Time Slip

I just read something about ‘Time Slip’ on the internet. It pretty interesting, even Albert Einstein said that time isn’t always stable as much as us think. A human we’re adjusted to the time when the anomalies occur and setting that as a tricks to allow our conscious mind to deal with it. This usually last for only a few second. There’s so many claims that really rising an eye brows, but I think I know what they mean.

In my old house, in Parungkuda. We have this small chicken coop, located a 30-40 meters and facing each other with our side door. Behind the coop it’s my grand mother garden where she grows vegetables and fruits. At that time I was 10-11 years old. It’s in the Afternoon, I recall my nanny is feeding me while sat in a chair not far from where I’m sitting on a high chair, so I can staring on the chicken coop from  the open door. But suddenly, the chicken coop and my grand ma’s garden just turns into a vast green field. The funny things that appear into my sight is a bunch of soldiers wearing a towering black hats, red uniforms were marching back and forth — It was British palace guard. And I’m living in Indonesia — WTF moment is this??

Marching just like they do in that picture above.

I scream and reporting what I saw to my nanny who think I saw ghost or Djin. Well, in my neighborhood superstitious is legal. One of my mom worker always practicing her believe to a ‘dukun’ or black magic doctor.

But when I try to looked again from the window, there’s nothing such as a British soldiers. The chicken coop and my grand ma’s garden still there. The green field was gone in a second while I run to my nanny’s arm. I told my mom and the rest of the family but they do not believe it!

30-40 meters behind that door is the chicken coop were located. That’s my nanny that I’ve talking about in the stories. She’s very sensitive person and a brave one when dealing with something ‘strange’. And the little one is me :p, I can’t find the newer picture of the site.

Well, I can’t tell my story was a Time Slip or just merely Afternoon hallucinatory? My mom, my grand mom, also my nanny told me that Afternoon is the time for bad energies occur. At that time, I think that maybe  they were right. But now…I always eager to read supernatural anomalies.

I don’t care you guys believe it or not, but I saw it with my own eyes. Probably you guys have your own weird experience like mine? :p


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