2nd Round for Invincible Baseball Team[epi 46 recap part 1]

PS : I only makes one recap on episode 46 because yesterday game was good and intense…

Strikeouts are boring – besides that, they’re fascist.  Throw some ground balls.  More democratic.  ~From the movie Bull Durham

Invincible Baseball Team once again brought together into a baseball field to compete with the Busan Team consisting best senior in Baseball. On their first match back then, The Busan team defeated Invincible smoothly.

Because two of their core players are busy. Im Chang Jung busy promoting his new Album and with Oh Ji Ho busy filming his colossal drama Chuno/The Slaves Hunter, the production team took in three replacement players for Invincible team.

When they entered the stadium, their arrival was greeted warmly by Busan citizen. I love how they edited this scene with musical background just like sports movie that I often see…

The Invincible teams and spectators were enthusiastic…

See Kim ‘Bubble’ Joon happy smile, he’s ready to rumble!!

Before the game started, Heo Jun introduced the 3 substitute players to the other members who began to wonder who they are?

They are none other than the senior actor Im Hyeong in Jun, who compete with Dong Ho to entered as the main members on the team last years at the auditions but lost to Dong Ho. Singer/actor Taek Jae Hoon, and the last is a handsome actor Jo Dong Hyuk.

Coach Pill conducted a survival test to examine who has the right to play in the field while the rest sat waiting for their turn to play in later time. Regular players who failed the test is Marco and Dong Ho, while Han Min Gwan still can not play because of a foot injury while playing against the Saipan teams. The 3 replacement doing good at the test, so it means they drag right away for the game. Jo Dong Hyuk have good baseball skills, as well as Im Hyun Jun, but although Taek Jae Hoon has played baseball for 15 years his ability looked getting rusty.

Their uniform still plain purple not like the regular players wearing with ‘Chunha Mujeok Yagudan’ text on it.

IMHO Busan team players from the average age around 50 years and over, while the team was range from the age of 17, 25, 30, to 43 years. Which mean if viewed from the stamina, Invincible was lucky.

recap for episode 46 part 2 still in proggres ……


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