My lol…

Iseng buka note2 gw di kompi,,,gw lupa kalo gw pernah sok nulis2 entah ini masuk kategori curhat, puisi, ato rintihan seorang pesakitan 😆 hehehe…

ini judulnye R3-Touch :

Somebody just ripped me out side
Sound of gloomy fakers gives them a start
How can I trust when everybody flipped by fight?
Big guy sit, eat, stole money from society when society breaks fear
and cries but they don’t give a shit by sight

Oh, this country runs miles of obnoxious false and pretense
Living on daily basis are hard but collecting money to runs a politic essay that fall from cruiser land of dome are sickening me anyway
They are crazy
The lands are frenzy
The societies are wary

Final countdowns will reminiscent the ol’ big surprise
Give me the chance to shout, “livin’ ain’t livin at all!”
You see how human eat to survive?
Make it big and dream somehow
But you big guys aren’t see what they’ve had become
Society disorder…we obeys then being crushed and my life isn’t the same at it was

We believed in you
Like North Star guiding the ship that will wreck escaping the odyssey
When we trust you with the policies
You turn out playing with lives one by one to get free piracy
The one who being reckless isn’t me…
I’m the one who’ll gonna make it break free

Listen to the people
You and I, old and young
Breathe a new starter, now is the time to pull the breaks
Step a side and let it trough
A little dream, a little hope for bitter sweat happiness it’s you

Nyang ini : Juliet Song-stress [ada ps-nya :Lg sakit gigi,,,koq yg kluar ide na nulis ini yack??]

One two three,
I’m calling the sun to shine ‘coz deep in my soul it only drown to dawn
Forecast of love it’s only breakin it down
The holiness of essence of live only discriminate, scrutinize to feel the love that being rejuvenate
I’m looking at you with the pain causing the flame
But to look at you at the front of my sanity brings back the memories that can’t leave me till I die and be blame

Come down and rescue me, only you who I can believe
Come and fight me, only you who can bring me back from disbelieved

Paused and play, this record already worn and waste
Just like my life dying to live with you but I can dare to asks
Dear Romeo, this freakin life just like rodeo
These feelings are killing me and ripped me to shred, Oh.
Like those apocalypse, that never can’t be control
Oh, I loose control.

You turn yourself like a butterfly try to out reach the world
Once and for all you leave me with the rain and the hangin’ cloud
You are a beautiful mystery
Caught in my own misery
I probably had the clue, but missing them right out of the blue
Dear Romeo, my heart are carved wood
Try to break and back in my root
Oh, now the love has gone
Can’t control it’s falling down

Tears are coming right from my eyes

One, two, three
I stand and pray to be free
There’s no other, like you are really
So I ask what I would be without you.
Oh, dear Romeo
Come down and rescue me

:ngakak juga baca tulisan sendiri yg lebay abiz kyk gini :p…engrish parah sangad!!

:ngacir… 😦


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