Amazing Grace…my new family member

Meet my future new baby!! Hihihi…She’s cute and amazing. That’s why I call her Grace. Why?

One of her left front leg is smaller than her other 3 and I think it cannot move at all, so she walks like a drunk man. Cute!!

My niece play with her…I really wanna brough her home soon. But her caretaker said that she’s still need her mom to breast feed her, after she stop taking breast feed. Her caretaker would bring her home to me…I cannot wait ^ ^ any longer…I miss her already.

Look at that sad eyes 🙂 kiss..kiss!

I hope my mom would respect my decision to take care of her and not being a pain in my neck telling this or that just to make me not to take her in. I try to be considerable when she give my last dog ‘Heibai’ to some one else that I don’t even know is he/she[new owner]treating her good?

But now…I won’t take any slides, mom. I will bring her home, I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry!!


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