy when he was absent from the show for a couple of month last years. I’m glad he’s back and play with his ‘hyung’s’ again puahaha!!

Btw, that’s a lot of money for a dog?


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