I always had a mixed up memories about this two?!

The reason why I wrote about this 2 epic stories about war, its because every time my friend told me to watch ‘Band of Brothers’ I always said to them.

“Oh, that series…I remember growing up watching it. Up till now I still remember the soundtrack, ‘Paint It Black’!”

And they asks the year I was born? 84. “Girl it was made in 2001! What series do you talking about?!”

So after the humiliation, I googling about Paint It Black by The Rolling Stone. Damn it!! SO the soundtrack it’s from ‘Tour of Duty’ not ‘Band of Brothers’.

I forgot in which TV channel who runs the series out, but I think it was goverment national  TV TVRI. At that time I was 7 or 8 years old.

Opening ‘Tour of Duty’

It’s a television series that shows American in combat war in Vietnam that runs from 1987 until 1990. Even as a kid back then , the show gives me a long lasting memories prolly due The Rolling Stone song. I always humming it every time I remember TOD, but always forget the name of the show or sometimes the title of the song that I’m humming. I asks my brother about the song, but he doesn’t know either. But the story it self  I admit its the best one.

Opening ‘Band of Brothers’

I can’t say much about this series beside the executive-producer is my favorite director Steven Spielberg and I’m still watching for the 1st part of the series “Carentan”.

Watching war series surely taking much time and feeling sleppy when watching it first, but after they engage in street to street fighting. I’m stuck and ready to know what happen to Easy Company and have a weak spot to Pvt. Albert Blythe, he suffers pressure and stress pushes him to the breaking point.

I hope I can finish watching ‘Band of Brothers’ — well because I sort of running out my new k-drama collection to watch :p

Pvt. Mei permission to signing out!


3 thoughts on “I always had a mixed up memories about this two?!

  1. So far I’m enjoying it 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the enlightenment…I thought they isn’t real. Gotta learn their history now so I can much related to the characters in BOB

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