New Fanfic ‘Invincible Baseball Team’

Sorry for the baseball term inaccuracy. I try to learn them from a zilch!
Remember when I said I want to make fan fiction from this variety show couple of months ago in my past post Invincible Baseball Team currently on my mind . I guess, now this is the first result…hehehe.

Invincible Baseball Team

By. Dangyunhaji

Do not copy the ideas or taken my work out side this blog without telling me first.

Chapter 1: Crossroad

Sometimes I really wonder if human can actually dream a good dream. For instance, I dream that my father who is a coach for junior league baseball in some private school would shut his mouth about sending me abroad for continue my study than being a high school graduate who works in Pizza Hut. I really hate studying subject that I didn’t like. Studying subject in college it is like having a man to married. You can’t marry someone who you think you can live with, but someone who you can’t live without.

Economic, engineering, math, science – I’ll better check in myself on some mental institutions than having it deliver trough my door step like he wanted too.

My dad was turning into some strict man since my mom and he get a divorce when I was 14 years old. He really wants me to become someone that he or my mom would be. But I’m not stupid – why don’t I rebel with a cause? So since I was able to notice what wrongs are and what was good, I’m crusading myself.

When I though my misery would blow by itself by having a good boyfriend who loved me without scrutinize  how to behave or what clothes I should wear – live was good. I actually meet that kind of guy. His name is Alex…half Korean-Canadian, he was so sweet to me. With one word to describe him, he’s a prince!

But because he’s so sugary, my work-partner Mario isn’t buying with his effort to look like a good boyfriend for me. That’s why me and him always arguing in the kitchen.

So what if he’s too nice as a man? I consider that it’s my luck. Well, I guess Mario is right about it. After dating him for this past two years, now I know whose Alex really is?

October 2009,

Mario was making pizza dough next to me, because that day I’m PMS-ing. What ever I do or what people do in my surrounding, if they make me pissed—I’ll blow a fuse. Attach to that Alex isn’t give me a damn to call just to make me not worrying him, I know he act strange lately since two month ago after he got into motorcycle accident and must stayed at the hospital for a week.

After a week, he sometimes stays at his house after he went home from work. It’s great that he said he’s now meet his long lost friend when he was staying at the hospital and sometimes his friend staying with him too. But to much quality time for his guy friend and not with me makes me jealous! So, tonight I have an idea to make him dinner. I annoyed Mario about what should I buy for dinner, but that guy just brush me out like I’m a suspicious rash over his shoulder.

“What an Idiot!”

“Hey…be careful of what you wish for?”

“Super Idiot Mario!” I leave soon after my shift was over to meet Alex in his house, just like the very first time I visit his house when he told me to come for a romantic dinner. Well he like fish and pastas, so I bought the ingredients and a book to teach me how to cook it.

It’s a little bit cold that night. When I’m nearing his apartment, I saw light from his house. “He’s home.” I smile.

I walk to the front office, say hi to the old maintenance building guy and up to the 4th floor—Alex’s house. With full of happiness, I stand in front of his house. At first I want to ring the bell to let him know that I’m coming in. But because I think it will be fun if I just come in without him knowing, I grab the key that he gave me before. I opened the door slowly, put my jacket on the sofa. I put my groceries on the kitchen table.

“That’s strange; the light is on but no one here?” I walk to see his shoes, it still there on the rack…but there’s one additional shoe that isn’t him. I guess it’s belongs to his friend. And then I hear someone giggles from his bedroom. I heard Alex voice too.

First I think guys just like girls…they also chit-chatting in the bedroom while reading Vogue or gossiping some bimbo’s who go woes. What ever, I said in my heart and go to the kitchen. But because I don’t know where’s the heck he keeps his utensils, I roaming his kitchen set below. I accidentally hit my head over the kitchen set. “Aww…” I rub my head and try to stand. Alex and his friend – naked, surprise at the sound they hear from the kitchen.

“What’s that? Is your girlfriend here?”

“I don’t know? Just stay here okay?!” He grabs his trouser and wears it loosely. Alex came out from his room—surprised.

“Hi! Sorry I didn’t call you or ringing the bell.”

“You here?”

“What’s with the questions? You don’t feel happy to meet me? Look, you don’t call me or even pick up when I call you. It’s been two weeks since you get out from the hospital and I just want to know how you doing? I’m your girlfriend, is that wrong with that?”

“No…not at all. But look, today isn’t the day.”

“Your friend’s here, huh. Don’t worry; I just want to make you and him dinner. By the way, where is he? I want to meet him to say hello.”

“He-he’s out…beers?!” Alex makes excuses

“But I thought I hear something from your room…like someone giggles and you’re laughing at something.”

“Phone call!”

Since I know whether he spills out a lie or the truth from his words coming out from his mouth, today he’s officially lied to me. I don’t want to do this, but I run a check from his clothes he’s wearing.

Am I that-that easy

Is love that easy for you

Our memories seems easy to you

Is everything is easy for you

You only want hot love Baby girl

But you only give a cold hand Bad girl

Throw away your prided confidence

You keep teasing me (crazy girl) ~ U-kiss

Men were right that women had their sixth sense better than a K-9. I hate to commit my on suspicion on him. He’s with his friend in his bedroom, meeting me half gusto with messy hair-do like he just wakes up from his sleep. I keep telling myself don’t come in there – don’t come into his bedroom. But my PMS hormones get it own turn.

“I want to meet him, is he there right now?”

“No. He’s out buying some beer.”

“….” Without a word I smile. I walk to him when he was like guarding his bed room door from me who want to get in.

“Maeve…come on. Let me get you a drink?”

“Move over!”

“What the heck are you doing? It’s nothing in there really.”

“Move over, I do not want to repeat myself over this Alex.” I pulled his body out from protecting the door behind him. He slipped into the floor. I slowly opened the bedroom door, and was surprised to find a man in a state of half-naked on the bed. I paused and tried to think what is really happening in here?

He pulled the blanket to cover his shorts he was wearing. I tried to short it all quickly, a man sleeping with another man. What does that mean?

To be honest I’m a woman who still keeps my virginity until now because of my mother teaching’s. All men are criminals, only one from ten guys who could understand that woman’s chastity is important, and my mother would cut my hair bald if she caught me giving my precious belongings to men who are not going to take the responsibility for it. I understand I can’t give sex to him, so if he wants to make out with another girl is up to him behind my back. But since I know he wouldn’t do that – he wouldn’t do that, I’m shock that I found a guy in my boyfriend bed.


“Asshole!” I slap him on the face and run out crazily without bring my jacket in this cold night.

Tonight, my love story ends here.

Because not bring any money, I borrowed a mobile phone from a kindly pedestrian who lent it to me. First person I call is Mario.

“Mario…brings me some money and jacket too. I’m cold here!”

“What? You’re not at Alex house?”

“I need you here stupid; if not…I think I will do something crazy to the max!”

Mario who’s still up late watching basket ball game, take his remote control and turn his TV off.

“Where you at right now, I’ll pick you up?”

“You know the grandmother shop who sells tteokbeokki near his neighborhood right?”

“Yeah ~ wait me there!”

I give the phone to its owner. I’m almost freezing and haven’t eaten yet. Mario directly grab his own jacket, it’s a little bit easy for him not to changes clothes because he loves wearing trainings when it’s cold. After getting out from the house, he hailed a cab.


One famous baseball team in Korea ‘Crusader’ was depressed because of their relief pitcher Kim Sung Soo who deliberately enrage his opponent team in the game they just follow. They not earned victory but misfortune—the team was disqualified from the KBL game, if they want to continue to play the association board told the manager to froze Kim Song Soo carrier because even he’s a great pitcher with his four-seam-balls in the mid 95-mph range. His bad attitude serves his teammates a work of hell. Inside the bus the situation looks really bad. But for Sung Soo who still look proudly with his demeanor when one of his team mates looking toward him with irritated eyes.

He sat in the back seat without a friend, just like how he lived solitary life. His coach is really angry against him. In the act of anger, in the middle of the road he shouts at the driver to pull the bus right away. Coach Rhee took off his hat and then put it back, tries to calm his racing heart. But he failed. As soon as the bus pulled over, he walks toward Kim Sung Soo. “It’s too crowded here. Hey, you…can you open freakin window?” He told one of the guys to open the window near him. After the guy do what he’s says and the window were open.

“I take you into this team because you are the best of the best. But apparently I was wrong to pick you out from that dirty place that cannot see your greatness, I already gave you a chance, but you ruin your dreams. That was enough and I do not want to see you again.” The head coach took Sung Soo’s bag and throws it out side from the window. Sung Soo was angry and want to grab and hit him, but he holds his anger. The door automatically opens. He breathes in-breath out, clenching his right fist. Smile cynically to him before getting out from the bus— they leave him behind far from Seoul.


I’m standing infront of the tteokbeokki seller when Mario arrives. He look worried about me.

“What the heck are you doing out here?”

“It because that damn guy!! You cannot believe what I’ve been trough.”


“He’s cheating on me!!”

Before I explains this to him, I hear Alex calling my name behind me. Mario also heard the call, but because he was afraid that he’ll do something bad to me, he grab my hand and told me to stand behind him.

Alex looked closer from where I stand, I saw him bringing my jacket and my bag on his hands while half running towards me.

He gasped as his feet halted not far in front of  Mario, his tall figure just like a wall separating me and Alex.

“”What are you doing to the extent that Maeve stood outside the cold like this?”

“I know I’m wrong, Maeve. But at least let me explain everything to you?!”

I take a peek from behind Mario’s body. I don’t know what to ask or should I hear any explanation from him?

Kim Sung Soo apparently watching this scene from where he stood after he was expelled from his herds by his coach.

He’s being curious what kind of scene that the three of them would show him? Is it a triangle love story?

But at the same day, he does not know that the destiny between him, the tall guy and the girl are being created on that crossroad.

To be continue…


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